Saturday, April 01, 2006

~* and the dreamweaver...*~

after lunch today, julia, owen, and i went to mckayla's place to hang out. there was some rum she had left over from the night before, so owen and i began sipping. mckayla left to babysit, and said to help ourselves to whatever booze we could find in her kitchen.

by the time mckayla got back from babysitting two hours later, owen and i were shmammered. it had been a while since i'd been drunk...ok, that's a lie, i was drunk a week ago. but before that it had been a while ;)

in our drunken state, owen and i made a little something for mckayla to put on her wall.

calligraphy and life by norm, rhymes by owpen dragon.

mckayla had some catching up to do...

the plan was to meet some people down at cottonwood falls to spin some fire. we rolled a few joints, grabbed some fuel, some fire poi, and fire fingers, and headed down to the falls. yes, we were well drunk by the time we reached the drunk that we had forgotten a few things at home, like my camera, and most importantly fire! yah, we had nothing to light our joints with, and nothing to light our poi with.


but seeing as mckayla's place was only a 5minute walk away from the falls, we began our quest for fire only to meet up with the craziest motherfucker in the history of ever! his name was dreamweaver. he had a light. he also had a huge marijuana leaf tattooed on his forehead! ON HIS FUKKIN FOREHEAD!!!

i asked him if it was real, and he encouraged me to try to rub it off. holy shit! this dude takes smoking weed very fukkin seriously!

i told him that he was the craziest motherfucker i had ever met in my life, and he thanked me for the compliment. did i mention he had a huge fukkin marijuana leaf tattooed on his forehead? i would post a pik, but i didn't have my camera. dreamweaver also didn't want his pikcha taken, so i respected his wishes.

when i asked him how difficult it is for him to cross the border, he said "why the fuck would i want to go visit that country?" fair enough.

i had never spun fire before, so i was pretty excited. i wanted to get comfortable enough with a few moves before i graduated to fire. setting myself on fire would suck.

HOLY SHIT! spinning fire is so goddam fun, and sexxxy! the sound of it moving by you, burning, consuming...its like a drug, it gets you high. its fukkin hot! i will never forget my first time spinning fire.

mckayla is a fire pixie, a very skilled fire poi spinner. she's also goddam cute. making out with her while she was spinning fire was very hot. hearing the flames spin past me while making out with the person spinning the fire...*drool*

julia is also a very skilled fire poi spinner, but i didn't make out with her while she spun ;)

we met two quebecois boys from montreal at the falls. they followed us back to mckayla's house where they pulled out two bottles of wine and proceeded to get us more drunk than we already were.

i passed out on the sofa and woke up feeling like a bag of shit. mckayla and i decided to turn today into a recover and do nothing day. *ouch* and to think that booze is legal. man, the next day is a write off!


Thursday, March 30, 2006


i woke up this morning to clouds and rain outside my window. living on a mountain, the clouds and rain were literally outside my window. the kutenai mountains like to trap clouds, and energy, amongst its valleys.

raining in town meant that 1000m higher at whitewater it must be snowing. jonas and frederic picked me up and we headed to the mountains. sure enough, it was dumping snow up there.

actually, there was so much snow that the road to whitewater was covered in fresh powder. this made things difficult for cars to reach the hill unless you had 4wheel drive. our car couldn't make it up the road, despite numerous attempts. so we parked it on the side of the road and hitched our way to the lodge. powder day at the end of march. schweet!

there were about 40 people in total on the hill today, including staff. the snow was incredible, soft, fluffy, and freshly fallen. it was fresh tracks all day to ourselves. heaven...literally. did i mention this place has the best snow in the world?

it wasn't as sunny as yesterday, but the dumping fresh powder all day made up for it. to get back to the car we had to do a little backcountry hike down the backside and ride it down to the road. the snow was untracked, but spring like, and therefore really sticky underneath the fresh layer of powder. but i wasn't complaining, i got to ride backside for the first time, and it was killer. steeps, trees, powder...this place is a gem.

those who know are here, those who don't are somewhere else...and that's just fine with the people who are here.

as you can probably tell i didn't bring my camera with me today.

adam freeland is playing at fluid tonight. this place gets world class talent for such a small town. if only i had $25 for cover :eek: maybe i'll drop by at 1:30 and get in for free. who am i kidding, i'm fukkin tired. i'm going to bed.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

~*...spring riding...*~

jonas and frederic picked me up this morning and we headed to whitewater for some spring riding. the sun was shining, the weather was warm, and there were people riding in t-shirts. i opted for the turtle neck sans jacket...

its going to take a while for all the snow on this mountain to melt, even with these warmer temperatures.

and of course there is always fresh tracks available to you if you're willing to walk to it. the sun did however cook the snow, so the silver king side was very sticky spring snow.

the summit side had some pretty good snow, and some lightning fast groomed runs. i don't think i've gone that fast in my entire life. there is no rush like speed.

spring riding roolz! warm weather, fast runs, and t-shirts. women riding in bikinis would have been nice though ;)

after an awesome day of riding, we stopped at oso for a coffee. it was jonas and frederic's first time at oso, despite being here for three months. it is the place to be here in nelson, and the continous warm weather is just around the corner.

joa, the beautiful woman that i met on friday night, had invited me over for dinner at her place. i love how everything in nelson is a 20minute walk..even out of town is only a 30minute walk ;)

spring riding, spring fever. gotta love it. this town roolz!


Monday, March 27, 2006


after an awesome afternoon of tossing a frisbee at gyro park, and an evening of hanging with jonas and frederic at their place, i was hiking up rosemont hill when a volvo passed me, stopped, then reversed.

a woman offered me a ride home, and i accepted. she said she had seen me earlier in the day near gyro park. i was balancing on the railway track walking towards the park. she said she had seen me and wanted to say hi to me, but couldn't find the right words and by the time she had, i was gone.

she wasn't going to let that happen again, which is why she pulled over. her name was gin. she drove me the 350 feet to my house. thanks for the lift gin.

sometimes i have that effect on people. i love randnormness like this.

i've also lost 9lbs since christmas. i walk up a mountain every day here. its good for the body.

life is simple: i want to be in love, drink good coffee, and ride my bike - drew grear