Thursday, May 03, 2007

~*...april ketchup...*~

my life since the recomp captured in w3rdz and pikchaz!

normdate 13.4.7

my playa grande glow fur jacket arrived. hooray!

dude, the shit fukkin glows! and not just glow in the dark, battery operated glow!

wearing a full faux fur coat is nothin' short of P1MP. its also ridiculously hot inside a club. a small price to pay to be a pimp!

czech and jelo were playing at the warehouse. gettin' ready at zack's place.

yay glow bunny earz! BUNNY!

don't know what you heard about me...

goddesses kale and q

zack and kale

the world is better with fur

we got to the warehouse during czech's set. the place was bumpin!

ran into my friend bitchass there. yah, that's his online nick.

my friend seksi anna *drool*

warehouse goddesses

everyone can be a pimp...all you need is a playa grande glowfur jacket!

i've been a czech head for over a decade. he's the reason i got into electronic music, and still one of my fav djz. he was however kind of a dick to me at the warehouse. he said i looked creepy. i guess he didn't like the fur. oh well, can't please everyone.

normurai sammich!

then my homeboy josh aka jelo took the decks. it was good to see a familiar big smoke face in the cspot. josh is a showman, and his presence behind the decks is often as lively as the music he spins.

seksi anna and daezed

it was great seeing you josh. thanks for the beatz and the hookup!

normdate 14.4.7

i spent the day with captain q exploring the beauty of big springs hill in the foothills of the rocky mountains.

tuning into the prana of big springs hill

beautiful views

the flow of the winter snow melting

mushy green moss feels so squishy

canada has the most incredible outdoor playground.

i had an incredible time with you q. we should do it again real soon.

normdate 17.4.7

my boss mark and his partner brandi just had a baby boy named jeremy. this was his first introduction at the office.

randnorm custom license plate. yes, i have a good collektion of pikchaz of custom plates on my hd. they are so unique, so personal.

my homeboy steve was visiting from toronto. i love it when his work sends him to calgary. its good to spend time with good friends from home. we hooked up with our friend from university, dave, who lives just north of calgary with his wife and daughter.

egg seat at hotel arts

randnormly ran into my friend fiona from toronto at steve's hotel. it was the first time anyone actually said to me "i was looking at pix of you on facebook". it really is crackbook!

jesus is a shepherd too!

steve and i decided to skip out on hearing broken toyz play at morgans, and instead went to the bamboo for dub at the pub (which was right across the street from his hotel). the music wasn't that good, the mixing was non existant, and there was a large contingent of wannabe gangstaz there. meh, i was with a good friend and having randnorm cuties grab me to take a pikcha with them is always a good thing ;)

normdate 18.4.7

i met up with steve after work and we headed north to airdrie for dinner at dave and sam's place.

sam and dave's daughter avery recently celebrated her first birthday. she is such a cute and well behaved child...perhaps cause sam is a jedi baby whisperer.

avery is so punk

the apple does not fall far from the tree

having a delicious home cooked meal is always good for the soul...and gettin drunk mid week with good friends makes it even better. thanks for opening up your home to us sam and dave.

normdate 19.4.7

this is what my boss drives to work.

this is what my other boss drives to work

they use lots of gas ;)

my hombeboy graham came into town from edmonton. it seems like he spends a lot of time in this town, which is alright by me. graham, steve, and i spent the night groovin to funky beatz at my friend pete's club hifi. put this jacket on anyone, and they immediately become a pimp!

go flames go!

this girl takes the calgary flames very seriously...

i enjoyed my ride on the flames bandwagon...but i'm still a leafs fan at heart.

this jacket really does make you the center of attention. hey, if it comes with cute girls who am i to complain?

thanks for hookin us up pete. you fukkin rool man!

normdate 20.4.7

happy 4:20 4/20. its stoner's new year! i spent the day working, then graham came and picked me up just before 4:20. we headed to the dirt bike course in the southeast to celebrate. unfortunately, it was pure calgary weather...col, windy, and snowing. quite a contrast to where i spent 4/20 last year.

4/20 revealed

cold and lifted, graham and i spent the rest of the evening warm and playing video games. i love playing vids with graham. he is a breath of fresh air or me here in the cspot, a comforting reminder of the amazing friends we both left back in the big smoke.

happy 4/20 graham. sooo stoked to share it with you.

normdate 21.4.7

dude, i nearly fukkin died today. seriously.

graham left early in the morning and i hooked up with my friend kevin for a day of snowboarding at lake louise. it had snowed 12cm the night before and we were blessed with pure bluebird skies! perfekt end of april conditions at the lake.

if only these tracks were mine. the joy of freshies *sigh*

we ran into my friend lorne and his krew in the parking lot. after taking the ganjala to the top, we shred our way over to the larch chair and ducked our way out of bounds for some fresh untracked goodness.

go flames go

after a short hike (i miss hiking to fresh), we arrived at what was perhaps the best natural jump i had seen all season. a perfekt drop to fresh pow. it was beautiful.

powder the day after 4/20 *sigh* lake louise has more than impressed me this season.

our krew

the jump was so good, we had hit it again. it really was the best natural jump i've hit all season.

