Thursday, June 01, 2006

~*...goodbye bc...hello alberta...*~

randnorm thursday event in black rock city 205

capture the flag

the most extreme activity you can partake in the whole fucking week. 4 square blocks, open bar in each jail, spies, girls next door, neighbours who can't be trusted, double-agents, and a massive cache of alcohol peppered throughout. hosted by: down the rabbit hole @ 3:3 and delirium

randnorm mind grenade

to survive in nelson, the first lesson you have to learn is to do wthout. - my landlord

randnorm pikcha

normdate 6.1.6

my memory card on my camera was corrupted, so all of the pix i took today are gone :( sorry, just w3rd5 for this blog entry...or old pikchaz.

neil and i woke up early today to some typically beautiful nelson weather. i made us some breakfast which we nibbled at while we packed up neil's rental car with our shit (read my shit).

packed up and ready to go, i stopped by jim and fiorinda's place to say godbye and randomly gift jim my 19" monitor.

next stop was the dancing bear inn to say goodbye to anke. i have so many fond memories of this dedicated german telemarker. she randomly gifted me the dvd sinners, filmed at whitewater. now i've got video evidence of how extreme this little gem of a ski resort is.

thank you anke. i love you and look forward to seeing you again at shambalha.

our final stop was at andrea's place at 324 beasley, the place where i called home for the first month i spent here in nelson. it was great to say goodbye to abilash (he's such a well behaved baby) and thank andrea in person for being such an angel. i don't know what i would have done without you andrea. thank you for being there for me. i will never forget your kindness. love and blessings to you, akkal, and abilash. a-team massif!

neil and i headed south towards creston as we journeyed towards alberta. creston is where kokanee beer is brewed, which is humourous because kokanee glacier national park is 20minutes north of nelson, not in creston. meh, like people really care about the details ;)

we ate at a small buffet in creston and continued our journey to the rocky mountains. seeing the change in mountains from the kutenais to the rockies is fascinating. from tree covered mountains to sheer rock face, the rockies are beyond majestic. they remind you how old and ancient they are, they humble you.

driving through banff national park with the rocky mountains surrounding us was nothing less than incredible. we saw mountain goats, both the horned and hairy kinds, elk, and deer. never know what animal might be crossing your path on the highway.

we made a quick stop in banff for some dinner and sightseeing. whoah, its so different to be in a place where tourism and spending money is beating you down every turn you make. meh, i guess its not that wierd to me coming from toronto, i've just spent the last six months in a different environment.

there is a billboard outside of nelson that has no advertisement on it because the people of nelson would boycott any business that would place an ad there. now there is a chicken wire fence around the billboard because the townspeople, on two occassions, took hacksaws and chainsaw to the billboard and cut it down. people in nelson don't like being told what to do, or what to buy.

as we walked down the main street in banff, i was stopped by a familiar face. a guy i know from nelson named cory was standing on the street corner. never know who you might run into, even in another town.

neil and i enjoyed a delicious sushi dinner at one of the many japanese restaurants in banff (holy shit, i've never seen so many japanese restaurants or japanese tourists in one place before). then we made the 90minute drive to calgary as the sun set behind the majestik rocky mountains of alberta.

we arrived at my friend kristin's place in the heart of calgary's northwest suburbs. tired and exhausted from a long journey, neil and i passed out.

thank you for getting us to calgary safely neil. it was so good to reconnect with you. thank you for providing a place for us to stay kristin. its good to see you again.

love and blessings


~* last day in the kutenais...*~

randnorm wednesday event in black rock city

salon discussion: the meaning of the man

what is the meaning of the man? what role does it play in our consciousness, in our society? does it change from year to year? what happens to our concept of the man when we burn it? join salon soleil for an exploration of these questions about our city's centerpiece. hosted by: salon soleil @ ego and 7:00

photo by tristan savatier

randnorm mind grenade
sometimes a banana is just a banana - unknown banana lover

randnorm pikcha

photo by jerrold litwenko

normdate 5.31.6

less story, more pikchaz, east shore of lake get the idea.

good morning scott! bonjour riviere!

cleansing crystals in the creek

cleansing crystals in buckets

breakfast hoola hoop session

amit and his neice gaialogue with the divine

french man needed a ride to his bus and drive it back to the home of the mou kollektiv

it don't get much more hippie than this

it don't get much more german than this (mmm...germans)

super white power!

super norm power!

super jamasian deutsch power!

super zoom lens power!

watching as two germans and a quebecois attempt to speak to each other in english was a trip.

