Monday, August 21, 2006

~*...glennifer lake...*~

randnorm sunday event in black rock city 2005


having spent a week striving to disturb positive religion so that we might return to the primordial negativity of silence, we will now sit in this silence and bask in the awe of the cosmos and what is beyond it. join us for this un-guided meditation. hosted by: twilight of the gods @ 9:00 and amnesia

photo by holly kreuter

randnorm mind grenade
real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.- confucius

randnorm pikcha

randnorm video

girls kissing...gawd that's hawt!

normdate 20.8.6

kristin and i woke up early today and drove 90 minutes north of calgary to ther father's trailer at the glennifer lake resort and country club. it was sunny and warm, perfekt weather to be on a lake.

this place was pretty swanky, for a trailer park. it was quite a contrast to the stereotypes that trailer park boys portrays. i couldn't help but notice that this is where the rich white people have their trailer, cause i definitely was the only coloured guy in the whole place (at leat that i saw).

comin from toronto, i'm used to being around every different race, creed, colour, and orientation. very rarely am i the only non-white person at any party or venue i go to...things are a bit different here. more often than not, i am the only coloured guy around. i know i'm a minority, its just not that often that i feel like one.

seems like golf carts are the way to get around here the country club

some peeps even like to pimp out their carts...rekognize!

we played in the park by the pond

kristin's siter antonia decided to play photographer

and she snapped a few pix

three up posse! fuck yeah! fuck you!

kristin's dad and step mom had just bought a boat, so we headed down to lake glennifer to do some tubing.

seems like golf carts aren't the only the only toy most people have here...they also like their boats. yarr, there be pirates in this trailer park.

our water chariot arrived

two person tube, check!

two kids in a tube, check!

thumb up means faster...thumb down means slower.

next up on the tube, mikhail and i

daam tubing behind a boat is fun

and wet

nothing like a kokanee after some tubing...hooray beer!

i'm not sure if antonia is old enough to drive a boat

the water was beautiful and warm...time for a swim.

linda and rob's turn to take a dip

kristin and i on the tube...

linda gunned it

and we nearly flew off the tube

holy shit that was fun! spending an afternoon in the sun can really help you work up an apetite, so we headed back to the trailer for a bbq.

toni had an idea for a photo shoot, and she had such cooperative models.

after dinner relaxation

the sun was going down, and kristin had some reading to do for her class, so our day of adventure in the sun on glennifer lake came to an end. thanks rob and linda for opening up your trailer to me. i had a blast!

in one week, i'm going to be in reno. in one week and one day, i'll be home on the playa again. i can't wait. i've got a lot of preparing to do. i'm so fukkin stoked! i've never been this excited for anything since, well, last year when i was going to burning man.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

~*...spending a night in purgatory...*~

randnorm saturday event in black rock city 2005

giant kickball/footy

never got picked in gym class? come and play giant kickball with camp klepto. our balls are so big...its impossible to miss! some wholesome sports prior to the burn. hosted by: camp klepto @ 3:30 and amnesia

phot by brian herman

randnorm mind grenade
love is not enough. It must be the foundation, the cornerstone - but not the complete structure. it is much too pliable, too yielding. - bette davis

randnorm pikcha
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my newborn sister thalia and i

randnorm video

godney mullen...the siiickest skateboarder of all time

normdate 19.8.6

i awoke this morning with the sun shining on my face through the window. aah, there is really something majikal about waking up in the mountains. even if you don't see them, you can feel them...and wakin up in a pimp ass chalet also ain't so bad either.

elsbeth needed to pick up galia from the bus station (she was in vancouver), and begin their two day journey back to yellowknife. after a delicious breakfast with sam, dave, and avery, we said our goodbyes...and took a few last minute pikchaz.

daam avery is cute

elsbeth saying goodbye to her godchild

its amazing how the rockies never cease to be beautiful. the first time i saw them, my mother, sister, and i took a train through the rockies from edmonton on our way to vancouver for expo '86.

i returned to the rockies in 2003 to visit kristin. my mom had a timeshare in banff, so we were able to stay there for a few daze.

kristin and i also spent an afternoon in canmore hiking the grassi lakes trail.

i even rode a horse for the first time.

in january of this year, erin and i drove through the rockies from big white on our way to jasper. i got to ride marmot basin in jasper.

i climbed the ice wall of the maligne canyon

and was humbled by the greatness of the rockie mountains

and this summer, i've made the journey to calgary from nelson twice: the first time in june with my friend neil, and now with elsbeth. each time, the mountains never cease to amaze me. the rockies are a holy place.

elsbeth and i stopped at taco bell in calgary and grabbed some food before she dropped me off at kristin's place. i guess there aren't any taco bells in yellowknife ;)

elsbeth, you also never cease to amaze me. you are a strong, beautiful, and conscious goddess. i am so honoured to have you in my life. i am stoked that you drove all the way from yellowknife to celebrate with me. i am so blessed to love you and be loved by you. have a safe journey back to yellowknife.

kristin and i spent the afternoon doing some errands in town. somehow, we came across two guys who offered us $40 to drive them down the street to red lobster. kristin didn't believe them, but i took them up on the offer and of course asked for the cash up front. they didn't have it, so we went to a bank machine where they could only get $20 cash back (or so they said). whatever, we took their money and drove them the 4 minutes down the street to the red lobster. hell, i'll take their money. kristin said that they were rig pigs, a slang term for guys who work ont he oil rigs. i guess they got money to spare.

$20 richer, we bought a bottle of wine and a six of beer in preparation for a party we were going to organized by the calgary burning man community. i was excited to meet the burners that call the c-spot home.

the party wasn't far from kristin's place. our friends paula and steph were going to meet us there, but they were nowhere to be found when we arrived. that's alright though, if there's one thing i've learned from celebrating with the toronto burners, its that burners are the friendliest and most open minded group of strangers you will ever party with.

of course people were dressed up, which got me very excited for what its going to be like on the playa. good thing i brought my dredi robe with me...daam it looked good on q.

i had met tarzee at shambhala, and knew she was a burner. it was a surprise to find out she lived in calgary, and was here at this party too.

these burners were setting up a theme camp this year called the mad hatter's society.

they had also spent the last few months building an art car that they were about to reveal. we gathered around the garage for the unveiling of purgatory.

heaven on one side, hell on the other.

it was time to take purgatory for a test drive. all aboard!

our driver and one of the builders of purgatory, kane!

the rest of the evening involved liquid libations, dj and dancing, and a pikcha slideshow of last year's burn and the the creation of purgatory.

what a fukkin awesome day, and awesome party! and to think that the burn will be this, only radically more, non-stop for a week, and in the middle of the fukkin desert! i can't wait.