Saturday, July 15, 2006

~*...another good friday...*~

randnorm friday event in black rock city 2005

flow revolution

join us for exploration, expression and fun with flow toys (poi, hoop, staff, flags) during open spin in our playa playspace with instructors on hand. glitter girl will offer a special session for intermediate and advanced poi artists. hosted by: temple of poi in avalon synapse station @ 7:30 and catharsis

photo by eric cassel

randnorm mind grenade you don't take a photograph, you make it. - ansel adams

randnorm pikcha

normdate 7.14.6

my sister's kitty (used to be my kitty), sativa, likes to distract me while i'm trying to blog.

i'd normally get upset and push her off, but she's too daam cute.

i had a lunch date with christina, so i jumped on the subway and headed to our rendevouz spot. man it sucks not having a phone :(

randnorm four twenty sighting

christina and i made a quick stop to pick up a backdrop for a photo shoot she was doing.

then we headed to the rivoli for lunch and libations.

yah, it seems like christina and i spend a lot of time together. we kinda like each other...lots ;)

my friend steve came and picked me up from the rivoli, and we headed to his home in kettleby. i've known steve and his partner kate from university. i've been good friends with both of them, even before they got together. their wedding was awesomem full of the best of friends!

last year kate gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, elissa claire prentice gee.

i was so excited to see elissa. she must be so big now. and i really like steve and kate's place. they live on a farm, with horses!

elissa is huge now, and so adorable!

even the horses have babies...and this one is named luke skywalker! wikkid!

white pussy cat

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

no farm is complete without a big red tractor

tryin out new hairstyles...the dreadlock mohawk: dreadhawk!

i'm honoured to have you in my life steve and kate. elissa is beautiful.

steve drove me down to yorkdale to catch the subway. on my walk through the mall, my friend brad ran up to me and said "where is everybody?". he was sweating and looked tired. i had no idea what he was talking about. he said that he was there to drive a group of peeps to teknival, a free outdoor weekend celebration in quebec. he thought i was part of the troop that he was supposed to pick up. i didn't know who he was supposed to pick up, but i did remember seeing a group of people waiting by the entrance who had sleeping bags and camping gear. so i took brad to them, and sure enough that's who he was supposed to find. he had been searching for over an hour for them. i'm glad i could help.

i headed downtown and stopped by my friend ian's place. it was my friend terri's birthday and they were beginning the celebrations at ian's. i've known terri since high school (yes, another markham friend). i've known ian for longer, even before markham...over 20 years now. holy shit!

happy birthday terri!

on my walk to the streetcar, i ran into my old roommate jimmy.

then i headed to my friend evva's place. it was her birthday too, and my friends james and pat from london were in town visiting. it was so good to see those guys. i haven't seen pat since santarchy last year, and james, sheed, i can't remember the last time i saw him.

tired and exhausted, i walked home in the pouring rain (evva lives about 10 mins away from my sister's).

not so bad of a friday...i'd say a good one \m/^_^\m/


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

~*...sounds of the underground...*~

randnorm tuesday event in black rock city 2005

pain yoga
tuesday/friday 2:00pm-3:00pm
we associate yoga with happiness, peace, and pleasure. this systematically ignores and represses sadness, pain, fear, and anxiety integral to our experience as humans. we dedicate ourselves to experiencing and celebrating the entire spectrum of life - even if it hurts. hosted by: twilight of the gods @ 9:00 and amnesia

photo by eric slomanson

randnorm mind grenade
life is long, be ready - unknown

randnorm pikcha

normdate 7.12.6

i spent monday afternoon with my friend jess.




i ended up at the library, the upstairs of the imperial pub, for my boy graeme's bday. happy birthday brother!

cute norm!

yesterday i had dinner with darlene and christina at ho su bistro. i love that place, and they love me. its awesome going to a restaurant where they know your name. it makes it feel like home.

darelen had rented a motorcycle so she could do her license test the next day. just when you though she couldn't get any hotter, she does!

darlene is leaving for costa rica in two days. this would be the last time i see her. i love you dar dar. we will surf waves together, and i kan't wait!

christina and i headed over to the kool haus for the sounds of the underground concert. my brother's friends in flames were playing, so he hooked us up with passes for the show. i saw in flames last year in july at the docks. my brother was touring with them on the bus, and i got to hang out with them on the tour bus. i'm not the biggest fan of heavy metal, but i'll rock out to anything, epecially if the tickets are free!

its also my brother's bday today.


the band i was really excited to see at this show was gwar!

