Monday, July 24, 2006

~*...czech da resume...*~

randnorm sunday event in black rock city 2005

well, seeing as there really aren't that many events happenning on sunday at the burn, i'm about to start repeating randnorm sunday event postings starting with...

the wilson phillips pancake breakfast
i think the name says it all. hosted by: the bouncy bouncy club @ 4:30 and bipolar

photo by steve schwartz

randnorm mind grenade
the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. - st.augustine

randnorm pikcha

look, they're all skinny now!

normdate 7.23.6

i woke up this morning at darryl and isa's place after a chill evening watching battlestar galactica with them.

style in progress
last night at dundas square on my way to darryl and isa's

valentina was finally big enough to fit into the outfit that i gifted to darryl and isa when she was born. this kid is too daam cute.

my homeboy nick and his partner cri picked me up just after dinner time and we headed down to cherry beach. this would be my last cherry beach of the summer, and it was fabulous! the best people. the best music. for free! i'm gonna miss cherry beach *sigh*

i ran into my friend eva b from london, ontario. her and her partner are expecting their first child. i'm so happy for you eva!

after cherry beach i went to hear czech and big league chu play at gypsy co-op.

i've been a czech head for over a decade, and he never ceases to amaze me. gawd i love breaks...and breaker chicks *drool*

czech gave me a copy of his latest cd, breakbeat mountain. its up there with his breaks, drugs and rock & roll set as one of my favz. ol skewl beatz with a break. this man is a genius!

what an awesome way to end a chill weekend. this town goes off, even on a sunday night. gypsy was packed full of dancing toronto breakers, and it was good to be one of them.

sometimes i wear blue...and orange ;)