Friday, October 26, 2007

~*...aprés burn...*~

randnorm daily event in black rock city 2007

Punani Trim Parlor


We'll be open from noon til 5pm Mon-Fri. Come by to be pampered and play in our gong and chime garden. All services are provided with respect and permission, fun and laughter, but it is an adult activity. The Greenman thanks you for 7 wonderfilled years. A receptionist is available to make your reservation. Please come early as we are usually booked by Weds.

Hosted by Punani Trim Parlor at 4:15 and Desert

the 'R cube is 10ft tall. the middle 'E' cube is 6inches tall.
photo by tristan savtier

randnorm mind grenade
What we see depends mainly on what we look for. ~John Lubbock

randnorm video

it seems that recovering from the burn takes its toll not only on my body, my awareness, and my life, but also my blog. these are the remembered highlights of my life for september 2007.

normdate 8.9.7

you know that beautiful older home that you see and think "oh man the creative things i would do if i owned that home"? well, my friends taco and lara live in a home like that, and when you enter it, you discover that they've already done the things you wished you could do with their home. it is simply beautiful, just like they are, and i was blessed to call their home my home for the month of september while they took their time returning from the burn.

their home is located in the queen street part of calgary. having access to all of the amenities of 17th ave, i knew i had to return to that hood and call it home.

their neighbours home is a piece of art. can you believe that their neighbours have never been to burning man?

i am unbelievably thankful for having taco and lara in my life. they are such a beautiful, caring, and loving couple. thank you guys for opening up your home to me, for providing me a place to stay. without you, my burn would not have been possible. i am forever grateful to you for the kindness you showed to me. thank you.

normdate 22.9.7

rob invited me to another calgary stampeders game. it also turned out that my friends jason and chrissy also had tickets to the game. it was about to turn into one of those saturday afternoons.

they say the largest city in saskatchewan is calgary, and its never more true than when the riders play the stamps. waiting for the train i was not swimming in a sea of red as per the norm when the stamps play, instead it was a sea of green.

saskatchewan fans have some peculiar traditions when the rough riders play, more specifically the use of watermelons as head ornaments.

its safe to sat that saskatchewan residents were the first to catch wind of the oil and gas boom in calgary...and chase it.

it felt like a christmas tree at mcmahon stadium.

tailgating can really kick the shit out of you. i'm still amazed that the law lets us drink beer openly in a parking lot. as long as your beer is in a cup, you're good. plus, they don't search you at the gate so you can bring in a couple traveller beers in your pocket and avoid the $5.50 concession beers.

red is best

before the game, we had polished off a two four of kokanee. we refueled with 30 more at halftime. let's just say that the second half of the game was kind of a blur.

by the time the game was over, the riders beat the stamps, and i was fukkin shmammered and couldn't give a shit who won. what a way to spend a saturday afternoon....par for the course at a stampeders game.

it was great gettin' hammered with you chrissy and jay

i stumbled back to dae's place after the game. skateboarding while drunk is sort of a challenge.

i immediately passed out at dae's place and woke up four hours later by a phone call. i had made plans with a beautiful goddess that evening. we met up, but unfortunately i was hung over and ill from an afternoon of drinking. let's just say that throwing up out the side of a car isn't really the best way to impress a girl. we haven't spoken since. oops.

normdate 23.9.7

a pair of sacred armbands designed by my friend scotty were supposed to make their way to me at the burn. scotty and i had designed them over a year ago. he spent the summer crafting them. i was hoping to wield their power at the burn. scotty sent them down to the burn with a friend of his. our paths never crossed. that was my only disappointment at burning man.

i had them ups'd to my office and was so unbelievably excited to wear them. they were made for me. they were made from curves from my body, from my scrapook. they were made with love. the attract energy. they were made with love, and are as unique as i am.

the black stone is obsidian.

blessings to you jedi master scotty hunter for creating such powerful and beautiful sacred garments for me. to contact scotty, please visit his tribe profile here

my friend jessie q was having an intentional gathering at her place in celebration of her newly completed healing space. jessie q is a powerful young jedi, skilled in the art of shiatsu. she surrounds herself with wise, activated, and beautiful souls. i am honoured to be one of them.

sharing the power of my sacred garments

the power of contact

two jedis

blissings to you jessie q. i wish you nothing but joy and success with your healing space.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

~*...pre burn 2k7...*~

randnorm monday event in black rock city 2007
Spatch's Naked Masage Parlor

Give a massage, get a massage!

At Spatch’s sinfully delicious Naked Massage Parlor, located in the Pleasure Garden, pairs are welcome to relax in their most natural state. Spatch and her minions will guide each couple through multi-handed massage so that both partners can learn new massage techniques together and enjoy the benefits of being touched in a safe, friendly environment.

