Saturday, January 14, 2006

~*...the perfekt part of me...*~

normdate 1.14.06
1:59am pst

i am lying on a cot in the storage laundry room of a sweet chalet at creekside gondola road in whistler. in 6 hours i will be getting on the creekside gondola and make my way up the whistler peak with brett to make first tracks. it will be my first experience riding freshies. i'm so stoked and exploding with anticipation.

so why am i awake? i should be sleeping. well, i was sleeping until 10 minutes ago when my cel phone rang. i though it was my cel alarm that i have set for 5:30am so i can call my friend dawn and get her ass in gear to come ride with us. but this was not an alarm, it was a ring.

only one person i have come across could call me, wake me up, and within seconds turn my mood from tired and groggy to unbelievable excitement and elation. she brings out the part of me that makes me feel perfekt about myself. just the thought of her reminds me of the part of me that i love and trust most. even if it is three hours later than it is now in toronto, she's up and needed to explode my world from the other side of the country with the sound of her voice.

she called to tell me her sister (her brother's girlfriend actually), is coming to van on sunday and would love to see me before i leave for the interior next week.

holy shit the thought of this girl blows my fukking mind. she is the one whom i compare all otherz to. she has reminded me that i am perfekt, and if/when i choose to have a partner in life they will have to make me feel as goof if not better than she does, if i'm to entertain the possiblity.

i know you're reading this (both you and her). i am are there...that's what's wrong with here. but it is dumping snow outside the chalet, and i am at whistler about to rest up for my first freshie experience. soon, i will lose my freshie virginity to newly fallen gaia.

i guess even if there are things 'wrong' with here (did i just say something was wrong?), its still pretty awesome. extreme is my default setting.

thanks you for waking me up. thank you for reminding me that i am perfekt. thank you for loving me.

you fukkin rawk my world!!!

i love you


Thursday, January 12, 2006

~*...exploring vansterdam with olivia...*~

january 12, 2006
captured moment number 1.12.6

i'm sitting in cafe artigiano drinking a grande chai tea cappucino with olivia, a beautiful soul from new jersey.

having people fly in from a different country to spend a few daze with me exploring a new city is a gift.

i just ran into my friend jeff from university. he worked at john fluevog in toronto on queen street. olivia and i were looking at some shoes in the john fluevog store on granville when i hear my name called from behind me (olivia just took my pen).

jeff had finished shool in the tee dot and is now designing for john fluevog here in vancouver. i guess the "you never know who you might run into on queen street" phenormenon happens everywhere for me, even on granville.

sketchin in a cute italian caffe on is good. burning man 2006 baby...playa people. happy birthday liz.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


sunday, january 8, 2006
601 vancouver from the ladner exchange

i'm sitting on a bus heading back to vancouver from ladner, a town 3o minutes south of the city. my cousin debbie and her husband steven live in ladner with their children krysti, geoffrey, jason, and ryan. its good to see family again. i've seen debbie twice in the last six months. that's more than i've seen her in the past six years!

adam and hild dropped me off last night here in ladner. man those two have made my transition to the left coast so smooth for me. from providing me a place to stay (with internet, hoorah!), to taxiing me ass around the 604 area code, they have been a god sent (norm sent?;). if you're reading this adam and hil, fuck yeah and fuck da bullshit!

upon arriving last night to debbie's place for dinner, i was treated to some good jamaican cooking. stew peas, punkin and beef soup, pig's tail, and of course rice. my aunt, my father's sister and debbie's mom, was there with her husband cherry. it was good to be around family blood. friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

i've been blessed out here having such an incredible network of people who love me to call on. come to think of it, i've always been blessed with the best people to share my life with. there is no reason not to.

we played some dominoes, some texas hold em, and even some n64. yah, 1080 snowboarding is crap compared to ssx3, but when 1080 came out i remember freaking out at how awesome it was. aaah, the daze of nintendo cartridges and blowing on them when they wouldn't work properly.

then we watched hackers on ytv (they even left the bad words in there) before i passed out.


daam angelina jolie looked smokin back then too *rraow*

this morning i joined debbie, steve, jason, and ryan at church, more specifically catholic mass!!! i have never been to mass before, so i was fascinated by the re-enactment of traditions and rituals that create the world's largest religion.

may the peace of the lord be with you...
...and also with you.

jews say shalom (peace be with you)
muslims say aslaam alaikum (may the peace of allah be with you)
jedis say may the force be with you

same technology different brand

it's been so long since i've been to any kind of traditional church ceremony, and i've never been to catholic mass. i was fascinated by the rituals, the recitations, the out of tune singing :p really, does the priest have to sing it? i think he should stick to his day job and leave the singin to everyone else.

as a little boy stood in front of the priest balancing a bible on his head while the priedt read from it aloud, i couldn't help but think how some of the clergy have abused their position of power.

we'll just have to let the giant spider deal with those miscreants :p


it was also the day for communion.

"this is my body which is broken for you. do this in memory of me."

"this is my blood which has been shed for you. do this in memory of me."

of course i didn't partake. hey, its not my religion or custom. instead, i crossed my hands over my chest and was blessed by the priest.

god is the part of us that we believe is greater than us. we are all gods.

now its time to decide what to do with myself...head downtown and cruise around, head to adam's, head to brett's, stop by the house gallery boutique and say hello to the beautiful seamstress who owns the shop? options, options, options...wait a second, we're crossing a bridge. i guess i'm going downtown.

jeebus loves you!

thurlow and robson
red robin ~ canada's gourmet burgers and spirits

so as fate would dictate, i'm downtown in van city at possibly the only intersection in the world with two starbucks on it. i'm about to order the bleu ribbon burger and wash it down with a rickard's honey lager. just arived. my server's name is kristi. vancouver cuties are refreshing to me. maybe its the newness of it all, me being new to everyone here and me being new to them. maybe its the mountains, the ocean, or all of the above. either way, i'm lovin it.

i'm gonna see a movie after i'm done this burger. maybe the chronicles of normnia or syriana. i'll let my sister decide for me as she is the one who is paying for my movie (thanks for the free passes thail). i'm gonna call her now and see why she hasn't returned my texts. whine aren't you answering? choose your norm adventure. what movie should i see? yay, calling cards. the maximum time for my cell is 201 minutes. boo voicemail. guess i'm going to have to make my own decision *gasp* normnia it is.