Friday, July 21, 2006

~*...a fukkin awesome day...*~

randnorm thursday event in black rock city 2005

the freudian slipper lounge

a psychoanalytic cocktail party. presriptions are filled on site. no need to make an appointment, just drop in. we have developed a new therapy guaranteed to cause hallucinations, delusions of grandeur, and extended sensations of euphoria. hosted by: id, ego, superego and dr.subconscious

blacklight forest fire photo by bucky

randnorm mind grenade
why would you even shake a man's hand, if you're not going to help him stand? - ben harper

randnorm pikcha

dedicated to the radiant goddess tassy pink

normdate 5.20.6

alright, i know i'm really, really, really behind on updating my blog. being home around friends has been the focus of my time, and holy shit blogging takes up a lot of time...almost more time than it takes to live my life. i'm moving towards a more pikcha oriented blog than a wordy one in order to catch up. i hope you don't mind. make sure you keep czechin back though, cause i'll be fillin in the blanks with blog entries (even though this entry will most likely be the first one you'll see each time you visit until i finish catching up).

last night, however, i grabbed a pen and captured a moment, so here is a randnorm snippet from right meow...right then...with pikchaz of course ;)

randnorm snippet 9:26pm
habitat, 735 queen street west

right meow, ui'm sitting on a bar stool staring at a familiar queen street intersection from the window of habitat. there is a full glass of hoegaarden in front of me...aaah, belgian citrus goodness. fyi, the hoegaarden glass holds the same amount of beer as a regular pint glass, its made with a hell of a lot more glass.

i just left jaqui after watching uma thurman's latest movie "my super ex-girlfriend". it sucked, but i didn't expect much...and besides the movie was free. hooray sneak previews!

the movie had its moments, but overall it a got a resounding MEH from this dredi knight. i give it 1 out of four lightsabers. if it wasn't for uma *drool*, the movie would have super sucked!

i came to habitat beause my friend melanie works here. out of the blue last night, she msn'd me. she didn't know i was still in toronto. i haven't seen mel since months before i left for bc, and i really wanted to see her. on my way here, i ran into an old friend from high school, allie. she said "hi leighton" as i walked by. i know its an old friend when they call me leighton...and of course it happened on queen street.

melanie is the only woman i have ever professed my love to and nothing ever came from it. timing really is everything. either she was with someone or i was with someone. that didn't meant that my adoration for her ever wained. she makes me feel incredible about myself when i'm around her, she always has, and still does.

man, its been a day of being around goddesses that make me feel incredible. i saw christina this afternoon and i'm also going to see her after i'm done this beer. i would say that christina also makes me feel incredible about myself when i'm around her, but that would be an understatement.

christina makes me feel prefekt about myself. thank you christina for reminding me that i am perfekt.

on my way to see christina, i was standing on the platform at yonge and bloor waiting for the subway. i watched as a blind man, complete with walking stick, walk right off the platform and fall onto the subway tracks 5ft away from me!!! i immediately jumped down onto the tracks and helped hoist him back up onto the platform thanks to the help of two other men. i couldn't believe what had just happened, i mean i actually saw him feeling in front of him with his stick and i thought "i wonder if he's going to stop." he didn't. there was no subway coming, but there was one stopped on the other side. he has a bit of sight and thought that the subway stopped on the other side was actually right in front of him. he fell right on his stomach on the subway track and was bleeding from both his elbows. he was in shock, and in quite a bit of pain, but no evidence of broken bones. i did have to jump back back down on the tracks to get his hat, glasses, and some things that fell out of his pocket. man, i've always wanted to jump down on the subway tracks, and all it took was a blind man to fall down there for me to realize my dream! :p

i also got to help another person stand, so i guess we both win. his name was vaughan. he is 57yrs old.

of course a blind man falling onto the tracks created a big scene. that kind of shit doesn't happen every day on the ttc. its also not too often that strangers call you a hero. what's a hero anyways?

i'm just a dude who reacted quickly to help another man stand, and it felt good to lift up another human being. it was also a new feeling for me to have strangers lift me up with their thoughts and words of admiration and respect for doing something so simple. i could feel it around me, and it humbled me.

ttc officials and paramedics arived and took vaughan to the hospital. he was scraped and bruised, but they wanted to take him to the hospital just in case. blessings to you vaughan. i am glad i was there to help you when you needed help to stand. i know the feeling, and i'm honoured to have angels in my life to lift me up. sorry, no pikchaz.

mel is working, so she doesn't have much time to spend chattin with me. that's alright, just being around her brightens my day and lifts my spirits...and i'm going to see christina after. how blessed am i?

i just read to mel what i wrote above, about how she is the only woman i've professed my love to and nothing came of it. i've told her that before. i have no problems letting those i care about know how i feel.

