Thursday, January 05, 2006

~* shape to memories...*~

happy new year! merry clitoris!

this new year has been a whirlwind for me. unbelievable. out of this world. nucking futz! i'm sitting down right now in front of adam c'z pc sorting through pix of the most intense closing moments of 2005 and an explosive start to a new chapter in my life for 2006.

i've got so many pix to sort and prep for each blog entry, but i thought i'd just take the time to capture right now before i attempt to remember what i've done since i've moved over here to the left coast.

my friend will said to me today on msn that i should update my blog, people might think i'm dead :p so here i am about to give shape to the past two weeks of my life in an evening of intense bloggin aktion...

the people out here have made my transition to the west coast a warm and welcome one. it seems no matter where i go i surround myself by the best people, why would i settle for anything less?

looking forward to having my pc with me again. until then, my blog entries may not be as frequent while in transit. i've got such an insane month ahead of me, and i'm so excited.

what decisions in my life would you like to be involved in?

here goes life...let's see where it, more like we, take it.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

~*...starting the year off with powder...*~

seeing as new years fell on a sunday, the official day off work was the monday. so what better way to enjoy a holiday than to shred whistler blackcomb.

adam, hilary, and i got up early monday morning and began our two hour journey to the peaks of whistler blackcomb.

the conditions had improved significanlty at the mountain from the previous monday. there was more snow covering the mountain, and the sun was out and shining brightly.

sometimes the snow was a bit too much...

but we're not going to complain about all that powder to ride through...

what an awesome day out at whistler. riding just keeps getting better and better with every day that i am out. its not hard to have your mind blown when you have the best mountain in the world to shred.


Monday, January 02, 2006

~*...left coast familia...*~

after a good night's rest, or should i say good day's rest, i went to richmond to my aunt thelma's place for dinner.

thelma is my father's half sister. she lives in richmond with her husband cherry. my cousin debbie, her husband steve, and their four kids were also there. it was good to see family, and even better to eat some good jamaican food.

my mom warned me that aunt thelma would have something to say about my dreadlocks...and of course she did.

"is wha you do to you hair? is you a rasta or something? what's your mother think of your hair?"

"my mom hasn't liked any of my hairstyles, but she's learned to look past what i look like and still love me."

after dinner, i jumped on a bus back to vancouver with a new year of incredible adventures and experiences ahead of me.

the world awaits.


Sunday, January 01, 2006

~* years on the sunshine coast...*`

brett, laura and i left early saturday afternoon and headed towards the horseshoe bay ferry docks. our destination was the sunshine coast of british columbia...86km of west coast beauty.

we took the 45minute ferry from horseshoe bay to langdale. the ferry ride was beautiful. this province never ceases to blow me away with majestik beauty.

we arrived in langdale and drove to sechelt where my friend markus lives. his place is 30 feet away from the pacific ocean. you can see the lights of nanaimo on vancouver island from his living room. the coast is beyond beautiful.

there are no major roads connecting the sunshine coast to mainland british columbia, so all vehicles have to be ferried there. i thought that the towns on the coast would be sparse, but i was wrong. they look just like regular towns with lots of cars...its just that the cars have to get therefrom the mainland by ferry. the b.c. gov't is thinking of creating a road connecting the sunshine coast to the mainland in preparation for the olympics in 2010.

after a few beers and some lifted spirits, we left markus and headed towards the ymca camp at mt.elphinstone for a new years party called intention7. held by the tribal harmonix krew, intention7 could not have asked for a better venue. mt.elphinstone? hard to get much more majikal and hippie than that eh?

the main venue was decorated nicely with a very grassroots vibe flowing freely through the camp. shoes were taken off at the entrance. there was a chill area of mattresses in the corner next to a blacklit community painting. just grab a brush and add to the piece.

the energy is not just on the playa, its everywhere...

the music at intention was a nice diverse serving of breakbeatz and trance. there was no house, but i wasn't realy expecting to hear any at this event anyways. the people were beautiful though, majikal to be exact. many mystikal and vibrant creatures live on the sunshine coast.

i ran into my friend valerie at intention and met her partner. she surprised me with the good news that she is pregnant. i'm so stoked for you val.

my friend jules was also there...another toronto to left coast import. we're taking over! ;)

jules had created this altar at the entrance of the party. the force flows freely and powerfully through mt.elphinstone.

what an incredible way to ring in the new year. i danced and celebrated with good friends and majikal creatures on the sunshine coast. gaia is radiantly gorgeous out here....and she also kinda smells like hippie ;)

there is a plethora of beautiful dreadlockz out here...yes, it is heaven when you are this close to the water, and the mountains.

and wouldn't you know it, the beautiful dreaded creature in the pik above is named....jess. of course that's her name.
you never stop loving silently those you once loved out loud.

i love you jessie.

it was different celebrating my new years without my closest cirlce of usual suapects around me. i was glad to have good friends with me here, making my transition so much easier...but there are many times where i wish i could just have tea with mel, play video games with homer, see a movie with my sister. i miss all of you guys like crazy. i love you.

happy new year.

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