gwar isn't really known for their musical ability, but rather their fuckin nutz stage performance. from ripping an alien fetus out of a pregnant woman to ass fucking with swords, you are guaranteed to get fake blood splattered on you at a gwar show!

czech out gwar performing womb with a view live!

we got to the show at 8pm only to find out that gwar had played at 6:30pm. who the fuck plays at 6:30? well, i guess if the show started at 2pm it makes sense.

i was also asked to remove my spiked bracelet, spiked collar, and straps off my bondage skirt! wtf? no spikes at a heavy metal show? the organizers were concerned about liability, expecially if someone's eye gets poked out. lame.

trivium was just finishing their set when we got there. christina and i headed to the bar to get a drink, or few. we ran into my sister, her friend, and a photographer named carolina that i met last year at the in flames show.

some dude came up to christina and i and asked if we were bf/gf. we smiled. i guess we haven't given our relationship any kind of title, perhaps because the love we share for each other goes beyond anything either of us can classify. then the dude proceeded to say the most inane shit i've ever heard as a pick up line to christina. he said "no offence to you (me), but you (christina) looked like you wanted to be talking to someone else other than him (me)."

wtf? who says that kind of shit and expects to pick up a girl? christina laughed and said "no!" he then said to her "i think you're attractive. what do you think about that?" to which christina replied "what am i supposed to think of that?" and then left him to ponder her question. she came back to me and we laughed about it. hey, anyone who has full tilt inked on his knuckles isn't expected to act normal.

in flames came on and racked the freakin house! i'm not the biggest metal fan, but i'll rock out to any kind of music!

the last band to play was as i lay dying. i can't understand a fukkin word any of these guys are singing, but i have respect for them and what they do. singing "rrrwaaaaaaorr" for extended periods of time can really do a number on your vocal cords.

christina asked me if i have ever been crowd surfing before, which i hadn't. she said the last time she did was in high school. she said "norm, you're going to crowd surf", grabbed my hand and pulled me up to the front of the stage. she took my sarong and any thing that could fall out of my pockets, then proceeded to lift me up onto the waiting hands of the fans rockin out to as i lay dying.

HOLY SHIT crowd surfing is fun.
feeling hands lift you up and move you kicked so much ass. i must admit i was scared that perhaps i'd fall and be crushed, but people made sure that didn't happen. it was so much fun, i had to do it again.

then i helped christina up onto the waiting hands of screaming youtz, and she surferd her way into the waiting arms of friendly secutiry at the front of the stage.

fuck that was fun! thank you christina for encouraging me to do something that scares me. have i mentioned that i fukkin loooove you?

after the show, we walked up to the bier market for some international libations.


what an awesome high! hanging with christina is already like a drug for me, then crowd surfing, then getttin shmammered with the woman i love. and holy shit did we get smashed! after the bier market we ended up at the cameron house and drank even more. i was a little bit annihilated by the time we got there, and so i tossed myself into a cab and came home. turns out i lost my cel phone in the cab :( not like i know which cab company it was either. christina has the same cel phone too. it was our wikkid text connektion...and now in my drunken stupor its gone. at least the night i lost it was fukkin epic. oh my head *aargh*


Sunday, July 09, 2006

~* re:union...*~

randnorm saturday event in black rock city 2005

wache und bewachen

club verboten will provide even more for your relaxation and comfort in this years go around. increased amounts of pillows, mats and space heaters will be noted. door man wo remain familiar. couples only, thanks. hosted by: club verboten @ esplanade and 3:00.

photo by gabe kirchheimer

randnorm mind grenade
i can do anything i put my mind to, but it doesn't mean that i'm good at it. - normurai

randnorm pikcha

photo by jerrold litwinenko

normdate 7.9.6

i celebrated last night at the magpie, a little bar around the corner from where i used to live on dundas street. it was the in:tent lost and found party, kind of a re:union or de:compression from a week spent outside at om with conscious and realized people.

of course the people there were top drawer. there are some good hippies in this town. it may be overpopulated and full of smog, but as i always say, i have the best people in the universe to cough with.

my friend jodi came in for the evening, without her kids! i've never seen her without her kids, so this was a pleasant surprise.

the music was great, but it was the people that made the evening. just like at om, there is so much love when this community gets together.

we headed to an after party at cherry beach. the dj booth was set up right on the beach, unlike the promise sundays, so it was wikkid to be right by the water. we danced until the sun came up. gawd i love outdoor celebrations. i'm gonna miss this town when i'm gone. summer here fukkin owns!

randnorm jamaican stylee in the city