Sign ups begin each morning, so come by early to add your names to the list. The Massage Parlor will open around lunchtime.
Adult pairs only -- must be 18+ to enter and participate.
All boundaries are respected, but please be comfortable with full nudity.
This is NOT a sex party.
No creepy single men or spectators allowed.
This is a no-camera event.

Hosted by Pleasure Garden

photo by scott london

randnorm pikcha

randnorm mind grenade
You are not here merely to make a living. You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, and with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world. You impoverish yourself if you forget this errand. ~ Woodrow Wilson, 28th president of US (1856 - 1924)

randnorm video

freestyle fire poi

normdate: long time after the memories i'm trying to remember

finding a balance between recording my life through words and pikchaz here in my blog and actually living my life has been a difficult challenge. its very similar to my skrapbooks. bringing out my book and asking someone to write in it takes the focus away from the moment and onto my scrapbook. kind of like taking a photo, our attempt at trying to capture a moment, freezeframing it so we can revisit it at a later time. in our haste to capture that moment, we take something away from it. the best part of the moment is to be there in the moment.

its been almost two months since my last blog entry. so much has happened to me. my life has been made infinitely brighter. i am more aware. i am more creative. i am loved more than i was before. i love more than i did before. from burning man to brennan and bev's wedding, my life has been a roller coaster of love, imagination, and creativity that i've had no time to sit down and record it, remember it. thank god i take pikchaz of everything;) plus, thanks to facebook, my attention has been diverted. perhaps there is more of an audience there than here. but it doesn't mean i'm going to let this blog die...

so i'm going to condense the last two months of my life into three parts...pre burning man, the burn (which will come in separate parts), and apres burn.

this is me remembering who i was and what i did before burning man. enjoy the ride.

normdate 14.8.7

i agreed to babysit kristin's younger brothers while linda and kristin's sister, toni, went to the hilary duff concert. they had the meet and greet tickets which meant they got to meet hilary duff before the concert, then enjoy the show from front row center! seeing as i couldn't just give toni my scrapbook to have hilary sign, i pulled out my calligraphy pen and wrote a little something to be autographed.

toni asked me "do you like hilary duff?"

i answered "not because of her music." ;)

i also got a signed photo of hilary too. hooray!

turns out that ms.duff's successes are bigger than she is. actually, she's kinda tiny...

don't know why i wasted blog time on hilary duff. maybe i'm just stoked to have her autograph. i also wouldn't kick her out of my bedroom for eating crackers.

sunday ultimate krew!

god i love playing ultimate!

carving my new staff for the burn. more like recreating the design of my old staff onto a new one.

playing dress up at work in the ronin jumpsuit. you'd be surprised how well this full piece outfit sells.

my friend daiva was having a pre burn party here in the cspot, one week before burning man. one of the best parts of burning man is the explosion of creativity that happens inside of you.

i was never really one for fun fur, even in my raving days...but the burn kind of turned me on to the joy of fur! its amazing what you can create with fun fur, a sewing machine, and a healthy sprinkling of imagination. this outfit was the result.

captain q and kale

kale and her partner hitoshi also tuned into the creativity of the burn and crafted a pair of yip yip costumes.

just in case you forgot what a yip yip is, here's a little youtube reminder.

furvert, kale and kane

daiva's party was a perfekt way to start tuning into the radical creative energy of the burn. radical self expression, creativity, and imagination...and some fukkin kewl peeps to celebrate it with. this town is a whole lot of alright.

of course there was fire

kale had decided to take her life in a new and amazing direction by moving to vancouver to live with her partner, hitoshi. it was time for a new chapter in her life, and mine too. the week before the burn was the last week i would call edgemont my home. my next home would be black rock city.

goodbye kale. i love you. thank you for everything.

goodbye gramma. goodbye bruce.

goodbye kuma. you truly are the greatest dog in the universe.

i wish you nothing but joy and happiness in your life together.

the week before burning man is such a blur. there is so much planning involved to survive in the desert for a week. it really is the most harsh of environments, and we are going to live there for a week.

my work was also having their annual park sale. we're talkin huge! get rid of all of last year's winter stock at ridiculous prices. it also takes an insane amount of set up and preparation. i worked two 15hour days in a row getting the park ready for the sale...and getting myself ready for burning man. plus, i was moving out of my home in edgemont so i had to pack up everything i owned and move it before i left for the burn.

my hard work setting up for the sale was rewarded with a jacket gifted to my from my boss. it was the forum slapaho reversible jacket. pure playa wear. i could not wait to wear it at home.

it was time to say goodbye to my home of one year, and journey to my new place of residence in the black rock desert.

black rock city or bust!