we decided to take a little break. good thing we were rollin' with lorne and his krew, cause they took us to that spot. every resort has at least one. you know, that spot on the mountain where the staff go to chill? it was not on a run, so we had to cruise through some trees to get there...but it was worth it.

yes, our spot came complete with lingerie!

and upside down goddess

there also happened to be the perfekt tree to ride

gettin 50-50 stylee on the tree

shreddin goddesses *drool*

have i mentioned how majestic, ancient, and beautiful the rockies are?

mountains make me smile

little drops into powder on the way down

the flames game was about to start, so lorne and krew headed into the lodge to grab a table. so i decided to take kevin to the west bowl, the best peak to base run i have ever had the pleasure of riding. i rode it in march with my friend sam, and it was the best run of my life. i couldn't wait to share the experience with kevin.

we had to take a gondola, quad, and a poma to get to the peak of whitehorn mountain where the west bowl begins. the snow was almost as beautiful as the view.

we hiked up just a little more so that we really were at the highest peak of the west bowl. we wanted the full peak to base experience.

the view from the peak of whitehorn mountain, 2637m above sea level.

stoked for the ride down

these guys also knew that the best snow is always at the top

me before the gnarliest run of my life

fresh tracks on whitehorn. booya!

the westbowl is just out of bounds on the other side of the fence of whitehorn mountain. the powder was great! a bit heavy, but plentiful. knowledge is powder!

then more powdery fresh tracks through beautifully spread apart trees.

and then we faced something we hadn't accounted for...

we stood looking over a line of cliffs about 20feet high with no snow on them! kevin and i were dumbfounded. how the fuck do we get down? the thought of taking our boards off and jumping was not an option...there was no snow to jump into, only rocks! and i wasn't about to jump 20feet down into rocks.

we unbuckled from out boards and started hiking back up, searching for another way down. the hike was steep and falling would mean we'd slide off a cliff. sketchy.

we found a chhute that had some snow on it, but it was a bit too narrow to ride down. so we attempted to walk down it with our boards. not the smartest of moves. i totally bailed, my board went ripping down the chute with me right behind it. with no control over my fast descent, i thought to myself "this is it! i'm done!". the universe was smiling on me that day, and i missed all of the rocks on the way down and ended up in a pile of snow. my friend kevin wasn't so lucky. he bailed and ended up skidding across a field of rocks before coming to a complete stop.

dude, that was the fukkin sketchiest and scariest moment i've ever experienced in my 17 years of snowboarding. i really thought i was going to hit rocks and die...and shit wasn't over yet.

the ride out of the west bowl is a 10 minute narrow ass run through dense trees. being the end of april, the run was full of bare spots and ice.

bumpy, icy, sketchy...i've never clipped more trees before in my life, and ate it more times than i have fingers to count. it took us over 20minutes to ride out that run, and we were beat up by the time we emerged from the trees.

we were so glad to have made it out alive. it was hands down the sketchiest and most gnarly run we had ever done. the west bowl during peak season = awesome! the west bowl at the end of the season = savage!

that run may have beat the shit out of us, but we lived to tell the tale. needless to say, our day on the slopes was done after that fiasco. we hooked up with lorne and krew to savour a well earned beer and watch the flames get spanked by the red wings.

the mountains are huge, wise, and always in control. our super sketchy run reminded us of that. never take the mountains for granted. i am thankful we walked away from that run.

staying awake on the two hour drive home was a challenge. my body had been pushed and beaten up, and it felt great. but my saturday was not over yet. i took a quick 2 hour nap when i reached home, and then got dolled up for a night out.

i stopped at hifi club to hear lorne spin some sexxxy ass house beatz. this boy has skillz!

after a drink and some beatz, i dashed over to the royal canadian legion where my homeboy tyson and the music first krew were having a party. well, a little bit more than just a party...lorin bassnectar was playing, and this town loses its shit when he's here.

i ran ino so many familiar faces at this party, including friends from nelson!

and just when i thought comin' from nelson for this party was a trek, i ran into my blessed jedisistar lindzee who hitched to calgary all the way from the sunshine coast!!!

lindzee is one of the most beautiful creatures i have ever known.

we met in toronto years ago. the om community there is good for bringing radiant beings of light together in the big smoke.

lindzee's son, azrah, is perhaps the cutest baby in the history of ever.

her daughter, rise, is also a beautiful physical expression of love.

more beautiful people at the party...rockin' the pimp glow fur steezy!

daam it feels good to be a gangsta!

kane and furvert

the goddess eden and i *swoon*

lorin was promoting his new album, underground communication, his first release on om records.

this album is full of much more hip hop and rhymes, exactly my kind of beatz. czech out lorin's latest video, bomb the blocks.

as usual, lorin killed it! the crowd lost their shit as he delivered thick, steamy bass lines and assaulted us with maad beats! most impressive.

two dredi goddesses...just what i ordered *hello nurse*

lindzee, you are such a radiant and beautiful goddess. i am honoured to call you my jedisistar.

once again, tyson cormack and music first pulle off an incredible party. these guys know how to throw down. big up youself!

maad props to kevin for shredding the lake with me, and surviving the most savage run of our lives. i can't believe we made it.

my sunday was spent sleeping, and my body thanked me for it.

thanks for reading my blog. thanks for being a part of my life.

love and blissings