Tuesday, February 07, 2006

~*...rotating my canvas, again...*~

normdate 2.7.06

i am sitting on a picnic table on the shores of lake jootenay. i am surrounded by tree covered mountains. this unusual february weather has me without a jacket on, walking on green grass. there is geese poo everywhere though. kinda par for the course when you're surrounded by geese ;)

the prana flows strongly through this valley of the kutenais. behind me is the big orange bridge, or bob as the locals call it. i've just finished tuning into the kutenai force through spinning poi here in the park. i've learned the reverse butterfly. time to learn new ways to tweak out the butterfly. and so my repetoire of fluid poi movements continue...i can't wait to spin fire.

i woke up this morning to a new day. there is a wireless network in the home i'm stayin in, and a laptop i can use just a few feet away from the sofa i am sleeping on.

my vbelly and spirit are full thanks to the soup kitchen down the street from where i'm staying. free food, who can argue with that? a young man did fellowship with me as i ate, and we shared our perspectives on who god is with each other.

"if everyone agreed on everything, nothing would ever change."

i've got my own copy of the new testament thanks to the soup kitchen. i'm going to read the book of romans as i promised my mom i would. i look forward to discussing it with her, to sharing our interpretations of the story and words. everyone has their own point of view.

god hates religion.

"there are an infinite number of ways to right meow. right or wrong is just perspektive."

i'm going to the youth employment research center now to work on my cv. its been so long since i've made a resume, especially seeing as i've been the one accepting resumes for the past 7 years. i guess its time for me to rotate my canvas, work on the painting of my life from a new perspektive.

again, the sun is shining brightly above the mountains in front of me. i am pleasantly reminded why i wanted to come back here to live.

last night, talking to owen and julia our conversation expanded our horizons. julia, one of the most beautiful souls who lives in the home i am staying at, was describing to me her trintiy. she made a triangle with her hands and described each of the three sides that completes her trinity. our minds were expanded when i showed julia that her trinity is really not made up of three, but rather four by including the space that surrounds her trinity. that is all that is not. it is none of it.
this truth, going beyond the balance of two, the trinity of three, was revealed to me thanks to a beautiful dreadlock named theresa.

theresa and i shared an incredible experience through breath play at a private party. with our clothes on, we caressed and synchronized our breathing. she showed me that breathing is a four part process.


it reminded me that there are more than just two sides to everything, more than three, there are an infinite number of sides.

the conscious
the subconscious
the unconcscious
and none of the above

when you are looking, there are particles of possibilities. when you are not looking, there are infinite possibilities of consciousness.

get people into agreement, then make a suggestion.

"those jeans look good on you, but i think this pair over here will flatter your ass even more."


Monday, February 06, 2006

~*...a new chapter...*~

normdate 2.6.06

i am sitting on a sofa, my new bed, at andrea's home on the hill in nelson. the solarium that i am in is surrounded by windows and is painted yellow. jack johnson is playing in the background. there is a piano in this room that i have been encouraged to make use of. on the wall is a magnificent painting of a woman holding the sun and the moon, pregnant with the earth.

andrea and her partner akkal are seven weeks away from having their first child. the paintings that adorn the walls of this home radiate the powers of the goddess, the majik of fairies and elves, and the universal prana that connects all life.

the artist is a local woman named christina smith. click here to visit her site.

"i can change the world with my own two hands." ben harper is playing in the background. i wonder where kristin is right meow. maybe i should czech her blog. hearing ben harper reminds me of so many good times with kristin. i am am thinkin of you kristin. you are loved and missed.

the energy that flows through nelson is beyond powerful. nestled in the mountains of the kutenais, built on a quartz deposit, the force is strong here.

i've spent the last three daze doing my casi level 1 instructor's certification at whitewater here in nelson. its not the largest hill (only two dinky double chair lifts), but it is the most imtimate and majik mountain i've been to.

the summit side (click image for larger version)

the silver king side (click image for larger version)

whitewater may not be the biggest, but it has the best snow i have ever ridden...yes, even better than big white. the two chairlifts take you up 1300ft of vertical to some of the best riding i have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

whitewater lives up to its name and slogan: pure, simple & real...deep.

there is so much back country to explore here that it could take you years to explore it all. steep chutes and light fluffy powder. i am so glad i am here. thank you for sending me here.

on saturday, my casi class and i went for a run down the diamond glades, voted best new tree skiing in canada by ski canada magazine. a 10minute traverse from the summit chair brought us to the glory basin. what an incredible site it was...a large deep bowl with waist hight powder ending up in the most beautiful snow filled glades i have ever seen. it was straight out of a movie! it was the most fun an extreme riding i have ever done in my life...and this is my home mountain!!! i didn't have my camera with me at that time, otherwise i'd post a pik. did mention that it w3as dumping maad snow all day long?

my casi course wasn't very difficult. it focussed more on your teaching abilities rather than how well you ride. the biggest challenge was to "detune" my riding, tone it back and ride with less performance, just like a beginner. maintaining my balanced body position (hand over nose and tail) while riding is the foundation of snowboarding (accoreding to casi). thing is i've been riding with my shoulders facing down the hill instead of hand over nose and tail. its a different feeling unlearning a technique, but not too difficult.

now i'm a certified level 1 instructor and can teach others (and get paid)...but not until next year. there are no jobs available this late in the season. and i also get pro deals in september: 30-40% off cost!! yah baby. new gear owns. schweet.

now i've got to find some form of employment and a place to live. i am thankful for andrea and her roommates opening up their home to me. i am blessed, and loved.