Thursday, February 01, 2007

~*...stanton warriors and demo day at mt.norquay...*~

the more i spend time in this town, the more it grows on me. its growin at an alarming rate, the community i've tuned into here are awesome, the rockies are a quick drive away, and my boy pete's hifi club is the night spot in this town. if you make it to calgary, go to this club and get down!

on monday, one of my favourite producers and remixers, the stanton warriors, played at club hifi to a sold out crowd...ON A MONDAY NIGHT!!!

kristin was sick, so i went to the club solo. thanks for the hook ups pete! dae and kevin were already there and mama michie was on the decks killin it with some maad breakbeatz!

ran into more than a few familiar faces, including some new ones.

even had an old nickname from tribe approach me. we met in toronto years ago one night, and i guess i left an impression. good to see you again bitchass!

the stanton warriors came on around midnight, and assaulted the crowd with raw and birty breakbeatz. actually, only one half of the stanton warriors showed up...methinks it was dom.

czech out the get em high video by the stanton warriorz

as i danced my ass off with a packed house (which is only 179 people according to the capacity sign at the door), i couldn't wipe the smile off my face. world class talent in a world class club on a monday night. this town ain't a redneck cowboy town no more...says the guy who has yet to experience calgary during the stampede ;)

i bounced out of the club before last call as i was tired and needed my energy for an intense tuesday in the rockies. it was dealer demo days for the ski and snowboard shops of alberta on tuesday and wednesday at mt.norquay. all of the big ski and snowboard manufacturers were on hand to demo next year's products. its a simple and effective concept: get the people who are selling your product to the end consumer familiar with the product they're selling, and what better way to do that than gettin people to try out your gear.

i arrived at the 17th ave shop at 9am and i knew the day was gonna be hype when i saw our chariot arrive.

the source owns a fukkin limo! PIMP!

dan, the rep for capita snowboards, was there with a wack of next year's capita boards and some union bindings to send with us to the mountain. he also had a box full of defcon gloves for us to have!...and i was most definitely in the market for a a new pair of black!

also grabbed a pair of gloves and a scarf for kristin too. free gear is an excellent way to start off the day :)

the limo had a few flat panel lcd monitors, a boomin sound system, even an xbox! too bad the electrical system was on the fritz so none of it worked :( that's alright, five of us in a stretch limo on our way to the hill to demo boards is still fukkin pimp, even without electricity.

norquay is the smallest of the rocky mountain resorts. its located in banff, just over an hour away from calgary. have i mentioned how much i fukkin love the rocky mountains? driving in their shadows is a humbling experience. riding them is a high.

unfortinately, the batteries in my digi were on their last legs, so the first thing i did when we arrived at the mountain was head to the shop to buy replacements. they didn't sell batteries at the shop. NO BATTERIES? that surprised me. what kind of resort doesn't sell batteries? aren't they tourist essentials?

to add to my disappointement, burton, ride, and option were no shows *grrrr* i really wanted to demo all of the ride boards for next year :(

so instead i got to demo next year's forum, capita, and stepchild boards as well as some forum and union bindings. other manufacturers like k2, nitro, atomic, head, salomon and rossignol were there but we only demo'd the companies we stock.

the snow was 85% man made hard packed and groomed (some bare spots) with fun steeps to pick up speed. it has a vertical drop of 1,650ft (503m), and 28 runs. the park was a fukkin joke (three rails and a jump, all of which sucked). when you've got sunshine, louise, and nakiska as options, i can see why norquay is one of the lesser frequented rocky resorts.

that being said, norquay is still bigger than your average resort and the views from the base and peak are simply breathtaking!

i got to ride with a cutie named becky who works at the 17th ave shop. the first board she demo'd was next year's forum craft.

first up for me was the 2008 forum youngblood 155 wide. i usually ride long boards (my option booter is a 163) wide enough for my size 11.5 boots, so riding a 155 was way smaller than what i'm used to. at least it was wide enough for my kicks. the rig was set up with next year's forum republic bindings.

