Friday, August 04, 2006

~*...saying goodbye to the people i love...*~

randnorm thursday event in black rock city 2005


time to run around, scream 'n' shout, and make as much noise as humanly possible. bring your loudest pots, pans, spoons, drums, cowbells, hammers, etc. red rover, capture the flag, and tag will revive your latent hyperactivity. hosted by: elation station @ 9:00 and amnesia

photo of twinkie henge by lady bee

randnorm mind grenade

"the secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." - albert einstein

randnorm pikcha

photo by reuters

normdate 3.8.6

i spent last night with the most radiant of goddesses. of course i'm talking about christina. have i mentioned how much i love myself when i'm around this woman?

she makes me feel perfekt about myself, and that is one of the most valuable gifts anyone has ever given me. it means that if i am to ever entertain the possibility of being with someone, they have to make me feel as perfekt if not more than christina makes me feel for me to be with them.

we began our evening with drinks at the embassy in kensington. then we hit pho pasteur on spadina for dinner. we ended up at a bar called wide open where we ran into one of christina's friends and spent the rest of the evening enjoying libations and each other's company.

the bartender at wide open was also hawt. had to take a pik of the goddesses near me.

so if i love this girl so much, why am i leaving? good question, and a simple answer...i'm leaving because i choose to. there is a huge world out there that i am so excited to explore. i know that christina loves me, and she knows i love her. our paths will cross again in the future. until that happens, the world awaits the both of us.

i had dinner plans at darryl and isa's place tonight. isa's older brother daniele was there too. daam the good looks run in that family.

so it makes sense that daniele's partner remi is also beyond beautiful.

after eating an incredible meal of jerk salmon, and drinking goat roti (a red wine)...

i passed out at darryl and isa's place. i love you guys. i will miss you when i'm gone. you mean so much to me. keep on spreading light, and raising your little angel valentina.

love and blessings


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

~*...goodbye dredi knight staff...*~

randnorm tuesday event in black rock city 2005


grave is a goth rave. hosted by:igs village / kamp krotus @esplanade and 9:30

photo by julian cash

randnorm mind grenade
give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. teach a man to fish and he'll sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

randnorm pikcha

normdate 7.31.6

after a refreshing retreat away at my mom's place in whitby, i returned to the big smoke last night where i ran into john and sue. i helped john out with a home that he is renovating for the television show he's filming that airs in october.

i got to play with power tools too...hoorah!

got to play the fps prey on john's xbox 360. looks so goddam sweet on his 50" dell flat panel tv.

thanks for your hospitality john and sue. i love you guys.

i had plans to meet up with my friend kally today in the market. i woke up at john and sue's place and was about to head out when i realized that my staff was gone. it was in their kitchen by the front door last night, but it wasn't there. there was a lot of old furniture in the kitchen that was picked up this morning on its way to the dump. i hope they didn't take my staff. so i called and left a mesage on john's phone to see if they moved my staff.

holy fuck it was hot out today. i met up with kally at the korean grill house on queen and enjoyed an incredible meal of all you can eat meat. gawd i love that place.

after lunch we headed to kensington market to soak up the vibes of the most multiculturally diverse neighbourhood in the world. kensington rawks!

we ended up at the wading pool of kensington park. it was a hawt day so of course the pool was full of little kids...and two big kids ;)

the pool wasn't necessarily big enough to swim in, but we didn't care. it was fukkin hawt, and wading in a pool was an excellent way to beat the heat.

it was awesome seeing you again kally. i love hanging with you. send my love to maya ;)

after my wikkid afternoon with the goddess kally, i headed over to darryl and isa's place to chill out. out friend karen dropped by and i headed to allen gardens with her to hang out and throw around a frisbee. man, i haven't played enough frisbee this season. i haven't even played a single ultimate game :(

karen's motorcycle is hawt shit.

tell me what you eat and i'll tell you what u r.

hooray bacon!

hooray ciuppi!

hooray hawt chixxx on bikes...who are also veterinarians *drool*

after an awesome day with awesome goddesses (kally, isa, karen), i headed back to john and sue's place to face some bad news. my staff was mistaken for garbage, taken to the dump and is gone :( i guess it wasn't meant to be. that staff had become such a part of my personality, a part of me. i took it everywhere, walking with it, spinning it, encouraging others to ask about it. "hey, what's with the staff." it was gifted to me in winlaw almost three months ago, and now its gone. i miss you staff. i guess it wasn't meant to be *sob* i know, i'm all upset about a staff...but it was powerful and very special to me. the bark was taken off of it by a beaver for gawd's sake! i carved an om, the mayan symbol for warrior and the symbol for the wizard into it with a dremmel. yah, i know, i sound like a suck, but it was more than just a piece of wood to me. it was a part of me. i'm going to miss you dredi knight staff. we've been through so much together in such a short period of time.

i got so used to walking with it, spinning it, wielding it, that it actually feels like i'm missing a limb. ok, maybe not that extreme, but it still fukkin sucks. perhaps an even more appropriate staff will make its way to me soon. if i knew where the dump was, and if it hadn't been dumped into a large 60ft hole in the ground, i'd be there searching for my staff tomorrow. but i've got to accept that its gone, and all that i have left are memories and pikchaz.