best dumpster score in the history of ever

it is possible to spin poi and bounce at the same time

the view from the home of the mou kollektiv

the sauna, co-created by the mou kollektiv

the temple of divine light at the yasodhara ashram, east shore

the doors of the temple

spinning staff inside the temple

big tree at the ashram

breathtaking view from the ashram

powerlines beach, east shore

wings after playing some sweet saxophone sounds on the beach

had to stop in crawford bay to visit the purple door, home of wizards

complete with dragon parking

the mou kollektiv never ceases to shatter what i believe is possible. thank you for giving me permission to tune into the majik that is not only in me, but in everything that is created. my awareness is larger and more grand thanks to you kewl katz. big up yours'elves!

after saying our goodbyes, we headed back to nelson on the free ferry.

neil and i had dinner, then headed to the rez avoir for my last night of conscious reggae beatz in nelson. the koots roots all stars rawked the house, as usual, and ended with my favourite track...BLAZE IT UP!

burn up the ones who fuck with creation!

thank you nelson for accepting me as part of your tight community. thank you for showing me the true meaning of community. thank you for the best powder in the world. thank you for the being the conscious and realized community that nelson is known for. i will miss you all dearly. see you at shambles!


Wednesday, May 31, 2006

~*...elephant mountain...*~

randnorm tuesday event in black rock city 2005

i'm perfect - self discovery through art
whatever your issues, whatever your age, the infinite wonder of a soul's journey can be expressed in colour, shape, and the written word. join us for a guided meditation, artistic creativity, and discussion. hosted by: winking lotus @ esplanade and feedback loop

photo by mark brems

randnorm mind grenade
They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety.
- Benjamin Franklin

randnorm pikcha

firefox owns

normdate 5.30.6

my friend neil arrived last night from victoria. neil is a friend of mine from toronto, and decided to vacation in brtish columbia. its so good to be around an old friend again. we spent the evening at lakeside park catching up and spinning fire poi.

after lunch today at the kitchen, our plan was to hike to the top of elephant mountain. i've trekked up to pulpit rock before, but that is just half way up elephant mountain. we expected the hike to take us about 3 hours to reach the peak.

as we waited for our krew to show up at oso negro, i watched as australian musician xavier rudd enjoyed the smooth new pavement of ward street on his

it also gave me some time to play with my new illusion stick. majik!

our elephant mountain krew consisted of neil, anke, brett, laura, and wings. with food and water in hand, we headed across bob (big orange bridge) towards the base of the mountain.

hiking with a staff makes the trek so much easier. kinda like hiking up mountains with ski poles.

it only took us 45minutes to reach pulpit rock. the view, as always, was incredible.

and we were blessed to have good weather for the hike, at least up to pulpit rock. there were some dark clouds looming over head that looked like they meant business.

base of mountain = 330m above sea level
pulpit rock = 903m above sea level

the hike to the peak of elephant mountain was less of a dirt path, and much more rock. definitely more challenging, but beautiful none the less. it also took us less time than we thought to reach the peak...just 2.5hours, and that included 30minute rest at pulpit rock.

the view from the peak of elephant mountain was beyond breathtaking. you could see all the way down the valley, hell, you could even see the peaks of whitewater. it is such an incredible point of view from the top of a mountain. the purist mentality *aaah*

there is no higher place in the world than the top of a mountain.

we chilled out in the forest at the peak of the mountain and ate our picnic lunch. there is so much beauty to be seen when you are on top of the world. its amazing how our small eyes can see so much beauty. its incredible to be living here in canada, and to have this beauty just outside our door beckoning us to gaialogue with divine creation.

walking up a mountain can really work up a sweat. hooray for deodorant.

there is so much beauty here it goes beyond description.

i will never look at elephant mountain the same again. it is a peak that i have climbed with my own two feet, and the best of friends.

after conquering elephant mountain, we headed to balfour to catch the ferry to the east shore to spend the evening with the mou kollektiv.

i'm glad we made it to the ferry with a little bit of sunshine, more like sunset.

this would be the last time i would take the free ferry to riondale to see the elvin mou least for a while. i relished every moment.

most people believe that i am krazy when i tell them that i have met elves who live on the east shore of lake kutenai. fuck, i thought it was krazy when someone told me i'd meet majik creatures, faeries, and elves, when i reached the kutenais. but these radiant beings, this majikal place that they live, triggers the elf in everyone who sets foot there. there is majik in all of us, and the east shore is the place where you can rekognize it and embrace it without fear. neil had his doubts, as all do when someone tells them that we're going to see elves...and i loved seeing the expression on his face as we arrived at the home of the mou kollektiv.

it takes one to know one, and being on the east shore with the mou kollektiv triggers the majik in all those who visit. its less of a "hey look, those people are elves" and more of a "the majik of this place now flows through me too."

big up yours'elves!

we made a delicious pasta dinner, set up the big screen and projector, and passed out watching a documentary on salvia divinorum.

gaia is beautiful and powerful, and she exists in all creation.

love and blessings