Saturday, August 19, 2006


randnorm friday event in black rock city 2005

the shallow end

feeling sick and tired? dusty and irritable? you could be vibrant deficient...come get your full-day supply of vibronium! guaranteed six pack abs without the workout. hosted by: vibrant/full serve-self serve @ 8:00 and catharsis

photo by tristan savatier

randnorm mind grenade
our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. - martin luther king jr.

randnorm pikcha
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sacred garment made by copper chris

randnorm video

i feel great!

normdate 18.8.6

i woke up today in the beautiful chalet of my friends sam and dave. elsbeth was lying beside me. it felt good to sleep in a real bed *sigh* it felt good to wake up in the rockies.

the rockies are majestically epic. they are just huge! i love being surrounded by their greatness. they are ancient and wise. they are timeless, and beautiful.

sam and dave live in his late grandmother's chalet in canmore. this place is ridiculously beautiful, designed to be the ultimate weekend getaway complete with hot tub and sauna.

but the chalet was not nearly as beautiful as sam and dave's baby daughter, avery.

daam this baby is cute! she also happens to be elsbeth's god child.

what does being a god parent mean anyways? hoooray wikipedia!

A godparent, in some denominations of Christianity, is someone who sponsors a child's baptism. A male godparent is a godfather and a female godparent is a godmother. The child is a godchild.

hmmm...baptism? christianity? ensuring a child's religious education is carried out? caring for the child if they are orphaned? sounds like its just a title nowadays. either way, it makes the child more special to a dear friend of the parents.

i've known sam and dave from university, and we used to call them crazy dave and crazy sam. they're not so crazy anymore ;)

elsbeth was sam's maid of honour. sam was elsbeth's maid of honour. i was also in elsbeth's wedding party in october of 2004. it was an honour to be a part of their wedding.

it feels good to have known sam and dave when they were dating, and now to see them married with a beautiful child.

elsbeth and i headed into calgary to do some shopping. its only a 90minute drive to the city from canmore, surrounded by the rockie mountains. man these mountains are big.

elsbeth and i headed to mountain equipment co-op to do some shopping. i was looking for some new sandals because, in a 570n3r moment, i had left my sandals on the east shore :( i was impressed to see this in the shoe section of mec.

makes sense. if you're selling hiking shoes, why not try them out.

there isn't a mec up in yellowknife, so elsbeth was happy to have so much selection. we ended up finding a pair of sandals across the street at coast mountain sports. i had never owned a pair of teva's before, and i kinda liked them. thanks elsbeth. you fukkin rool!

we picked kristin up from work and headed to best buy where elsbeth bought a sweet canon digital camera to replace the one she had, which was falling apart. her new camera is sweet!

after a quick stop at kristin's place, elsbeth and i journeyed back to canmore for dinner at sam and dave's.

dinner, wine, good company. it was awesome to be in the company of old friends again.

babies look good on ya dave

the look on the face of sam and dave's dog copper pretty much describes how we all felt after a good meal and few bottles of wine.

thanks for opening up your beautiful home to me sam and dave.


Friday, August 18, 2006

~*...travelling through bc with elsbestest...*~

randnorm thursday event in black rock city 2005

tutu's at two on thursday
everyone looks good in a tutu! come by and have a tutu-tini while you don your favourite tutu. we have 100 on hand if you forget yours. hosetd by: fairyland in avalon synapse station at 7:30 and catharsis

photo by jim gasperini

randnorm mind grenade
in the beginning the universe was created. this has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move. - douglas adams

randnorm pikcha

photo by mike swanson

randnorm video

borat sings anti-semetic song and gets audience to sing along *bwahahahaha*

normdate 17.8.6

elsbeth and i woke up this morning in the empty home of the mou kollektiv. they never returned from the hot springs last night. there were supposedly almost 30 people staying at the home the night before we arrived, and we missed them by 30 minutes :(

elsbeth and riviere went for a quick drive to meet a friend. i spent the morning basking in the beautiful sunshine. this place brings back so many memories, so many good times, and triggers such a majik energy.

riviere had a beautiful hoodie, made by a sacred garmet designer named copper chris on the sunshine coast. just putting it on triggers majik. its amazing what a piece of clothing can do to you when you put it on.

i grabbed one of wanaqui's staffs and hung out by the only shrine set up at the home. i miss my staff *sigh*

i was disappointed that i missed hanging out with the mou kollektiv. i really dig these katz.

elsbeth and i said our goodbyes to riviere and headed toward the ferry. as we waited, i ran into one of the girls i volunteered with at the nelson food drive in may.

have i metnioned how ridonculously beautiful this ferry ride is? especially in the summer.

driving across the big orange bridge to nelson (bob)

elsbeth had received a phone call from sajay, the groovy guy she met at shambhala who worked at the indan food booth. he lived in fruitvale just outside of trail. it was a bit out of our way, but we decided that sajay was worth it. driving through the kutenais is always beautiful, especially on a day like today.

sajay was staying with some friends in the beautiful valleys of fruitvale.

elsbeth was happy to see him.

man this place is beautiful. mountains and trees. what could be better? hmm...mountains, trees, and powder!!!

we had a long journey ahead of us, so we headed out of fruitvale towards canmore in alberta. we decided to stop and take a pikcha of ourselves at every town sign that said "welcome".

the kootenay pass

randnorm sign

home of kokanee beer

so of course we had to stop and have a pint of kokanee in creston...and a hamburger.

hooray a scrapbooking oasis in cranbrook!

rainbow in kimberly

okay, whatever you say street sign

mountain sunset at kootenay national park

we arrived at the home of our friends dave and sam in canmore. holy crap the place they live in is gorgeous: a beautiful chalet style home in the rockies.

tired and exhausted from a long day of travel, elsbeth and i smoked a joint with dave and sam and then passed out.

what an awesome journey through the mountains with you elsbeth! you fukkin rawk!