2006/2007 younblood ^^^

the soft flexin' younglbood was buttery smooth on the groomers. light, fast,
and responsive, its a solid ride for both park and piste. if you've got
big feet and wanna ride everything from big mountain to rails, this board
is an awesome bang for your buck.

the republic bindings were comfortable and responsive, though bulky lookin', these bindings felt like love on my feet. the generous amount of gel in the heel and toe straps made these bindings extra comfy. the redesigned toe cap made for a solid hold...and the two tone black and purple design looked sweet, especially on the youngblood.

next up was the stepchild trick stick, payin homage to the old skewl look lamar freestyle snowboard of the 80z.

old skewl (with wonky shape)

new skewl

the stepchild trick stick was nothin' but fun to ride. a good flex in the nose and tail gave this board some serious pop. it tore up the groomers and was solid
at high speeds. the graphics are totally radical! overall, a fun board for the all mountain freestyler. keep your eye on stepchild. they make some fun boards at a great price point.

the bindings i rode were next year's union force

pik of this year's model ^^^

the only thing i liked about these bindings were the clean look and the
colour (red and white), but looks can only go so far. i found myself readjusting the convertible toe strap too often because they kept slippin off my toe. in the end, i said fuck it and just used the strap over top of my foot instead of on my
toe, and even then the response was lacking. these bindings made it kinda
hard for me to appreciate the board they were on. an alright effort, but these guys got a couple kinks to iron out with these bindings over the next few years.

2006/2007 forum recon

next on the list was the 2008 forum recon 158 with the forum republic bindings. this board was the largest board i demo'd, and it did everything i wanted. it blazed down the steeps at high speeds without chatter, it bounced and popped off hits, and it flexed perfektly all around. it was a joy to handle, and comparable to boards that are hundreds of dollars more expensive. with the way this board performed, you'd never guess that it's only $399. definitely the most bang for your buck, and by far my favourite board of the day. if you want a high performance board without the big price tag, the forum recon is a wise choice.

the last board i rode was the u.s.s. capita 152. i'm used to riding big and wide boards, so this board felt like a toothpick to me and my 11.5 feet. i still had a lot of fun riding this little stick. it had a fun bounce to it, and with its low
swing weight it made spinnin 3z a breeze. i could see this board bein a lot of fun to ride in a park, but seeing as the park at norquay is a joke i can't really say how well it performed on rails and kickers. watch out for these capita decks. they won't break your bank and they perform!

what a fukkin awesome day in the sun riding norquay. though the runs were a bit icy, i still had an awesome time. i took a day off work for my work to drive me to the hill in a limo, pay for my lift ticket, lunch and booze, and i got to demo next year's boards. another rocky mountain resort to check off my list. 3 down, 3 to go.

fuck i love my job!

i ate at tubby dog today for lunch. these guys make gourmet 1/3lb hotdogs.

on the reccomendation of my friend fred, i ordered the pbj dog. that's right, peanut butter and jelly hotdog! plus i made it a cap'n dog by adding cap'n crunch cereal to it. i know, it sounds fukkin gross, and i made the same face you're making right now when i first heard of the pbj dog. who would make such a thing, yet alone eat it? but it was actually one of the tastiest hot dogs i had ever eaten. go figure!

go canada! pbj tubby dogs with cap'n crunch and shreddin the rocky mountains! fuck yeah!


Sunday, January 28, 2007

~*...the rockies and the steamers...*~

imagine you were in a city of 40,000 people in the middle of the desert where the only way you could get around was by would you decorate your bike so that other people don't mistake your bike for theirs, and more importantly so that people can see you at night. take that feeling and radically express it, and then you'll only begin to start understanding what its like to be on the playa. - triggering the spirit of the burn in virgins

randnorm video

stevie bell and kareem el-rafi in forum's that! booya, takin over yet another sport.

riding wisdom from a snow addikt

to me, snowboarding is yoga at 50km/h. you are forced to tune into every part of your body, use muscles that you didn't even think existed, all to maintain balance at high speeds. it takes a heightened awareness to stay on your feet when your balance is constantly questioned. if you're not balanced, you eat it...hard!

snowboarding is awareness and balance, with a healty dash of fuck yeah! even though it may seem as if a snowboarder is going straight down the hill, we are always on one edge or the other. the only time we are balanced perfektly between the two edges is when we are transferring from one to the other. it reminded me that balance is not a permanent state of existence, but rather what happens when we are moving from one side to the other.

of course my vision of balance being a temporary state between two opposites is kinda shattered when it comes to contact juggling.

hi jessie q! hi dawn! you fukkin rawk!

czech out more of dawn's dynamic manipulation here. such a radiant and talented goddess she is...and she rides too *drool*

liam and i on thursday night at c.o.p.

toni, mikhail, and liam

i was fortunate enough to shred another rocky mountain resort yesterday, nakiska. like c.o.p., this resort did not exist before the 1988 olympic games. it was made specifically for the alpine events and is located only an hour away from calgary in the beautiful kananaskis country.

nakiska, snow close to home!

