Sunday, July 29, 2007

~*...the battle of alberta...*~

randnorm pikcha

source team rider riley boland at shaw millennium park

randnorm mind grenade
There is no present or future. Only the past repeating itself over and over again.
~Eugene O'Neill

randnorm video

calgary go skateboarding day 2007 - filmed and edited by james barry and brock mitchell

normdate 28.7.7

working for the source has rekindled my passion for skateboarding. being a pikcha whore, i also get to combine my passion for teknology with my passion for skateboarding...and get paid to shoot skate comps :)

in the sweltering hot sun, the skate teams of alberta's finest skate shops met on the battlefield of shaw millennium park to compete for the title of best shop team in the province.

each shop was represented by four of their best skaters who ripped up the park in two five minute sessions. the quality of skateboarders in this town is top notch, and shaw millennium park is world class...its actually the largest free outdoor skatepark in the world.

source rider devin morrison

source rider riley boland, rippin' it

best trick contest on the rail

best trick over the gap

best trick over the barricade

when the battle was finally over, the source skateboard team emerged victorious and defended the title o best skate shop team in alberta. congratulations guys.

but the battle of alberta was not over yet. i jumped on the ctrain and met up with kristin's step mom, linda (complete with kids) and step uncle, patrick, at mcmahon stadium to watch the calgary stampeders take on the bc lions.

pre game festivities were already under way in the parking lot. it was tailgate party time!

die bc!

go stamps go

normurai and antonia

there were more black people in the stands this time around

at half time i joked to linda that there were more black people at this game than the home opener. she laughed and said that it was because i was in the cheap seats. i watched the second half in the season ticket holders area, the same place we sat during the home opener, and you know what?...there were no black people in our section. linda's joke was actually true. brothers can't afford season tickets :P

i had a pretty constant flow of alcohol going since i arrived, and by the third quarter i had the desired effekt. ok, more like i was annihilated.

the calgary stampeders were also annihilated by the bc lions. next time boys.

thanks linda for the ticket to the game. thanks patrick for gettin' me smashed.

needless to say, after the game i went home and passed the fuck out! the battle of alberta had finally come to an end.