Saturday, May 20, 2006

~*...the guild...*~

randnorm saturday event in black rock city 2005

final opening of the god box

your last chance to enter deep within the lair of the mystic toad and open the god box, coming face to face with the ultimate and absolute. offerings gladly accepted. hosted by: the god box @ fetish and 4:30

randnorm mind grenade
the great thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid.- art spander

randnorm pikcha

photo by benjamin jordan

normdate 5.20.6

its may long weekend and the weather here is cloudy and rainy, so i'm stayin in and playin guild wars. my good friends brennan and graham randomly gifted me a copy of this game in march. they have been addikted to it for a good couple months. i've been hesitant to install it because of its effect on them, but perhaps a long weekend and less than favourable weather might get me to install it. ok. here goes. if you don't see an update in a few daze, come find me in ascalon city ;)

not too exciting of a blog entry eh? well, how 'bout i share a little story of one of the best random gifts i have ever received? actually, this is what i posted on when it happened, so its a randnorm snippet from the past.

normdate 12.22.4
yesterday i received a very beautiful bead necklace in the mail sent express post to my home and addressed to normurai.the sender did not include their name, but there was a return phone number and address. i called the number and found out it was a bead store on yonge street that matched the return address.there was no card

thank you to whomever it was that sent this necklace to me i love days like this

- that merry guy


normdate 12.23.4

i got a call this morning from the bead store. turns out, the manager of the bead store is my friend andy. he sent me the necklace. when i asked what inspired him to send me such a beautiful piece of jewellery, his response blew my mind.

three years ago, andy set up a booth at om to sell beads and jewellery. my friend dena saw a gorgeous necklace at his booth that according to her "screamed out normie". she purchased the necklace for me and gave it to me as my birthday present (my bday weekend is om). three hours later, the necklace mysteriously fell off my neck. we could not find it, nor could i recall when it fell off of my neck.

we went back to andy at his booth and shared with him my tale of how a beautiful necklace never really had a chance to know its owner.

for the past three years the few times i've seen andy, i remember him always asking me for my home address, telling me he had something to send me. it finally arrived.

three years later my lost necklace has come full circle, and a new beautiful handmade piece now hangs around my neck.

i keep the best people in my life, and its great to be reminded of that.

- that blessed guy

random gifting makes the world a better place. that necklace continues to share incredible adventures of fashion with me! thanks andy. thanks dena. i love and miss you guys.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

~* is good...*~

randnorm thursday event in black rock city 2005

asking for what you need

we all occassionally have trouble expressing our desires during the height of passio. come learn to express what you want and need. all genders/orientations welcome. hosted by: snuggletown @ fetish and 7:30

photo of hello kitty shiva by geoff

randnorm mind grenade
instead of asking "what do you like, what don't you like" during passionate moments, mistress midori offered a different way to shape the same energy: "what do you sound like when you are enjoying yourself? how does your body move when you are enjoying yourself? what do you sound like when you're bored? how does your body move when you're bored?" then you won't have to ask if what you're doing is good or bad, you'll know.

randnorm pikcha

normdate 5.18.6

when the weather is as sunny and warm as it was today, the best way to enjoy it is at the beach. after my shift at the food cupboard i headed down to the dancing bear to grab my german partner in crime and head to lakeside beach.

there are so many beaches along the shores of lake kootenay's west arm. within a ten minute drive, you can visit high traffic beaches and many private property (pffft) hippie bathing suit beaches ;) we decided to hit the more popular lakeside beach beside the big orange bridge for some afternoon sunshine shenanigans.

there were lots of people at lakeside beach today. with weather like this, it made sense that the busiest place in town would be the beach.

nestled at the bottom of lush, tree covered mountains, the waters of lake kootenay shimmered in the warm sunshine. too bad the water wasn't as warm as the sun was. i wasn't the only one who braved the chilly waters of the lake, but it sure was worth it.

jonas had gifted anke a beautiful frisbee that we tossed on the beach in memory of our departed swedish friend. jonas, i know you're reading this. you are missed here brother.

