Wednesday, March 08, 2006

~*...zion...and my pc is here...*~

MY COMPUTER IS HERE!!! after two weeks of madness, my computer has finally made it to the kutenais. thank you to graham who got it shipped out here (yay free shipping), and to my sister who picked up my box in the first place. i opened up my case to find a box of kraft dinner inside and a card.

thanks thalia. you rawk!

so i connect my system to my 19" monitor that i bought at share nelson for $30, and wouldn't ya know it the focus is fucked on the monitor. hey, for $30 what do you expect. its either the left side or the right side that is in focus, or the entire monitor sort of focussed. high resolutions make it very hard to see as things are blurry, so i'm running it at 800x600 to minimize the damage it is doing to my eyes. hey, i'm just glad my computer is here and i've finally got the tools to get some work done.

i'm back to laptop keyboard typing again. yay wireless keyboards! and i've got beatz again. man, its so good to have my pc here with me. it makes missing the fresh snow today at whitewater worth it.

there is a road inside of you, inside of me there is one too. no stumbling pilgrim in the dark, the road to zion is in your heart. ~ road to zion, petra


Monday, March 06, 2006

~*...outifitting your personality...*~

saturday was about exploring new perspectives. being on the east shore at the home of the mou collective presented many new ways for me to tune into the prana of the kutenais.

amit shared with me a photo of his hometown in israel near the golan heights. he told stories of how furtile the land is, how majestic the mountains are, and the fear he lived in every day from possible attacks from syria and lebanon. i cannot imagine what it must be like living in a place where those who wish to destroy you are living past those mountains. having to hide in a bomb shelter while your town is being attacked is something i never want to experience.

amit had painted the wall of one of the night clubs in his home town during his last visit there: he painted a massive heart with an eye in the center of it. he said that the only way to bring about change in his homeland is for people to change their hearts. act out of love, or nothing good will ever be accomplished.

to amit's parents in israel, what he is doing here in canada is an impossibility. they have a hard time understanding why amit and his roommate ali, an iranian, are even living together, yet alone creating art together as brothers.

what amit and ali have done, what we have created here in canada, is a holy place: a place where people of all colours, all religions, all orientations, can celebrate together and create art through loving, honest, and forgiving relationship.

i enjoy highlighting the vibrations of the carribbean throughout the world, more specifically the effect that reggae music from the island of jamaica has done to the vibe of the world. its amazing how one little island has had so much of an impact on the musical rhthyms of the world.

amit told me about the buju banton concert he attended in israel. he said all of the israeli dreadlocks were out for the show. at one point in the concert, buju spoke to the audience and asked "how are things here in zion? is everything good?" to which the crowd yelled out "NO!". then in his deep rasp voice buju yelled "rise up people, rise up!"

a chinese jamaican, an israeli, and iranian, a romanian, a scot, and a brit...tuning into the prana of the kutenais surrounded by love, peace, and beauty.

mckayla, amit, and i spent some time playing the three crystal singing bowls that were set up in front of one of the many shrines in the mou collective space.

Quartz crystal singing bowls are one of the most powerful methods for healing on spiritual, emotional, and physical levels. The use of crystal bowls take the principle of vibrational healing through sound to a new level.

Quartz is composed of silicon dioxide, a compound that is also strongly present in human chemical structure. Thus, the vibrations of crystal bowls help to "re-tune" us to our own natural and healing vibrations. Like other forms of vibrational healing, such as crystals, flower essences, and Reiki, the tones of these bowls help to dissolve energetic blockages, allowing us to return to balance.

The initial effect of playing crystal bowls is to relax the body and mind. Once calmness is restored, the sound frequencies stimulate the chakras, brain, endocrine glands, and nervous system. When we combine the playing of the bowls with focused, positive thought, the results are even more powerful.

the vibrations and sound made from playing these bowls was definitely powerful. i had never played a bowl made of quartz, and it was amazing to play with others and harmonize the vibrations of the bowls.

scott is a talented artist, or heartist as he likes to be called. his armbands are beyond majikal. putting them on triggers in the wearer deep majikal powers.

it reminded me of putting on my dredi knight robe for the first time. it immediately stimulated in me and everyone around me the part of our personality that wears a cape. that's a very powerful energy to trigger, and these armbands are no different. they trigger the part of you that wears majikal armbands.

scott had this gorgeous green leather outfit that he had made, and i wanted to so badly to try it on. my wish was granted. of course i'm a big fan of bondage, so having this piece placed on me and then cinched up was nothing short of a pleasure.

the staff was hand carved by one of scott's friends and gifted to him for shambalah last year. man that thing was kewl to hold, and powerful to wield. hooray impromptu photo shoots in forests with leather elvish garb and hand carved walking sticks!

this was turning out to be the most fun photo shoot i've done. the outfit was incredible, the location was beautiful, and the energy was majik. of course we added more to the outfit in the forms of a pair of armbands, a rice hat, and an agate sphere.

can you tell how heavy the sphere is? it took a lot of strength to hold it up, as seen in my right arm. i wish my arm looked that good without having a heavy sphere in it. just look at my left arm in this photo:

amit then took the camera and scott, ali, and i tuned into the prana of crawford bay together. holding the sphere together was incredible. it felt like the world was being cradled in our hands. what a great microcosm of what we are doing here in canada. we have the world in our hands, and she is beautiful, the question is what are we going to do to keep her beautiful, and protect her?

some people would call what we were doing larping (live action role playing games), but there were no games involved. there were no costumes, rather outfits for our personalities. we were not pretending to be characters in a game, we were tuning into that part of our personality and embracing it fully without fear. there is majik in all of us, a mischievous elf, a powerful wizard, a majikal creature. however you can tune into the majik in you, don't be afraid to embrace it.

people are not just one thing. thank you scott, alexandra, ali, and amit for helping me rekognize and embrace the majik that is in me.

five hours in that outfit was restricting my breathing a bit, and i needed to be loosened out of it and relax for a while. after a short rest, we caught the ferry and headed toward nelson. there was a dj playing at fluid named cheb i sabbah. as much as i wanted to go, i was just beat and didn't really have the money for a $20 cover. so they dropped me off at home and i passed out.