Tuesday, March 27, 2007

~*...catchup bloggin...*~

alright, this blog entry is going to span two weeks and involve more pikchaz than writing...and seeing as many of you just look at my blog for the pikchaz, its right up your alley. plus, it takes less time to post pix than thoughts.

normdate 16.3.7

i headed up to lake louise with my friend sam from the calgary burners list. i love the lake! it snowed all day. hands down the best conditions i have experienced at lake louise.

pullin my locks through the vents in my helmet

with all the snow falling, we decided to ride the back powder bowls. unfortunately, visibility was so shit that we couldn't see more than a few feet in front of us :(

didn't seem like the visibility affected this sit skier...

so we decided to go out of bounds in the west bowl, just on the other side of the ski boundary fence of mt.whitehorn. it starts off with rocks, tonnes of them, then it opens up into a huge open bowl covered in knee high powder, followed by trees, another bowl, cliffs and chutes, and ending off with a gnarly ride out through a ridiculously narrow and dense tree run dumping you out at the base.

a 25minute 3,365 foot peak to base run of fresh tracks, killer pow, and just you and your krew to shred it is not something that you find very often at big resorts.

what made the west bowl run better than the 5mile basin run i did at whitewater was that i didn't have to hike out. we actually did the west bowl run twice, and each time our eyes bugged out of our heads and we were screaming with joy the whole way.

hands down the best run of my life! it was so awesome to ride with you sam.

gangsterai! yah, dat bling is screened on my shirt booya!

normdate 20.3.7

it was pure ol skewl markham stylee as fred falcao, todd skoby, and i got together for some tubby dog and 80z glam rock. our old skewl night started with dustin' off fred's nintendo entertainment system. daam fred has a lot of games!

playing the nes brought back lots of old memories. perhaps its the nostaligia that makes us feel so good about playing these games because with the level of graphics and game play that we are used to today, the nes sucks! yup, we even had to pull out the blow on the cartridge technique and the hold one game in with another one. yup, memories!

kung fu!

t&c skate and surf

it was good to know that UUDDLRLRBABA still works for contra ;) the game was still kinda boring though. the only game that kept us entertained was ice hockey.

no matter how shitty the graphics are, scoring a goal in hockey is always fun!

tubby dog!

cutie working at tubby dog!

if this meal doesn't give you heartburn, eat another tubby dog! a curry lamb sausage complete with mashed potatoes and gravy! booya!

toby and normurai


our tubby dog krew

broken toyz at morgans pub. these guys take 80z glam rock very seriously!

and just to get you in the 80z mood, 18 and life by skid row

normurai and facebook freddy!

toby and i spent the evening making fun of fred and his facebook addiktion. little did i know that within a single day, i would reconnekt with hundreds of old friends through this nutz facebook network.

our booze angel

our poison...$11.50 buckets of canadian piss!

shit gets messy very quickly when piss is cheap.

broken toyz fukkin rool!

glam rock is better with more hairspray!

cum is cheap in this town!

what a fukkin awesome, blurry, and drunken night. thanks toby, fred, and stacy-rae!

markham gangstas!

i was so fukkin broken the next morning, i had to pull over on my drive to work and puke. aaargh, broken norm.

normdate 24.3.7

more markham, more tubby dog! gord cairns and his partner nigs came to town from ottawa. graham cairns joined us from edmonton. of course we had to make it to tubby dog for them to experience what a real hot dog tasted like. i had a gotti, a jr.dog on a bed of pizza sauce, mozarella cheese, and a deep friend chicken finger! yah, tubby dog twice in a week can really take its toll on your bod *aaargh*

the cairns brothers spent friday on the slopes of sunshine village before heading to panorama. kale, q, jess, and i joined them on saturday on the rainy slopes of panorama resort. i guess we can't ask for powder at the end of march, eh?

fuck burton!

unless its old skewl burton, then its kewl.

panorama is an intrawest resort, so you've got your typical village at the bottom of the hill complete with overpriced shops and bars.

graham had never been snowboarding before, so i put my instructor training to good use and gave him a lesson.

graham treated snowboarding like a video game, and i've never seen anyone as determined to link turns than him. graham is the kind of guy who will bail hard, tumble head over heels, get up and yell "again!" that dedication paid off. within 90 minutes, graham was gettin off the chair lift without falling, and riding down a 1mile green run linkin turns. most impressive!

the mountain was a good size, but the rain kinda put a damper on the day.

it was, however, snowing at the peak.

jess is the best female rider i've had the pleasure to shred with. goddam that's sexxxxy!

there was a lot of snow at panorama, but the warmth of spring made it very heavy ad slushy. it looks like powder, but its heavy as lead!

i would definitely go back to panorama during the peak season. its a fun resort with lots of options, and a big village at the bottom to party in. i had such a great time riding with you migs and jess. graham, you fukkin rool! i've never seen anyone pick up snowboarding as uickly as you did. can't wait to ride with you again!

gord and migs had a chalet in the panorama villge, so we didn't have to go far before unbuckling and enjoying a beer with a little kutenai kind to lift our spirits.

goggles are necessary to cut onions.

hilarity ensues

the many uses of a measuring cup...especially when a shreddin goddess is around *drool*

migs and normurai...i'll try being nicer if you try being smarter.

nothin like a hot tub after a day of riding at pnaorama village

drunk, tired, and exhausted, we all passed out and awoke to bright, clear, sunny skies!

q and kale spent a few hours enjoying the slushy snow and sunny skies. it was q's first time on a snowboard, and kale's irst time buckling in this season.

we decided to enjoy the sun and warmth without a board on our feet.

the brothers cairns

migs, normurai, gord, graham

thanks so much for opening up your chalet to us gord and migs. it was so awesome to ride with you, shred with, drink with you, and chill with you. we should do it again next season!

the drive home through kootenay national park and banff national park is nothin less than breathtaking!

what an awesome weekend! life is beautiful and gets better with every choice i make.

the universe is infinitely abundant. love and blissings.

more pix here in my pikcha archive.