Saturday, June 10, 2006

~*...mi familia...*~

randnorm saturday event in black rock city 2005

conscious challenge

look at the things we do that we know are wrong, but do anyway, things that trick us, things that we know are impossible. discover if something was the result of a concscious thought. realize that you can do anything once you've made the decision to do it. hosted by: heebeegeebee healers @ 7:30 and ego.

photo by geroge post...methinks that be a pik of amazon. it sure looks like her.

randnorm mind grenade

friends are the family we choose for ourselves - edna buchanan

randnorm pikcha

normdate 6.10.6

it was so good to see my mother again when she picked me up on thursday from the airport. the air is a bit thicker here in the city, a reminder of what its like to live in a metropolis.

and my mom is the best cook in the world. she loves the kitchen, and it was awesome to sit down to a good home cooked meal. thanks mom, i love you.

i took the go train from whitby to toronto last night and stopped off at darryl and isa's place. they were the one of the last people i saw before i left, and they were the first friends i saw on my return. i love them so much. they are family to me.

isa and i jumped into a cab and headed towards the going away party of our friends bobby and dana. dana earned herself a teaching position at the university of texas el paso. dana and bobby got married last summer in one of the most beautiful weddings i've ever attended. they are also family to me.

its so good to be back around friends, and to be back home in the big smoke. its good to be loved and remembered. as i sat in the cab on our way to bobby and dana's party, i asked our cab driver where he was from. he answered "somalia", which encouraged me to say "mahatsuntai" (thank you in somali). cab drivers have always given me the most opportunity to learn and practice how to say thank you in other languages. but what made this cab driver extra special was what he said next.

he said "i remember you! you asked me how to say thank you in somali last year! i don't forget people like you."

isa and i looked at each other and smiled. its good to be remembered, to leave a positive impression on the people around me, including strangers driving a cab.

thanks to living in this city, i've learned to say thank you in 59 languages. it is the most powerful word you can say to a stranger, and it leaves a lasting impression.

the going away party was held at the rhino. it was so good to see friends that i haven't seen since last year. actually, it was the best feeling. i've always said that riding powder is better than sex, but only by a little bit. the best place in the world is where my friends are.

christina showed up too, and words can't describe how perfekt it was to see her. i've missed her so much that it goes beyond words.

we ended up at neil and devi's place for the after party. they live above xoxo on queen street, and have the best patio in the city. it looks down over the black bull on the north, and provides a perfekt view of the cn tower to the south.

to celebrate with friends again back in the city, to be around people i've loved for years, and to fall asleep with the woman i love in my arms...*sigh* was a friday night i will not soon forget.

i woke up today with christina in my arms. oh how i've missed this feeling.

she headed home and i began my trek back to darryl and isa's place. my walk across the city reminded me why i love this place so much. i cruised through the most multicultural part of the world, kensington market, where i randomly ran into three friends. i grooved to a live band playing in the market, then stopped off at nathan phillips square where the phillipino festival was underway. music, dancing, food...awesome! the nxne festival was also in full swing, and a talented hip hop group was droppin maad lyrics at dundas square. gawd i love this city. torontonians take every opportunity in the summer to be outside and dance together...for free! so many options, so much diversity, so much incredible energy.

this place may be overpopulated and polluted, but i've got the best people in the world to cough with.

it was isa's birthday on thursday, and she was hosting her bday party tonight at her place. another excellent opportunity to see people i love and haven't seen since i left. my friends are the fukkin kewlest people in the universe.

cute puppies and radiant goddesses

jedi knight nick and my sister

isa and my best friend mel

mel kidnapped me and took me to andy poolhall for our friend meghan's birthday

meghan is part of my markham krew, the family i have had in my life for over 20years

swiss girls are hawt

chris and ori

two grads (mel and ori's wife)

and it was sooo awesome to see my homeboy graham

i headed back to darryl and isa's and enjoyed a little down time with the krew that was still there, including isa's uber sexxxy brother daniele and his radiant nubian goddess remi.

my friends are beautiful, and are also really good lookin too!

its good to be back home, oh how i missed this time zone. strangers are fascinating, their mysteries never end, but there's nothing like looking at your own history in the faces of your friends.
- ani difranco

i am blessed. i keep the best people in my life whom i love and who love me, and that makes me the richest person in the world.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

~*...return of the dredi...*~

randnorm thursday event in black rock city 2005

the great canadian beaver eating contest

cinq or swim. absolutely no recording devices or single men. limited space. criteria: artistic merit & presentation, athleticism, enthusiasm, perversion, hairstyle. bring proof of age (id), a towel, costumes, fetish gear, and an open mind.

photo by derek powazek

randnorm mind grenade
A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.~ Ingrid Bergman

randnorm pikcha

machine sex aktion group - 010100

normdate 6.8.6


i didn't really sleep last night as i packed up everything i needed including my computer into a suitcase and a snowboard bag. kristin and i did some skrapbooking together before she passed out. i needed to decide what to bring with me, and what i could leave in calgary. i don't really need my snowboard and gear until next season.

