Saturday, May 13, 2006

~*...beltane full moon and fire...*~

randnorm friday event in black rock city 2005

fags over 4-tea

fags over 40 and their friends, join us for an afternoon tea social. enjoy cooling refreshments and fun & games with other grownups. younger friends welcome, especially if they're willing to serve those cooling refreshments. hosted by comfort & joy @ 7:30 and ego

photo by steve schwartz

randnorm mind grenade
obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.
– henry ford.

randnorm pikcha

there's no place like om

normdate 5.12.6

today's cloudy weather and rain was the reason for the cancellation of tonight's beltane full moon celebrations at taghum beach. rain doesn't make for the best beach weather, and you can't really see the moon through clouds.

but as we all know the universe can surprise you. by 6pm the cloud dragons had retreated leaving behind the fire of sunshine. the celebrations were back on.

jim had decided to stay another night in town, so he came to pick me up and we headed to taghum beach (about 10mins outside of nelson).

the sun was just setting when we arrived. there was a sacred circle created around a fire with four directions/four elements represented by a woman sitting in a chair and a man standing behind her.

there was a belly dancing troop of goddesses dancing around the fire in celebration of beltane and the coming full moon.

the rhythm was provided by two drums, a didgeridoo, and the voice of the siren jemma luna.

there is something majikal, entrancing, and down right sexxy watching goddesses shake their bellies to rhythm. the roots of exotic dance.

as the sun disappeared behind the mountains, so did the warmth that it brought. the fire was the only source of heat, and we all moved closer to its burning flames.

to make the flames burn higher, we need another log for the fire.

surrounding the fire, the goddess flora led us on our journey to the temple of song. we chanted, we sang, we harmonized.

as we warmed our bodies and souls by the fire in celebration of bletane and the full moon, a beautiful japanese goddess named yukiko (hi will) approaced me and said that she had seen my blog while searching for information on crystal creek. she had tried to leave a comment but did not have a blogger username and password. aren't there anonymous posts allowed?

i told her that i much prefer lookin in the eyes of the person leaving me a comment, and thanked her for introducing herself. whoah...i guess my blog reaches more people than i think. if you're reading this yukiko, thank you for introducing yourself to me. it was good to meet you.

searching nelson+crystal+creek on google brings up my profile on the second page, more specifically an excerpt from a blog entry.

it was time for robin and i to heat things up on the beach. our fire poi had been soaking in fuel for a few minutes and were ready to burn. its so good to be around skilled fire spinners, to see them attack the sky with movements and fire, and learn from them.

my repetoire of poi movements is still limited, but i've learned to connect them and be comfortable enough with those movements to not set myself on fire. after getting some tips from rob, he told me that i look more like a staff spinner. i do love staff, almost more than poi. i just love spinning.

tara, the beautiful soul i met the week before at the valhalla, showed up at the beach. the chanting and belly dancing were done, but there were still a few of us warming ourselves by the fire and playing frisbee. i'm glad that the frisbee i still have left is one that lights up at night. darkness is no longer an obstacle for tossing a disc. genius!

my friend rachel showed up and shared her fears with us around the fire. she lives about a 5minute drive from taghum beach in a beautiful solar powered cabin. problem is, there is a bear that seems to like hanging around her place too. she's made sure that there is no garbage or food left outside, but the bear continues to hang out on her porch, sratching at the door even. being there all alone with a bear outside makes it hard for her to relax. so she was heading into nelson to stay at a friend's place and decided to stop by the beach on the way. fukkin bears!

it was almost midnight, so i said my goodbyes and jim drove me home. tara, i'm glad i got to see you before you leave for vancouver. rachel, beware of bears.

i arrived home to the overwhelming smell of smoke, most likely from a burnt pot on the stove. i noticed my roommate in his room watchin tv with headphones on. he's left a pot on the stove a few times before, which set off the fire alarm, so the smell isn't all that new to me here...but the eviction notice on the front door sure was. it read:

10:05 pm smoke detecotr was ringing in apt. tenant could not be roused with banging on door - entered suite found pot burning on stove - tenant semi conscious. landlord called the ambulance who discovered mr.newson had 10oz vodka + meds. mr.newson was taken to the hospital to get checked out. the window and hallway fans were opened and started to rid the suite and hallway of smoke.

whoah! good thing no one was hurt...and i'm outta here in june. my roommate is a peculiar one...and lucky to be alive.


