Wednesday, May 16, 2007

~*...jekyll and hyde...*~

randnorm mind grenade
"Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative.” - Oscar Wilde

randnorm pikcha

randnorm video
look, they're breakdance fighting...

and now the remix...

normdate 17.5.7

its supposed to be spring, almost summer actually, and this is what our backyard looked like this morning when i woke up...

it was 12degrees and sunny yesterday and i was hoping to ride my longboard to work. guess that wasn't happenning. i've ben told this is par for the course here in calgary. the mountains kinda throw a monkey wrench into our climate patterns here. kinda reminded me of when i as in yellowknife visiting elsbeth on may long weekend in 2004.

that is elsbeth and regan's houseboat on great slave lake, and yes, the lake was still frozen.

we even drove a 2tonne pick up truck across the ice to the hoseboat.

holy shit, this country is fukkin cold! one day it'll be 15degrees and sunny, the next day its covered in snow. the beauty is that it also goes the other way too. one day its -15degrees nd snowing, the next day its 10degrees and patio weather. hooray chinooks!

my homeboy toby skoby came by with his puppy charlotte.

daam charlotte is cute and adorable

so is my next door neighbour nikki


Monday, May 14, 2007

~*...return of a dredi and the kananaskis...*~

normdate 12.5.7

my friend paula had just returned from a six month journey through south east asia. she was a dredi when she left...

i guess the heat of south east asia combined with long dreads was a bit too hot for her, because she returned with only two dreads left on her head.

paula's welcome home party was held at her twin sister's place. it was a reunion of old friends.

sarah was in town from toronto as well. funny how her and i switched cities...

we brought a little bit of meat with us to bbq...

what a perfekt sunny day for relaxing, hula hoopin, and chillaxin with good friends.

welcome home paula. i know you're an ani fan, so here's a little quote from her that i believe is very appropriate to welcome you home.

its good to be back home
oh how i missed this time zone
strangers are fascinating, their mysteries never end
but there's nothing like looking at your own history
in the faces of your friends.


normdate 13.5.7

i had a hikin date with captain q today in the beautiful kananaskis country of the rocky mountains. its amazing how the weather in this town can change so quickly. it was 15 degrees yesterday at puala's party, and today its snowing. as i always say, the weather isn't so bad when you're dressed for it.

even when its cold, the kananaskis are beautiful.

there were lots of fallen trees on our hike...

it was fascinating to see the bright orange rings of a freshly fallen tree.

not too often do i get to see the insides of a tree.

i decided to tune into the prana of the kananaskis and spin my own piece of wood.

i can only imagine the power necessary to break a tree.

pose like the sign

ok, my turn...

we didn't know what the name of this plant was, but becuase of its similarity to another plant we all know, so q decided to name it mariwannabe.

i love how there is so much natural beauty to explore within an hours drive from calgary. thanks for being such a great hiking buddy q. lookin' forward to exploring more of the rockies with you.