Sunday, September 24, 2006

~*...goodbye paula...*~

randnorm saturday event in black rock city 2006

save the man project

if the man burns, we have to go home! join us in our efforts to save the man. he's innocent. visit our campe earlier in the week, or show up at the burn with your protest sign. hosted by: camp save-the-man

photo by phillip volkers

randnorm mind grenade
snowboarding is an activity that is very popular with people who do not feel that regular skiing is lethal enough. - dave barry

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siiick snowboarder travis parker

normdate 24.9.6

kristin dyed her hair red again. the last time she had red hair was when she visited me in toronto three years ago. i like her with red hair. she looks more sophistomicated ;)



paula is leaving to spend a year travelling through south east asia, so last night was her going away party at a local bar in calgary.

paula's partner steph will be joining her in thailand in a month.

after sharing a drink with paula, steph and krew, kristin, crystal, and i took off for cheaper drinks at the wharehouse. free cover before 11pm and $1 highballs before 10:30pm. $1 mixed drinks! is that even legal? doubles for $2!!! needless to say, things got messy very quickly.

the place wasn't very busy, but we didn't care...we had cheap boozeahol to keep us company. the music wasn't doin it for me, so i decided to take matters into my own hands and demand some breakbeatz.

hello nurse!

i was well done thanks to the $1 highball recipe for disaster.

i decided it was time to pull out the rave, and i started dancing around like nobody's business. i was givin'r! someone even asked kristin what drug i was on i was raving so hard. boozeahol is a powerful poison.

so it made sense that i woke with a wikkid hangover *ouch* i still can't believe the wharehouse is allowed to sell booze for that cheap. it reminded me of the beer wars durinng my first year of university at western. the bars were competing with each other for the student booze money, which was great for us cause we got to enjoy $1.25 bottles and $0.75 shooters. aaah, first year university *sigh* i don't remember much from that year. ;)

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i decided to put my hangover to good use and mow kristin's front lawn, which had gotten kinda jungle like. i can't remember the last time i actually had a lawn to mow.

kristin's dad and sister came by, and we took kuma for a walk in the park. kristin's sister toni likes playing photographer.

we came across a beaver dam, more like lodge, on the beau river.

i don't know why i didn't liberate meself a new staff from that pile of beaver chewed wood. i miss my staff, a whole lot :(

after the park, kristin and i went to pauala going away party v2.0. two parties two nights in a row. this girl is loved.

the party was held at the home of one of paula and steph's friends. there is a very unique energy being at a party full of lesbians. i actually felt kinda scared, for some odd reason. maybe its all in my head, but a houe full of dykes can sorta create an intimidating vibe if you're a guy.

yup, this house belongs to a lesbian couple.

alright, maybe not all the women there looked like angry lesbians.

then again, i was too scared to take pikchaz of the ones that did.

in need of a different environment, one with more jungle and less dykes, we said our goodbyes to paula and cruised over to a bar called the amsterdam rhino. it was the first evening for a weekly jungle night happenning there.

the beats were wikkid and the place was bumpin. its amazing how much better of a mood jungle places kristin in. is there anything jungle can't cure?

despite what the sign says, calgary isn't really all whitebread...just mostly ;)

i often comment to kristin how i'm the only coloured guy in the room at parties, restaurants, stores, wherever. i guess i notice it more because hey, i'm coloured. comin from toronto, i'm not used to being the only non-white person at places i go. kristin did bring up a very good point though...who cares if i'm the only coloured person in the room? no one else seems to care so why am i always making a big deal out of it.

thanks for reminding me that my skin colour only makes a differece if i let it be an issue.

everyone is a prisoner of his own experiences. No one can eliminate prejudices - just recognize them. - edward r. murrow

have a safe trip paula