Sunday, November 05, 2006

~*...death to saddam...*~

randnorm sunday event in black rock city 2006

majitope sunrise

the rising of the sun after the man burns is a sacred time and space. join sunrise veteran majitope in a mystical journey of reverence and resolution. you've danced at these historical dj sets sine '99, so now don't miss this year's celebration near the serpent mother. hosted by: fringe @ serpent mother

photo of the serpent mother by james duncan davidson

randnorm mind grenade
war is not nice. - barbara bush

randnorm pikcha

randnorm video

hunting with borat...i can't believe he gets away with this shit! *lol*

normdate 5.11.6

its official. the verdict is in, and former iraqi dictator saddam hussein has been found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to hang for the 1982 killing of 148 shia muslims in a town north of baghdad.

i really didn't know what the difference was between a shia muslim and a sunni muslim, so i decided to look it up.

the difference between shia and sunni muslims here.

the differences are not spiritual, but political: who would take over leadership of the muslims nation after the death of the prophet mohammed? sunni's believe that the new leader should be elected while the shia believe that the leadership should have passed to mohammed's cousin/son-in-law, ali.

sunni is arabic for one who follows the traditions of the prophet.

shia is arabic for a group or supportive party of people.

the distribution of muslims

as long as the world continues to play this silly game of my god can beat up your god, there will never be peace. inclusion, not exclusion, is the only way we can move forward together.

the war on terror is a war on an unknown enemy on an abstract mountain. its like a war on lust or drugs. you don't win it. what's to win? that is a false kind of question....the republicans like to say "failure is not an option", but failure is the only option, the question is what kind of failure. there is no winning it. - lewis lapham

czech out lewis lapham on the hour with george strombolopoulis here.

strombo is the man

czech out the ongoing world events thread here. imho, my homeboy dyno's commentary on the world is better than john stewart's. dyno needs his own show. he's a funny white guy ;)

i wonder if they are going to broadcast the hanging of saddam hussein on television. at least i can depend on you tube for coverage ;)

on a different note, kristin is in denver right meow with her playa honey. i was supposed to pick her up from the airport tonight, but her flight was cancelled. she's stuck in amerikkka. so i'm just bloggin before i go to bed.

last night i went out with kristin's father rob and her step mom linda to a 70's party. it was supposed to be a divorce party for one of the teachers at the alternative high school rob works at. turns out it was her 40th bday party, and contrary to what we were told, there were children at this party. its interesting to be at a party full of kids and their parents. its such a different dynamic than a party full of adults...and the party was more eighties than 70's. at least there was free booze. hoorah!

these kids weren't even born in the 80'z...maybe not even in the 90'z.

the karaoke machine provided the musical entertainment

rob and linda were still holdin on the 60'z with their outfits. hippies are timeless.

they are also the blueprint for ravers.

and we were singin...

this little angel was singin her own tunes.

our 80z knowledge was challenged with questions from the trivial pursuit totally eighties edition.

some of those questions are tough. but when in doubt, answer ronald reagan ;)

it just so happens that the 1981 bill murray comedy stripes is on tv right meow. wow, what a young cast - sean young, john candy, john larroquette, judge reinhold.

hooray side pigtails!

my cabbage patch doll had a side pigtail. her name was joanna isabelle. she had a little front tooth, blonde hair pulled into a side pigtail, and wore a pair of blue overalls. my other cabbage patch doll was named naomi elizabeth, and she had two braided pigtails.

hmmm...i wonder if my hair is long enough for a side pigtail. hold on. yup, it sure is. does this side pigtail make me look gay?

yup, it does. i'm going to bed.