the message on the frisbee is simple and powerful. a pleasant reminder when enjoying the love of disc tossing!

do what you like. like what you do. radiate good vibes. let it fly. aaaah, life is good.

anke had to work at 4, so she left her disc with me at the beach and headed back to the dancing bear. i spent the remainder of the afternoon bathing in the warm rays of the beautiful nelson sunshine.

walking back downtown along the shores of the lake in this town is zen. so much beauty, clean air, and friendly people *sigh* when i stop, take a deep breath, and look around me, i'm reminded that right here, right meow, life is good.

roadkill in nelson...teh horror!

i joined anke at the dancing bear, and shared a lovely meal with her as she worked the front desk. danke shoen anke.

in the lounge area of the hostel i met a guy who was on a two day vacation from tree planting. he had decided to come to town and czech it out, and soak up the city vibes that he is separated from at work. yah, nelson is considered a city. teehee.

i decided to take him to cottonwood falls which was a quick 4minute walk away from the hostel. i also convinced two other people i met in the lounge to join us. they were from the uk, essex to be exact. yes, they agreed that girls from essex are known to be sluts.

there was an unusually high water level in cottonwood creek and the falls. there was so much water coming down that it soaked the normally dry seating area beside the falls and got you soaked if you stood there long enough. the power of the water was the strongest i had ever seen it.

this is what the falls looked like last week.

mo water! mo water! mo water!

cold from the splashing water, we said our goodbyes and left the roar of cottonwood falls behind us.

what a beautifully simple and powerful day.

stop, hey, what's that sound, everybody looks what goin down \m/^_^\m/


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

~*...meeting new life...*~

randnorm wednesday event in black rock city 2005

cop encounters class: know your rights

2:00pm - 3:00pm
learn what to do when you are being questioned by an officer. you have more rights than you think. come by for a full hour with an attorney to make sure your armed for your next cop encounter. hosted by: teknoasis

photo by willy chang

randnorm mind grenade
i don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everyone
- bill cosby

randnorm pikcha

photo by mephisto

normdate 5.17.6

after i beautiful afternoon at lakeside beach, i ran into jim on my walk up rosemont hill. i love talking with jim. though a firm believer in jesus christ, jim has an appreciation and understanding of different schools of thought. he's been a hippie, a goth, and a concious being that is devoid of classification. his awareness has been expanded thanks to the love of god. so has mine.

i remember jim sharing with me a passage from the fist john chapter 4:

4:7 Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.
4:8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

those verses changed me. it got me to rethink who god is. if god is love, then i guess my mom was right when she said all good things come from god...all good things come from love. if everyone that loveth is born of god and knoweth god, then god exists in all of us who love. so if two people love each other, they are born of god and know god, regardless of race, religion, or orientation. there are an infinite number of ways to love. god is infinite.

to me, god is the part of us that we believe is greater than us.

jim and i also share the same birthday. gemini season is almost upon us!

jim invited me over for dinner, and i accepted. feorinda came home from the hospital today, and i was so excited to see her and meet emily.

when we arrived at the house, emily was asleep. this gave jim and i time to work together on making dinner. feorinda was relaxing while her friend eli massaged her feet. if anyone deserved to be pampered right meow, its feorinda. this is her second child, and second c-section.

mmm...spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner. ice cream for dessert...even better!

i helped jim wash the dishes while eli woke emily up from her sleep and brought her out to her mommy to be fed. it was time for emily and i to meet.

being around a new born child is like a drug for me. its a high that direktly connekts me to the divine. emily is so precious, so beautiful, so little. seeing the effect that she has on her environment, on feorinada, on jim, on duncan (feorinda's 6yr old son) is incredible. its powerful to see how one life can change the world around her so radically.

my thoughts came back to the bible:

Matthew 25:40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

the king doesn't see himself as any different from even the least of his bretheren. if he is no different, then perhaps i too am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the father but by me, by us, because we are no different from the king. the king lives in all of us. love resides in us. i am the gift to all mankind, and so are you. it takes one to know one.

if you don't believe that you are the most precious and beautiful gift to this world, hold a newborn child, or just ask your mom.

welcome to this world emily.