nakiska is part of the resorts of the canadian rockies. even though it is the smallest of all the rocky mountain resorts, nakiska has a vertical drop of 2,412ft (still 3 times more than blue mountain and 1000ft more than whitewater).

the sun was shining and i was stoked to ride my second rocky resort of the season.

i was rockin' it solo, again. it seems that finding friends to ride with has been a challenge for me this season. i've been out 16 times already, and not once have i gone up with friends. that's alright, it didn't take me long to find someone to ride with. i met a beautiful goddess named debbie on my first chair, and spent the rest of the day ripping it with her.

i cut out the vents on my helmet and pulled my dreadlocks through them. it made people wonder if it was really my hair or not. i was happy to have more space in my helmet with less dreads takin up space.

nakiska boasts that it is groomed to perfektion, and the mountain was pure corduroy goodness. olympic length runs combined with perfektly groomed conditions made for incredible speeds and uber confident turns. it was a groomers paradise.

you can pick up some nutz speed on the runs at nakiska, and holy shit the goddess i was riding with kept me on my toes. i often had to catch up to her, and i ride pretty fukkin hard. i love it when people shatter the norm. you wouldn't think that a woman with two daughters (18 and 14) would ski as fast and hard as she does, and riding her motorcycle is her passion. fuck yeah!

the view from the peak of nakiska is breathtaking. i can't say enough about the rockies, they are epic. they are ancient. they are wise. they are a feast for the eyes and soul...and they are fukkin huge!

i don't think i've ever gone faster on my snowboard than yesterday at nakiska. holy shit the speed rush was fukkin intense! the runs were just long enough to give your legs a burn, but not so long that you have to take a break halfway down. the groomed conditions eliminated surprises, so you could carve with confidence. it really was one of the best days of riding i have ever experienced. most definitely the fastest i've ever gone on a board.

having someone familiar with the mountain to ride with for the day was a blessing. even better that she could not only keep up with me, but pushed me to keep up with her. mature, conscious, and realized goddess embracing speed on the snow. perfekt! it was awesome meeting you debbie. i know our paths will cross again (hopefully sooner than later).

an hour later, i was back at home in calgary. i am so thankful that a world class resort, olympic worthy, is so close to home. next up, sunshine village. two rocky resorts down, four to go. booya!

the steamers, a group of calgarian burners, were having a party last night, and i was stoked to go. kristin had to babysit liam, so she wasn't able to join me. she was kind enough to lend me her el-wire wings, so she was there in spirit. the wings went over really well. i received so many compliments on them. thanks kristin! your presence was most definitely missed.

the party was held at the epcor center for performing arts with two rooms of bangin beats and a bar. after gettin lost (the ticket said sw when it really was se), i arrived to a packed venue. bangin breakz were rockin the first room, and bumpin' techno in the second.

but what made this party so fukkin awesome were the people. burners are the most fun people to party with. they are creative. they are passionate. and they are fukkin good lookin!

this party definitely had a different vibe than last week's party. more radical inclusion and less politrix. there were more people, better beats, and more art and creativity. hooray art installations!

my friend kane created a beautiful bird suspended from the ceiling. pulling gently on the rope dangling from it would cause the bird's wings to move. awesome work kane! p.s. glad you enjoyed those dj soo sets. you can download more dj soo sets here.

grover, a former calgary burner who now calls seattle home, actually flew up from the states just for this party! it was awesome to see you grover. now that's dedication! and he brought with him a blessed and radiant goddess named lolo. *daaam*

normurai, grover, and jaycloud

pure playa wear baby!

it was great seein you arlen! all the best in montreal.

as i took a pikcha of lisa and lolo, lisa made a comment about how the photo would end up on my blog...and she was right. it is here on my blog. it got me thinkin about what blogs are, and more importantly what my blog is. my blog is a record of my life and the fascinating people i come across. but perhaps not everyone is as comfortable with their lives and pikchaz being shared online without their permission. even though my comments and pikchaz are mostly of a positive nature, i rekognize that i do not ask everyone permission to post their pikcha in my personal blog. so i'm asking all of you reading this to please tell me if you'd like a pikcha of you that i have posted removed.

thanks lisa for bringing this to my attention. sometimes i don't think of these things. p.s. you looked fukkin hawt on saturday night!

lara and taco

what an incredible evening of celebration and dancing with the calgary burning man community. it was an excellent way to end off an awesome day shredding the slopes.

this town is a whole lot of alright. the people in this town are top drawer. it takes one to know one, and like attracts like.

love and blessings