Monday, July 16, 2007

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"Love all men as God, even if they hurt or shame you. Be like Gandhi and Christ." - Sri Neem Karoli Baba

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kinda tugs at your heart this video does...

normdate 14.7.7

after a delicious breakfast, graham and i joined the masses of harry potter fans and went to see the order of the phoenix.

we had wanted to see it in imax, but we were kind of on jamaican time and missed it. that's alright, the movie was still epic on a regular sized movie screen. these movies keep on getting better and better with each new chapter, and definitely darker.

join dumbledore's army here. EXPELLIARMUS!!

these kids sure have grown up since the first movie

fully satisfied from our harry potter feast of magic and imagination, graham and i enjoyed a bbq at our friend todd's place. todd grew up in markham with graham and i. our friend jimmy simpson, who also grew up with us in markham, was visiting calgary and stayin' with todd. add fred to the mix, and you've got yourself a good 'ol markham reunion.

jimmy and graham

our bbq chef, el skoby

being around that many old markham faces was a breath of fresh air for me. it reminded me of where i've come from, and how blessed i am to still have these friends in my life.

but the highlight of my weekend would come the next day...graham and i played our first game of ultimate frisbee together since 2005. yeah, its been two years since we played a full game together, which is an eternity for us frisbee addiktz.

normdate 15.7.7

randnorm lamborghini we saw on our way to the field.

you don't know how excited i was to play frisbee with graham. he was my disc tossing partner in toronto. we played in a toronto league for two years, and i can't count how many evenings we spent at trinity bellwoods park just tossing a frisbee around. yes, both of us are quite passionate about ultimate.

this was also the first time graham would play a full game in two years. he was prepared for his body to be one big bag of hurt after, and even during, but it would be worth it.

playing ultimate with my usual sunday krew is always fun, but playingwith graham made it amazing! most definitely one of the highlights of my summer so far. actually, every time graham comes to town we have the best time...but he's done with alberta and will be moving back to toronto in august. seeing me kicks ass, but i'm not enough to keep him in this province. we have such amazing friends back home, so i understand why he made the choice. i'm going to miss you graham!

showered and smellin' fresh after an intense game of ultimate, graham and i hooked up with our friend amy downtown. amy was visiting from toronto as well (seems like lots of people roll through this town).

as if our bodies weren't hurting enough after our ultimate game, we took amy to tubby dog for dinner. yeah, eating a 1/3lb hotdog takes a lot of energy to consume, and leaves you very exhausted after. so good!

fred, stacie-rae, todd, tara, and jimmy joined us as well. jimmy needed his tubby dog cherry popped. its a must for all who come to calgary. you have never eaten anything like this before.

it was definitely nap time after tubby dog. graham went back to edmonton, amy back to her hotel, and the rest of us markhamites ended up at todd's house to recover from our tubby dog experience.

what an awesome weekend filled with old friends, gigantic hot dogs, and 175grams of disc tossin goodness.

fuck yeah!