Monday, May 15, 2006

~*...return from riondale...*~

randnorm monday event in black rock city 2005

poly high tea
monday-sunday, 4:30pm-6:00pm
polyamorous, poly-curious, and poly-friendly folks invited to join a facilitated discussion about the issues of loving more than one person in an open, responsible, multi-person relationship. discover workable forms of polyamorous relationships. hosted by: polyparadise @ 7:30 and fetish.

photo by jon ross

randnorm mind grenade
speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far
- theodore roosevelt

randnorm image

normdate 5.15.6

i awoke this morning in the comforting home of the mou kollektiv. scotty and amit were busy making themselves a bag lunch and about to head off to work. they were painting a house with their neighbour ken.

after cleaning up our sleeping space, i jumped into rose's car and headed towards the ferry docks.

what a beautiful day for a ferry ride.

we made it back into nelson in time for me to have lunch at the kitchen. there i ran into my friend jim, and he shared with me the wondrous news of his newborn daughter.

emily sophia stass was born on thursday, may 11, at 1:01pm. she weighed 8lbs 14oz and was 52cm long. feorinda, jim's partner, gave birth via c-section. mother and child were still in the hospital.

i love the glow of being around a new parent. there is no high like it.

congratulations jim. i am so happy for you and feorinda. your daughter is precious.

i needed to wash the weekend stink off of me (i'm not one for smellin like hippie), so i walked up rosemont hill with jim and headed for the shower.

blogging my life takes just as much time as living my life. thanks for reading and being on this ride with me.


~*...intentional gathering on the east shore...*~

randnorm saturday event in black rock city 2005

consciousness challenge
look at the things we do that we know are wrong, but do anyway, things that trick us, things that we know are impossible. discover if something was the result of a conscious thought. realize that you can anything once you've made the decision to do it. hosted by: heebeegeebee healers @ 7:30 and ego

photo by thom van os

randnorm mind grenade
pronoia - the sneaking suspiscion that the universe is conspiring to help you.

randnorm pikcha

normdate 5.13.6

aah...spring is in the air. the sun was shining, there was not a single cloud in the sky, and i'm in nelson! this is one of those places where, even if its cloudy, its still gorgeous outside. it was a perfekt day to head down to the cottonwood falls market and soak up some good vibes and sunshine.

i met up with jim at the market. the falls also seems to be the place to hang out on saturdays cause i also ran into many other beautiful people, including andrea and her precious newborn son abilash.

there was a table set up with many different kinds of homemade poi for sale. i got so many kewl ideas from browsing their selection of poi. i even got to spin a few of them too. there were enthusiasts there to spin with and learn from.

one of the poi spinners turned out to be a guy who i've been interacting with online through his name was silas, and he is a skilled and talented poi spinner. he showed me the soft staff, or monkey chain as its also called. imagine a staff made of chain, like poi, but one single piece. man it looks kewl when someone who knows what they're doing is wielding it. great meeting you silas.

jim and i kewled out by the falls for a bit and listened to the rhythm of life played on drums by the local hippies.

there sure is a lot of power in the roar of cottonwood falls.

after the falls, we headed downtown to grab supplies for the evening. our final destination was an intentional gathering at the home of the mou collective on the east shore. fernanda and her partner brad are getting married next weekend. this party is a fundraiser to earn enough cash to fly fernanda's parents in from mexico to be at the wedding. they are having a silent auction and are encouraging everyone coming to the party to bring something to donate to the silent auction. our contribution was two sets of poi.

with all of our supplies in hand, jim and i stopped by the dancing bear to grab anke. she wasn't ready and was going to catch the next ferry. we blazed out of town towards the ferry docks, only to find that there wasn't enough space on the ferry for our car...we missed it by two cars *grrr* but if there ever was a place where waiting for the ferry wasn't so bad, its here. we chilled out on the beach, tossed a frisbee, and drank beers while we waited.

