Wednesday, February 01, 2006

~*...on my way to nelson...*~

normdate 2.1.06
9:49am pst
kamloops, b.c.

i am eating a turkey bacon melt from subway and drinking a coffee at the stagecoach cafe in kamloops. my 2:20 stopover here on my way to kelowna has just gotten longer. i missed my connecting bus to kelwona because i was asleep on a bench bench here in the kamloops bus station. my suitcase and snowboard are on their way to nelson, i've got to wait for the next bus to kelowna at 12:15pm. i arrive in kelowna at 4:30pm and will have to wait until midnight for the next bus to nelson. i should arrive at my final destination at 5:10am. what an adventure.

rich and anastazia are in kelowna, actually big white. i gave stazie a call, and she's going to see if rich can get a car so they can keep me company on my 7hr kelowna stop over.

good thing i've got some acid to keep me company ;) what a trip this is turning out to be...sans beats :(

we connekted my ipod to erin's imac to see if we could transfer music to her hd. it was the first time my ipod was ever connekted to a mac, and the transfer of music didn't work. now my ipod won't play beatz properly, it just scrolls through a playlist and doesn't play anything *grrrr* no music sucks. its deafening.

om. everything is occuring perfektly at all times.

well, might as well make the most out of my waiting time eh?

what are you waiting for right meow?

i'm waiting for a bus. i'm waiting for my ankle to heal. i'm waiting for the next chapter of my life to begin. i'm waiting to take a shit. brb.

aaah...nothing like dropping the kids off at the pool followed by a few rounds of super bust-a-move. i'm thinking of you turtle and vasquez. you guys are super bust-a-move jedis.

10hrs ago i was at pete's bar in jasper surrounded by amazing people. there is an energy that flows through that town like no other energy i've experienced before. being surrounded by mountains, especially the rockies, is majikal. i was supposed to leave jasper on sunday, but the people and the energy there kept me in town a few daze longer. i've left a mark on that town, and it has forever changed me. its comforting to know that if things don't work out for me in nelson, i can go back to jasper and teach snowboarding at marmot (thanks pascal, you fukkin rool dood!).

leaving erin was the most difficult thing i had to do in jasper. she blows my mind and challenges me to thinkg differently and be a better person. she is brillian, outgoing, confident, and daam good lookin too...yah, she brings out those qualities in me. i knew from the first moment we met last july that she was tuned into the force, a powerful jedi. every moment i spend with her simply confirms my initial thoughtz.

erin, you trigger in the me the honest, loving, and forgiving part of my personality. i love you.

elsbeth, you remind me what its like to feel perfekt about myself. i love you.

christina, you are the song i've always wanted to sing. i think i'm going to call you right now and tell you that.

wow, just the sound of her voice brings me comfort. i am never alone as long as i am surrounded by people who love me.

i am loved.

i am love.

i love me.

we come to love not by finding a perfekt person, but by learning to see an imperfekt person perfektly.

same same but different. old text messages are bringin me comfort right meow.

"thank you for loving me. thank you for taking care of my heart. thank you for believing in me, and believing in humanity. thank you for making me a better person, and for making me want to be a better person. it feels good to be loved." - erin

"barf!" - mel

"u is neva online anymore...i meeeeesssss yoooooooou!" - elsbeth

"hi babe...not sure that you still have this number...hope you are well :) you are MISSED my dear!! big love and vibes 2u." - dani

"you're the song i've always wanted to sing...xox." - christina

i smell weed. i wish i had some.

"you can achieve the same level of awareness through a lifetime of yoga and meditation, or you can take the shortcu t and do acid." - rich

salmon arm, b.c.

just another stop on my way to my destination. where am i heading? out there...and in here.

well, at least the journey is fascinating.

this hat brings out the majikal properties in me and the world around me. thanks grant, i missed my rice hat and i'm glad to have a new one.

"any man who wears a hat like that isn't afraid of anyone." - jayne

vernon, b.c.

this is where scott chisholm of advanced safety management lives (

writing things down give thoughts shape.

i own this thought.

the same prana flows through all of us, its what we do with it that makes us different.

what a boring world it would be if everyone agreed on everything.

writing down a thought, giving it shape through words, gives you ownership of that feeling.

"wherever you go in this world, give em shit!" - lady at tatlow's

kelowna, b.c.

i'm sitting in the kelowna greyhound station. my connekting bus to nelson leaves in 7hrs. well, seeing as this is the town i was going to possible call home, i guess i should take the next few hours and explore it.

where am i?
kelwona, greyhound bus station.

why am i here?
killing 7hrs of layover time.

when am i leaving?
midnight bus to nelson.

who do i know here?
rich and stazie...but they can't make it to town from big white. banafshe, sandra's friend. thanks sandy, your friends are my friends.

what do i want to do next?
find an internet cafe and post this blog entry.

normdate 2.2.06
nelson, b.c.

i am sitting at the computer terminal at the dancing bear inn in nelson. i finally made it. my 28hour journey from jasper has finally come to an end. my room isn't ready yet, so i'm chillin in the front lobby...posting this blog entry.

my casi level 1 course begins tomorrow at whitewater. a new town awaits me. a new community awaits. the world awaits.

the force is powerful here.

and so the next chapter of my life begins...