Saturday, June 17, 2006

~*...happy fukkin me!...*~

randnorm friday event in black rock city 2005

critical dicks march

gather at 2pm in front of the man for a "free willie" march around the esplanade. cast off the cruel pants of oppression! you have nothing to lose but your shame! all genders welcome: if not naturally blessed with a dick, please bring a reasonable fucsimile. hosted by: bedlam! (snowflake village) @ esplanade and 5:30

photo by michael aaron

randnorm mind grenade
q: how many dykes does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
a: one, and that's not funny.

randnorm pikcha

i luvz my lowride
cause dat isht be straight blingin
betta rekognize /haiku

normdate 6.16.6

so this ridonculous idea of asking for sponsors to bring me home for my birthday worked. here i am, back in the big smoke, surrounded by friends that i've loved for years.

its been a year since i entered the blogosphere, and i'm really enjoying it. its like my skrapbooks, giving me the opportunity to look back and see what i've been up to, relive adventures, and look at pikchaz of daze past. if you're reading this, thank you for being a part of my life and following my blog.

today is my birthday. i am 31 years old.

the first goddess of the day, dani!

then i ran into darlene at her place

fresh air please

ran into my friend nicole on college

brennan and bev's place for a little pre birthday party bbq aktion

b-day celebrationz at fez batik

there is no high like being around friends. i've missed you guys somethin fierce!

i seem to keep some very good looking people in my life...takes one to know one i guess ;)

my evening was full of good friends, libations, and a few unepected surprises. first, my boy ron showed up. he flew in from los angeles for my party. seein him brought me to tears. as i would soon find out, that wouldn't be the last time i would weep this evening. thank you ron for coming home. it really meant a lot to me.

my friend erin drove in from north bay to celebrate with us.

and jim, the guy who i met in nelson on his way back to toronto, showed up.

but the biggest surprise of the evening came from a kollektiv kontribution of my friends.

inside this pink box (i didn't complain that it wasn't red ;), was a laptop! a freakin laptop! i was floored. i was blown away. i was weeping like a little girl for 20minutes. i thought asking for sponsors to come home was nutz. i would never have expected something like this. thank you to all of the awesome peeps who contributed to this present, and making this birthday so fukkin incredible for me. i am beyond blessed to have all of you in my life. thank you john and sue for organizing this present. you are too fukkin awesome for w3rdz.

no more being tied to a desktop, i am now mobile...and wireless.

after fez, we headed back to a friend's house for some more cocktails and debauchery...and dancing.

christina had to work, but showed up when her shift was over. she was the missing element of the evening, and i'm glad i was able to see her. i love you christina.

what an incredible birthday. it seems like every year of my life just gets better and better, each birthday more fabulous than the last. i am the richest guy in the world, and its because i keep the fukkin kewlest people in my life. i love you guys. thanks for making my birthday, and my life, so rich!

more pix in my acrhive here

love and blessings


Friday, June 16, 2006


randnorm thursday event in black rock city 2005

the lost penguin presents: a fleetwood mac happy hour
enjoy your favourite mac-tunes, and honour the band by bringing your ex-lovers! come dressed as your favourite member. we'll even have an enormous line of coke for you laid out on a mirror! "rumours" will definitely follow...hosted by: the lost penguin cafe @ esplanade and 5:00

photo by fin...all hail dr.megavolt!

randnorm mind genade
it's all a bunch of tree huggin hippie crap - cartman

randnorm pikcha

new crusaders for christ, normurai and ron jeremy

normdate 6.15.6

this week has been spent rekonnekting with friends. so many people to see, so little time. i love my friends...and i love this city. it really is world class!

randnorm jedi on queen street

my best friend mel (her partner's name is david)

randnorm queen street art

no speaka engrish!

sue and john...i'm so proud of you guys! *rraow*

just cause sue is all kinds of hawtness *rraow*

vitruvian man in the window of john and sue's kickass pad!

vitruvian norm at redsands beach, nelson

an evening shopping at ikea with john and sue

ikea...swedish for off by one millimeter ;) actually, its really an acronym for the first letters of the company founder's name (ingvar kamprad) and the property and village in which he grew up (elmtaryd agunnyard) - Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd

randnorm movie set props at the old kultcha vaccuum

spending time in kensington with christina

mel gave me a ticket for my birthday to see a marionnette play at the berkeley street theater called 10 days in heaven. it was a somber play, but very well done...and i got to enjoy it with good friends.

this is perhaps the best game in the history of ever. of course a country that legalizes drugs came up with this one: hold on to the handle, wait for the light in the middle to illuminate, then press the button on your handle. the last person to press the button gets shocked with a mild electric charge (or higher depending on the setting). or if you press the button too soon you get shocked. guaranteed laughter every time!

my friend darlene returned from brazil where she spent the last 8mos surfing!

darlene skateboards, snowboards, and surfs! walking down the street with her is such an experience. seeing the effect she has on others is fun to watch...her beauty and presence causes waves!

nice pants. please don't shit in our fountain ;)

never know who you might run into on queen street. hi marta!

old skewl marta, norm, and jamie in kentucky 99

black bull patio begins my birthday celebrations

these two goddesses were visiting from birmingham, england

when i asked them what is the most inspiring place in the world that they have visited, they both said toronto. they have never seen so many races, creeds, colours, orientations, and religions living so peacefully together. i have to agree. this city fukkin rawks!

santa's sleigh in the off season is the ttc

the best place in the world is where my friends are. its good to be home. happy birthday to me!