Wednesday, November 23, 2005

~*...who does that?...*~

yesterday, i was riding my bike to a restaurant to visit my friend. normally, i ride on the road, but where i was it was easier for me to ride the short distance on the sidewalk than cross the street and ride the 50ft up to the intersection. that was my first mistake.

as i rode up on the sidewalk, i ended up behind 5 youtz. gettin around them was going to be a challenge, but i did my best to ride as far to the right of them as possible. as i attempted to pass them, i said "excuse me". i didn't hit anyone, but there wasn't really much room to spare. the dude i cam very close to hitting with my bike yelled out "you should be riding on the fukkin road you fuck!"

those kinds of comments do not deserve a response in my books, so i said nothing and kept on riding. just up at the stoplight, i got off my bike and waited for the light to change. the restaurant i was heading to was just across the street. as i walked my bike across the street, one of the guys i just passed was all of a sudden up in my face yelling "you nearly knocked my brother over you fuck!". i said "sorry dude". then the dude punched me in the jaw and walked back to his posse of badass youtz.

i was in shock as i had never been punched in the face before. i don't normally piss people off enough for them get violent with me, and i didn't even hit anyone with my bike! the people on the street corner asked if i was ok. i wasn't bleeding, just more in shock. who does that?

as i walked my bike to the restaurant, i began thinking to myself that i could use my bike lock as a weapon if this guy and his band of thugs wanted to come back and finish teaching me my lesson. i have never thought of using my bike lock as a weapon, or anything as a weapon for that matter...but there i was thinking of how i could defend myself and hurt someone if necessary. there were so many new and unfamiliar feelings being stimulated in me at that moment, i was having a hard time absorbing it all.

i got into the restaurant quickly thinking i might find some sort of refuge inside an establishment. man that sucked. not knowing what to do with myself, being in shock and what not, i ordered a beer and shed some tears as i waited for my friend. it was then i noticed my headset was gone. i ran back outside to find my bluetooth headset in the middle of the street being run over by cars. i picked it up only to find that bluetooth headsets weren't designed to be run over by traffik i guess my jaw wasn't meant to be punched by youtz with attitudes either.

my friend showed up and we shared a bottle of red as we tried to give shape to what just happened. it was good to have someone i care about to be there with me. i mean, i understand i provoked these guys by riding my bike past them, but did i really deserve a punch in the jaw? some people. who knows what might have happened if it had escalated. five guys against me would have resulted in me having my ass handed to me.

after wine, i went over to isa and darryl's place to kewl out, only to find out that my back tire was flat. whether it was just a flat or it was slashed has yet to be determined. punch in the jaw, busted up headset, flat tire...shitty things happen in threes.

it was awesome chillin with isa and eatin jerk chicken wings. i'm going to miss my times at isa and darryl's place when i'm gone.

i keep the best people in my life. there are also many assholes in this world, and last night i came face to face with one. you can read what the tribe krew had to say about it, and listen to them share stories about gettin punched in the face here.


Monday, November 21, 2005

~* tekno...and the goblet of fiyahh!...*~

saturday afternoon i hooked up with my sister for dinner at my favourite japanese restaurant, ho su bistro at queen and john. our office used to be at king and john, and i lived at queen and beverly, so ho su was an essential part of my diet. i would eat there 5 times a week sometimes. they always have the most affordable and delicious food. for $4.99 you can get chicken teriyaki on rice with shrimp and vegetable tempura, coleslaw, and glass noodle salad. i don't think i can make that much food for less than $5.

after dinner, we hooked up with my friend laurien, isa and darryl at the paramount theater to see harry potter and the goblet of fiyahh! i had never seen the theater so packed on a saturday night....everyone was out to see this movie, parents and children alike. there were even some people dressed up as wizards, complete with hogwarts uniform. normally, the hard cores who get dressed up are out in full force opening night, but i guess that goes for the whole weekend.

i've never read any of the harry potter books, but i have seen all of the movies, and this one is definitely the best. its the darkest of all of the movies, mostly because it deals with death head on (someone dies). its also full of hormones, raging hormones. it seems like everyone is gettin some, or at least dealing with puberty. even haggrid has a love interest. harry potter naked in a bathtub gettin hit on by myrtle the ghost....randy!

my favourite quote from the movie..."an evening of well mannered frivolity" *bahahahaha* i can't wait to describe an evening like that. maybe that's how i will frame my going away party. "join me for an evening of well mannered frivolity" teehee.

after the movie, laurien and i headed back to my place where we met up with my friend graeme. we didn't have much time to get ourselves together because we were to meet up at a map point for the free techno party. that's right, old skewl rave styles. show up at the map point at a certain time, get directions to the illegal venue that the party was being held in. this reminded me of the daze of old, the original rave days.

we arrived at king and strachan (across from the former industry) where we connekted with a large group of partiers. there was no map though, instead we followed a guy across king street under the dufferin bridge and into the warehouse distrikt. we trekked past the go train station and followed the tracks for about 100ft where a large abandoned warehouse stood. inside it was large, dark, beat down, covered in dust, and raw....pure old skewl styles. the generator wasn't working, so we had to amuse ourselves for about 40 minutes before a replacement one arrived. this was fine though, as i was able to spin glowing poi in the darkness (and i had my lightning wire sunglasses too).

i was surprised at hos the venue was decorated, seeing as it was an abandoned warehouse. of course there were no bathrooms, only relics of a bathroom that once was. yah, we still took leaks in the busted up toilets (and anywhere else you could find to piss)

once the generator got there, the beats began to play. nothing like starting off the evening with a little dire straits singin "money for nothin and the chicks for free". the crazy thing is that most of the people at the party weren't even alive when dire straits released the song in 1985! yes, the average age of the people at the party was 18. i was taken back at how old skewl the jam was, an illegal party in an abandoned warehouse with blasting electronic music to dance to. i thought those daze were gone, but i realized that they never left...i just got older (read able to go to clubs). there will always be youths who are not old enough to drink who still want to dance all night.

i remember this warehouse venue from years ago during the dot com explosion...the age of the 21yr old millionaires. shift magazine held their launch party in that warehouse space in the late 90's. i remember that party clearly because it was huge and off the hook. i remember a wall of pcs linked up for some unreal tournament action, as well as g3z connected to the net for your browsing pleasure. man, the promise of the internet was a golden cup back then...too bad it went up in flames a few years later. not everyone was going to embrace technology as fast as the venture capitalists thought.

it was good to see the relic of that warehouse years later, and dance in there once again. there were many dark corners there to hide and be naughty *rraow*

what a great saturday of majik and dancing. big ups to laurien and graeme for the company, and to the free techno krew for putting on such a great free event. fuck you to the person who liberated my lightningwire sunglasses. i lent them to you to play with, not have. you suck.

if i had a camera i would post pix, but i'm still cameraless :( anyone want to donate one to me?