Friday, May 12, 2006

~*...saying goodbye...*~

randnorm thursday event in black rock city 2005

latenight flashflight

the new moon is beggin for some illuminated aiorborne entertainment. join us for a game of extra-trippy throw and catch of glowie flying discs. hosted by: scooter & sparky @n40 45.275/w119 13.928 (exactly 1/4mile due-east of the man)

photo by amazon

randnorm mind grenade
we must do all we can do without destroying our ability to keep doing it
- anonymous

randnorm pikcha

normdate 5.11.6

when the hippie elder hot white feather came to the food cupboard today, i asked him how he was doing. his response was "supreme ultimate!" well, never heard a response like that before. he then shared with me an ancient thai movement where you and the universe are in supreme ultimate synch. he said that the movement is all about the principle behind it. i offered up the word "intent" as an alternative to "principle". he enjoyed that substitution and said "aaah, who really is the master here?". we are both masters. we are both students.

i headed to the dancing bear to hook up with anke and jonas. yah, i really like spending time with those two. it is jonas' last day here so i wanted to spend as much time with him as possible before he leaves for vancouver. his flight back to sweden leaves on tuesday.

jonas wanted my opinion on a pair of sunglasses he was thinking of purchasing. i thought he look fabulous in them. anke agreed. he bought em.

lookin slick brother...lookin slick!

we grabbed a pitcher of beer at the royal and played some free pool. free pool roolz! so do local dykes with false teeth...;)

jonas wanted a keepsake from nelson to bring home with him. i suggested the dvd that was filmed here at whitewater called sinners. what better way to show his friends what he did all winter than a video filmed exclusively at whitewater?

we went searching for it, but no store on baker street had it. we even went to the whitewater downtown office, but they were closed. too little too late i guess :( but hey, we had a great season together and the memories will be much more vivid than watching someone else in a movie. knowing we spent the best winter of our lives together made us happy.

jonas bought a frisbee as a gift to anke, and then asked if there was anything i needed. i needed a new scrapbook as the one i started new years is full. i am now the proud owner of a beautiful red scrapbook. thank you jonas. i will think of you every time i pull out my book.

on the way back to the dancing bear, i stopped an took a pikcha of a sign in the window of the kootenay exchange.

als is the disease my father died from. i've learned that there is an unusually high frequency of this disease here in the kutenais...another reason why this place is such an anormaly in the world.

i made some spicy tofu for dinner at the dancing bear and shared it with anke who was working the front desk. jonas is on a diet of mung beans *teehee* as we ate, i met a guy named jim. turns out jim is from toronto, yonge and eglinton area. he was working in b.c. and then got a new job in toronto. he was on his drive back to ontario and picked up a hitchiker who was going to now he's here in town.

we watched a movie on jonas computer called the transporter while we waited for anke to finish her shift. we then went across the street tot he rez avoir for jonas' last drink in nelson. we invited jim with us, and he was glad to join us.

its good to be in the presence of someone who has seen and experienced the incredible love that is in toronto. too often i find myself defending the city to people out here. great meeting you jim. perhaps we can convince you to stay in town for a bit longer...this place fukkin roolz!

nice ink on ya too, jim.

the beatz were pretty loud at the rez, but it was hip hop so i didn't really mind. i was just happy to spend time with jonas before he left. jonas, thanks for pushing me past my limits on the hill, for taking me to new and incredible places on top of mountains, for driving my ass to the mountain so many times, for chillin with me, spinning poi with me, sponsoring me, tossing a frisbee with me, feeding me, sharing wisdom with me, randomly gifting me, and for being my friend. i will never forget jonas. be relentless in the pursuit of yourself.

jonas' bus leaves at 8:30am tomorrow morning, so we cut our last night of drinking short. i love you brother. the force is always with you.

today i also had to say goodbye to a family member. my uncle tom (married to my mother's sister jean) died in his home in florida today at 5:30pm. he was sick for a long time, so his death is not a surprise. it doesn't make his passing any easier though. he is now free from suffering, and that is cause for celebration. love and blessings to you aunt jean. my thoughts are with you.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

~* and first tracks in may...*~

randnorm tuesday event in black rock city

fallopian tube swim team

an evening of frolicking, swimming from vagina to vagina, fertilizing parties, and jizzing people(?!?). the first 50 people get a ftst uniform to decorate. cum dressed in white. the team leaves at 6:30pm. hosted by: f.u.c.k. camp @ fetish and 5:20

randnorm mind grenade
i'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.
- tom waits

randnorm pikcha

normdate 5.9.6

last night my friend bethany arrived in town from penticton with her partner jeff. nelson is their new home. they came by my place to pick me up and we headed down to cottonwood falls to spin fire...bethany had brought me my first set of fire poi. i was so excited to spin.

bethany, myself, and chantal at dark rave in toronto

we stopped by mckayla's place first and grabbed some fuel. mckayla's father ivan was visiting, and i was honoured to meet the man who sired such a radiant fire goddess as mckayla. after introducing myself, i shared with ivan the hopi shaman greeting taught to me by hot white feather. ivan smiled and said that, while familiar with the greeting, this was the first time someone had greeted him in such an intimate way.

excited by the possibility of spinning fire, mckayla left her father at home and joined us at cottonwood falls. she brought her fire staff with her. fire is an addiktion, for those who know how to wield it.