when anke arrived in line for the ferry she laughed as we approached her car. at least the sun was still shining by the time we got on the ferry.

this ferry ride rulz! so beautiful.

the party was already underway at the home of the mou collective. they had rearranged the place quite nicely. a dj booth was set up outside, the crystal shrines in the living space were moved around, and they had spent the past week building a wood stove sauna.

crystal shrines were everywhere, including the bathroom!

this home is truly the most majik living space i have ever had the pleasure of visiting.

the back area of the house was set up for the silent auction. we decided to czech out what was being auctioned off as we contributed our donation of poi to the collective of love for fernanda and brad. what an incredible idea to fundraise. there was such a diverse selection of items, including a glass bubbler with a special egg (full of blueberry hash), clothing, jewellery, a pure hasher, even steaks and burgers from an elk that the neighbour ken shot the week before.

but no item got as high of a bid as garfield in a tuxedo, top hat and cane, with "i am what i am" on his belly. the bids started at $1,000,000. he was up to $5,000,000 when i last saw him. garfield pwn5!

the home was packed full of beautiful people celebrating our love for fernanda and brad. the outside patio was bumping all night with incredible beats and beautiful peeps. of course this place is majik, its overflowing with love.

there is something about raw and dirty breakbeatz that annihilates me! its as if my senses are being assaulted by thumping basslines, and i'm loving every minute of it. raw, dirty, nasty. if you want a taste of the dirty breakz i rawked out to, go here and download matt dublin's electric boogaloo. fast forward 18minutes into the set, and enjoy one of the most nasty of basslines you ever heard. that should give you a sample of the rawness that dirty breakbeatz can bring out in you.

the evening wasn't necessarily the warmest, so i spent a good amount of time hanging around the fire. seeking even more warmth, i donned my birthday suit and spent an hour maxin and relaxin in the mou collektiv's newly built wood stove sauna.

as the sweat poured out of me, i tuned into the hypnotizing sounds of a crystal singing bowl that was being played by amit in the space just above the sauna.

refreshed from the heat of the sauna and the sounds of the crystal bowl, i returned to the dance floor and basked in the glow of the radiant goddess riviere. you know that beautiful blonde haired hippie from the sixties, with the long flowing hair and infectious glow? imagine that hippie moved to an island in the haida gwaii and gave birth to a beautiful child, then moved to the kutenais where she continues to radiate light and love. that would be a good start at describing riviere. beautiful. radiant. loving. being in her presence is intoxicating, and i was honoured to bathe in her aura. too bad the pik i took of us didn't really turn out :(

as i headed inside, rose came by and offered me a drop of liquid acid. despite the stimulant effects of lsd, i was asleep 30minutes body needed a bit of rest. lets put it this way, my dreams were definitely altered. when i woke up four hours later, my consciousness was still in a dreamstate. waking up in a conscious dream in the most majik home you could think of was nothing less than a trip.

ali was playin seeed, dope ass german reggae, in the living room. i've been playin seeed to the ground since ali shared with me their cd dubby conqueror. dancing to psychelic kingdom in my conscious dream state was perfektion.

Psychedelic Kingdom come
Da we can them a ron ron ron
Psychedelic Kings and Queens
Join me in this one-love-dream
Neue Zeiten habn begonnen
Jungs das Gute hat gewonn'
Zepter und Krone hab ich letzte
Nachtim Schlaf geschenkt bekommen
Ich wache auf und wer liegt da?
Nun bin ich King und singe

reading german doesn't come close to what it sounds like, so why don't you take a listen for yourself. click here to download psychedelic kingdom by seeed. if you're lovin the sounds of german reggae, you can download the rest of the album here. dat shit is bumpin! the link will only be up for a week, so get it while you can. yay free hosting!

sunday morning i was kokopelli, dancing in my conscious dream.

scotty blended up some delicious breakfast smoothies made from the most tasty fruits. mmmm...

