Wednesday, September 20, 2006


randnorm tuesday event in black rock city 2006

1970, all over again!

what do the 1970s evoke? let your hair down, dig out the bell bottoms and mellow attitude and come by iron rose and relive the time of nixon, ford and jimmy carter, in music. all 70’s, all day…unless we decide to play something else for a while. hosted by: iron rose @ anxious and 4:30

photo of la contessa by waldemar horwat

randnorm mind grenade

fashion is something that goes in one year and out the other. - unknown

randnorm pikcha

randnorm video

how to talk like a pirate

normdate 19.9.6

ahoy matey, today be talk like a pirate day. i read it on wikipedia so it must be true ;)

fyi: pirates are absolute divine beings and are considered to be the original pastafarians according to the church of the flying spaghetti monster.

its awesome that a joke between two friends has become an international parody of a holiday...and i couldn't think of a better way to spend international talk like a pirate day in calgary than with burners at the ship and anchor. yearrr!

crystal and i arrived at the ship and anchor around 9:00. i was already half in the bag thanks to some white wine....okay, maybe i was completely in the bag. i'm surprised that the box of wine we brought home from burning man is still in the fridge, still gettin me drunk. hooray for boxes of wine!

i didn't have an eye patch, so i decided to make one out of some black card stock. i was going to use hemp to tie it to my head, then i had an even brighter idea. i used some green el wire that was gifted to me at burning man and attached it to my eye patch. then i cut out and glued a burning norm logo to the patch for that extra playa effect. the result was a brightly lit neon outlined eye patch worthy of a salty sea dog from black rock city.

i ran into a few calgary burners at the ship and anchor, who were appropriately dressed for the occassion.

normurai pirate and the sexxxy q

q and brian, the steamer responsible for the final countdown being played every morning at burning man.

brian told me that on the first monday morning when he blared the final countdown at sunrise, one of the neighbours came by and said "you aren't planning to do this every morning are ya?" hahahahahaha...

shmammered and blabberin like a pirate, crystal and i left the ship and went to meet up with fred at morgan's to hear broken toyz play. fred and his friend stacy-rae were in the long lineup outside of morgan's when we arrived. a lineup on a tuesday night to see an 80z glam rock cover band. yah, they really are that good.

we waited 20minutes before we said fuck it and left. crystal went home and i joined stacy-rae and fred back at his house. i was a bit fukkin smashed...and munchied. hooray for oven baked pizza!

in my drunken state i somehow ended up on fred's kitchen floor...and that's where i spent the rest of the evening.

i woke up on fred's kitchen floor in the morning. hung over and smellin like dirty pirate, stacy-rae dropped me off at the c-train station and i headed back to the northwest.

kristin's best friend stacy and her new husband sean were home. they had been travelling across canada for their honeymoon and were on their last stretch back to victoria, b.c. i was glad to say goodbye to them before they jumped into their van to complete their 6 week journey across this beautiful country of ours.

congratulations stacy and sean.

ouch my head! its tough bein a pirate.

yo ho ho and a box of white wine...yeearrrr!!!!