goddam fire is sexxy to watch...and even sexxier to wield. just hearing it burn around you is a rush. these are the first pix of me spinning fire, and with my new fire poi!

bethany joined us with her fire poi: three fire pixies dancing with fire is a beautiful sight.

bethany also had some l.e.d. poi, so anke was able to spin with us without the possiblity of setting herself on fire. setting yourself on fire sucks.

welcome to nelson bethany and jeff. and thank you for bringing me my first set of fire poi. they will be loved dearly.

anke and jonas picked my up this morning bright and early. it was a beautiful spring day, the sun shining brightly. it was a perfekt day to go riding! the 20minute drive to whitewater was full of excitement and anticipation. three snow addiktz in a car heading to the mountain to make fresh tracks in may...awesome.

who closes a ski hill with that much snow left? zero bare spots, tonnes of snow, and just us.

as we geared up, another group of snow addikts parked beside us and suited up for a gorgeous day of hiking and fresh tracks. we didn't mind sharing the mountains with three other enthusiasts.

we hiked up bonanza on the summit side. i love this run, when i come down it. going up it is another story. good thing i had my ipod with me pumpin out some beatz. the fort knox five's latest mix kept me company as i trekked up the mountain in the bright and warm may sunshine. this mix is perhaps the best mix of all time..seriously. i know, that's a pretty big it and see for yourself. it owns!

jonas offered to carry my backpack and snowboard. he said he could use the workout. i wasn't going to complain. less weight on my back makes the hike up much easier. snowshoes are great, but you're still walking up a mountain. skins and skiis are the much better option.

holy shit walking up a mountain covered in snow is a challenge, but after a season of walking up mountains i was happy to have the strength and endurance to meet the challenge. and when you've got untouched snow as your reward, the hike is worth it.

almost there...

tired and exhausted, jonas and i decided to take a rest at the peak while anke made a run.

randnorm snippet from the top of a mountain...11:26am

right meow i am sitting at the top of motherlode looking out at the joker line. anke is 50ft below me hiking up.

jomas and i decided to sit out the first run and chill up here on the mountain. the sun is shining so brightly, radiating light and warmth as it burns incessantly at the center of our galaxy.

i wonder if we're the first ones to throw a frisbee up here? meh, its fun either way.

i'm suntanning on top of a mountain in may, preparing to ride down in shorts and a t-shirt. there are always fresh tracks to be made here at whitewater, if you're willing to walk to it. as i stop, take a breath and look around me, life ain't so bad right meow.

it took us an hour to hike up here. this mountain feels like its is ours. there is no one else around. who knows where the other three people are. right meow, its just us.

i decided to toss the frisbee as far as i could down the hill. the drop in elevation helped it fly super far...about 200m! then it slid down the hill another 300m. i'm going to pick up the disc on my way down.

i think i'm going to hit this jump over there. yah, i'm totally going to hit it. but first i'm going to spin some poi.

hello! (hello! hello!)
that's my echo

everything ain't better when you're livin in the city.

let's ride.

there's no high like fresh tacks. the snow was spring like, so sticky and not very fast. but that didn't matter, we were making fresh tracks in may! its better than sex...but only by a little bit.

now the shitty part. being the stoners we are, finding a white frisbee on white snow proved to be a bit more difficult that we thought. needless to say, my frisbee is gone :( so much for my toronto ultimate club disc. we've had some good times together frisbee. i miss you :( at least your last throw was fukkin epic!

we hiked back up to the top of the summit side for our last run down bonanza. i was a bit upset about my frisbee going awol...ok, i was more than upset. hey, what can you do?

crusing down bonanza, i was able to hit three jumps. i love the feeling of being in the air. it makes me feel like a bird, if only for a few brief seconds. when i'm in control of myself in the air, i can grab my board and tweak out airs...japan airs being my favourite.

i cruised through the trees over to motherlode to make a last attempt at finding my frisbee. i wasn't successful :( but i did make two runs in may on a snow covered mountain, so all was not lost.

anke made it all better by taking her top off, posing on top of her car and letting me take a pik. i love you anke. nice tits :p

still riding the high from her three runs, anke decided to leave even more tracks in the parking lot.

germans are kraaaaazy! gawd i love em.

within 20minutes we were sitting on the redfish grill patio on baker street enjoying an apres riding beverage. i was still in my snowpants and boots (put on my pants for my second run as it was gettin a bit chillier). people were lookin at me funny as i was a bit overdressed for the warm spring sun that was blessing downtown nelson. meh, i expect people to look at me funny...i ain't your average dude \m/^_^\m/

it sure does feel like spring in this little town...

we made a quick stop at the dancing bear to pick up anke's car...had to take a pikcha of the time ;)

spring time riding fukkin roolz! thanks anke and jonas. we're fukkin hardcore!