my hands were then put to good use helping to clean up the space. i chose to wash all of the dishes that filled up the kitchen sink. washing dishes reminds me of growing up...that was my chore, and i wasn't allowed out until the dishes were done. my friends used to always joke around and imitate my mother: "leighton, do the dishes!" of course said in a thick jamaican accent ;)

the sun was shining brightly on the east shore. holy shit this place is ridiculously gorgeous.

jim decided to continue his journey across canada, and ended his unexpected four day stay in the paradise of the kutenais. his next destination was banff. it was great meeting you jim. i'm glad i was able to share with you the beauty and wonder of the kutenais. as we said our goodbyes, i thanked him for taking me with him. he replied by saying "thank you norm for taking me with you." hmmm...randnorm adventures for everyone.

i decided to relax in the warm sun in the middle of a perfect circle, and there just happened to be one beside the pond! the mou collecktiv had found a complete trampoline at the dump the day before. who throws away a trampoline? that is perhaps the best dumpster score i have ever seen.

as i tanned in the middle of the trampoline, i was joined by raf and his two daughters jasmine and sola. what happened next was a huge jumping session, of course!

i had forgotten how much fun it is to jump up and down and laugh myself silly. it took two little faeries to remind me that the simplest of pleasures are also the most fun! and wow, kids are direktly connekted to the much energy. as i lay down in the middle of the trampoline taking a rest, jasmine began massaging my back. the energy of a child channeled through touch and pressure direktly connekted me to the divine...and laughing my ass off with them as we jumped up and down connekted us. *giggle giggle* *jump jump*

i watched my shadow as i bounced, my dreadlocks flowing freely.

jumping up and down was so much fun that jasmine and sola both turned down the option of going to riondale for ice cream. ice cream! what kid turns down ice cream?

back at the house, the idea to head down to the beach was taking shape.

it wasn't long before we piled into scotty's truck and headed towards the shore of kutenai lake. 5 minutes later, we were on our own private beach.

in the distance, i could see the temple of divine light at the yasodhara ashram.

i decided to take the plunge and jump into the lake. the water wasn't the warmest, but the experience was so worth it. there is majik in that water too. fuck it, there isn't a place on the east shore that isn't powerful. there is a temple of divine light there, tabernac!

there was no one else at the beach but us. it was ours.

of course amit created a little shrine of crystals, stones, and an eagle feather in front of his towel.

give thanks and praise to the divine wherever you go, in whatever way you choose.

i can think of no better way to spend a sunny sunday afternoon than on our own private beach on the east shore of lake kutenai.

our bellies were feelin a bit empty, so we packed up and headed back to the house. the next door neighbour ken decided to gift the mou kollektiv's home with elk kabobs. ken is the first person i've met who truly lives off the land, with the land. he grows his own vegetables and hunts his own meat. he had killed this elk the week before. scotty had helped him take the dead animal back to the house.

ken provided a window into a life that i had only read about in books: he hunts for his food! we were eating meat that he had tracked and killed himself, just down the street! he shared with me how he blesses the animal, and gives thanks and praises to gaia before moving the killed animal. he told me how he was able to get the elk to come to him using the mating call of the female elk, he even made the sound of the female elk for me to hear. man, even male elks think with their dicks, and sometimes have to pay for it with their lives.

ken took me over to his home to share with me a batik that he acquired in malaysia in 1976. it embodied the spirit of the hunter which has always flowed powerfully through ken. the piece was huge, intricate, ancient, and as with all things on the east shore, majikal.

thank you ken for sharing with me what life is like when you rely completely on gaia for survival...okay, maybe with a little hydro electric power ;)

we set up the big screen on the wall of the mou kollektiv's home, created a large cuddle space of pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags on the floor, and passed out while watching the count of monte cristo.

every time i come to the east shore, the world i knew before is shattered and replaced with an expanded awareness, a new way of seeing life, and priceless memories.

thanks for reading my blog. this one was a big entry, then again it was an eventful weekend.

love and blessings in the name of the most high