what an awesome day! its been like a high for me, one awesome thing after another! it started with breakfast at tim hortons with richard yearwood. richard is the producer of the television show restaurant makeover. i met him through john and sue (you naughty fucks!) *weg*

richard and i spent the morning working on the pitch for taking this choose your norm adventure idea and turning it into a television show. its encouraging to have someone else be as excited as i am about the concept, especially one that has the ability to make it happen. richard has the experience, connektions, and the knowledge to help make this nucking futz adventure i'm on into something bigger, more tangible, and most importantly sustainable. the idea needs to be pitched to the guys with the money, more specifically tri con films, before anything more can happen. richard has an excellent relationship with them, and he is excited about the idea. actually, he's so excited that by the end of our morning session, he said to me "fuck it, i'm going to pay for the pilot to be shot myself." the idea is to shoot the pilot at burning man. the premise: take me with you! randnorm adventures! its starts here...let's see how far this idea takes me, takes us.

hey, take me with you!

i'm off to see the woman i'm madly in love with...she rawks harder than the extra arms on vishnu!

i arrived at the imperial pub patio (known as the library) near dundas square where christina was enjoying drinks with her photography classmates. today was their last day of class, and there were definitely celebrating. the booze was plentiful, and hell, any time i get to spend with christina rawkz my fukkin world.

my friend blythe was also on the patio at her friend's going away party. who are my ugly friends again?

by the end of the evening i was so annihilated that i didn't want to have to take the blue light bus all the way back to my sister's place. there is a reason why they call the bluelight 24hour ttc bus the vomit comet, and if i had gotten on that bus i probably would have validated that name. thank god i have hawt friends with condos around the corner!

blythe headed home with her bf and gave me keys to her place on king for me to pass out in. hooray! i love you blythe! you fukkin rawk...and you have fabulous fashion style.

what a fukkin awesome day! life is beautiful.


Monday, July 17, 2006

~*...gettin naughty...*~

randnorm sunday event in black rock city 2005

guided holotropic breathing
experience deeply repressed memories and spiritual visions covering the entire human emotional landscape. the breathing floods the brain with oxygen enabling it to produce extraordinary mind states. hosted by: heebeegeebee healers @ 7:30 and ego

photo by maurizio niccolai

randnorm mind grenade
behind every strong man is a woman who made it necessary. - fred marcos

randnorm pikcha

normdate 7.16.6

i jumped on the subway and headed to see john and sue today. i picked them up and we walked up the street to czech out the folsom fair north, a fetish festival being held at allen gardens.

there were booths and djs, about 400 fags in leather and perhaps 10 women (tops).

the rest of my sunday turned out to be the most nutz and naughty afternoon/evening i have ever had. i am such a dirty dirty boy, and it seems like i bring it out in the people around me too. dirty normie!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

~*...randnorm acts of kindness...*~

randnorm saturday event in black rock city 2005

fig leaf fashion free-for-all (and clearance)

everything has got to go. come and get a really cool fig leaf ensemble. for you late burners, who didn't realize that every day was a costume party, come and get a fig leaf to hide your shame. hosted by: lavender girl & moonfire @ 9:00 plaza and 2:00

photo by frank rodriguez

randnorm mind grenade
war does not determine who is right, only who is left. - bertrand russell

randnorm pikcha

normdate 7.15.6

i met up with evva and krew this afternoon to celebrate evva's birthday...again! evva wanted to perform randnorm acts of kindness around the city, and it definitely made the big smoke a happier place for the people we made smile and who'se lives were, even for a minute, brighter because of the things we did.

life is more fun with little leighsa!

the muppet show in ham's deep!

one free call = 1 less worry = 1 happy hello = 1 act of kindness

i left the randnorm quarter on a payphone at queen and john. after drinks at the black bull, i stopped by to see if anyone had used the quarter. i ran into my friend achilla. his partner ophelia was using the phone i had stuck the quarter to. when i asked her if she saw it, she said "omg! after i made my first call i ran out of money, and i needed another quarter...and there was one stuck to this phone!"

so awesome to see a randnorm act of kindness manifest itself.

randnorm thailand festival at nathan phillips square

i ended up at isa and darryl's for dinner. i love being in their home. after dinner i made a quick decision to go to the fetish masquerade. its been over 6 months since i was in an environment like that, and i was looking forward to being serviced ;) i ran into two female friends, and received what i wanted. daam this city is diverse! *rraow*

it was a pirate theme, and even though i was not dressed in pirate attire, its good to know that even the clothes i normally wear can be considered fetish attire ;)

on my bus ride home i ran into my friend tina! she rawks!

practice randnorm acts of kindness. happy birthday evva.