thank you kristin for giving me a place to stay in calgary. you are an angel. i can't wait to see you again, dance at shambalha with you, and run around on the playa at burning man with you.

i made sure to take pix of dave's star wars shrine before i left. thie guy collektz more star warz paraphenalia than anyone i've come across...and here i thought i was a big fan.

my flight left calgary at 8am. i was tired, but i knew i could sleep on the plane.

what an incredible adventure i've had. this has been the most intense 6 months away from home. this has been the longest i've ever been away from home. hmm...what is home?

home is where i lay my head.

home is where my heart is.

home is where my friends are.

when i told my mom my ridiculous idea of asking for sponsorship to fly me home for my birthday, she thought i was out of my mind and didn't believe it would happen. i told her that she could tell me how crazy an idea it was face to face if i make it back home. it seems like this choose your norm adventure idea has legs, at least enough legs to bring me home for my birthday...and i cannot wait to be around the family i have chosen for myself.

kristin and dave dropped me off at the calgary airport on their way to work. i said my goodbyes to the stop, the big smoke of toronto.

i put my computer in my suitcase, which made it about 14lbs heavier than the bag limit. thank god they only charge a flat rate for oversized baggage, which is way cheaper than if i had shipped my box back to the tee dot via courier.

as the plane took off, memories of the mountains and the most intense winter of my life comforted me as i fell asleep.

a summary of my winter through pikchaz...

saying goodbye to the people i love in toronto

christmas with my family

my best friend mel and i at the airport in toronto, christmas day

the brass sculpture by bill reid in the vancouver airport (as seen on the $20 bill)

riding whistler (and powder) for my first time with my homeboy adam

meeting olympic gold medalist ross rebagliati on my first run down the whistler bowl

a warm welcome by friends on the left coast

willheim...peas soup...and four twenty beer

shreddin nutz powder with lito - mt.baker, washington

a reminder that i am brave, strong, and loved - brett and laura's in kitsilano

new years on the sunshine coast

intention 7, mt.elphinstone

family in richmond

whistler part deux

and running into old high school friends in the whistler village - whassup langcheval?

judge jules at dicks on dicks (he sucked)

karamilk in van city!

organix in gastown

reconnektin with family in ladner

mt.seymour in a cloud

lito's last night before heading back to japan

olivia arrives from new jersey to see me in van city

picasso exhibit at the vancouver art gallery

whistler partie troix with brett and dawn

dress up at the house gallery boutique with kimpossible

the museum of anthropology on ubc campus

east coast on da left coast

erin arrives in vancouver from jasper

goodbye vansterdam

hello big white! hi rich! hi stazie!

insane big white powder is awesome to ride in

not so fun to drive in :(

the rockies - jasper, alberta

marmot basin, jasper

the rocky mountains with doublecross and subsonic chronic, jasper

maligne ice canyon, jasper

happy birthday erin

marmot basin part deux

the rockies are fukkin epic!

a taste of the town

climbing the maligne ice canyon

bye bye jasper

hello nelson

my first day at whitewater

getting my casi level 1 certification

met jonas and frederik at the dancing bear inn

there are radiant goddesses in nelson

my first backcountry experience with jonas and frederik

om reunion 6 years later

324 beasley family


leaving a crane outside the holy smoke

fresh tracks through powder


happy birthday reubz!

fuck yeah!

greg and demi visit from ottawa

and get extreme!

free ferry to the east shore

meeting majikal beings in riondale

designed by the mou kollektiv

the majik of me+you

family reggae pot luck and reunion with a jedisistar

andrea's baby blessing

cottonwood falls



hey i'm on the east shore

jasper visits the kutenais

crystal creek

endless possibilities

life is simple

more visitors from onterrible

and more extreme!

pulpit rock

ainsworth hot springs

yasodhara ashram, east shore

the temple of divine light

lakeside park

first tracks

beach weekend

do more with norm

welcome to the world abilash! congratulations andrea and akkal!


faeries and fools on the sunshine coast

last day of lifts

mo crystals mo creek

happy 4/20!

goodbye frederik

this place is pretty

beach weather!


beasley street family

winlaw beltane festival

randomly gifted my staff

lakeside staff spinning


valhalla house

spinning fire for my first time at cottonwood falls

lifts may be closed but there is still snow to shred

and hawt topless german telemarkers to ride with

jonas' last night

beltane full moon

cottonwood falls market

east shore celebrations

powerlines beach, east shore

lakeside park beach

welcome to the world emily sophia stass

give peace a dance

goodbye brett and reuben!

nelson food and bottle drive

pimp and ho party

last turns of the season

from the top of elephant mountain

super white power on the east shore

bouncin at the home of the mou kollektiv

inside the temple of divine light

last splash at powerlines beach

the home of wizards

bye bye nelson

hello calgary...hi kristin!

lorin bassnectar - wharehouse, calgary

normurai in calgary

bye neil! thanks for the ride...see you back in toronto

freddy falcao in the c-spot

shot through the heart and you're to blame

thanks for everything kristin

hi mom. its good to be back home again.

that was the best winter of my life. thank you to the angels who sponsored my flight home. i can't wait to thank you in person.