Friday, October 26, 2007

~*...aprés burn...*~

randnorm daily event in black rock city 2007

Punani Trim Parlor


We'll be open from noon til 5pm Mon-Fri. Come by to be pampered and play in our gong and chime garden. All services are provided with respect and permission, fun and laughter, but it is an adult activity. The Greenman thanks you for 7 wonderfilled years. A receptionist is available to make your reservation. Please come early as we are usually booked by Weds.

Hosted by Punani Trim Parlor at 4:15 and Desert

the 'R cube is 10ft tall. the middle 'E' cube is 6inches tall.
photo by tristan savtier

randnorm mind grenade
What we see depends mainly on what we look for. ~John Lubbock

randnorm video

it seems that recovering from the burn takes its toll not only on my body, my awareness, and my life, but also my blog. these are the remembered highlights of my life for september 2007.

normdate 8.9.7

you know that beautiful older home that you see and think "oh man the creative things i would do if i owned that home"? well, my friends taco and lara live in a home like that, and when you enter it, you discover that they've already done the things you wished you could do with their home. it is simply beautiful, just like they are, and i was blessed to call their home my home for the month of september while they took their time returning from the burn.

their home is located in the queen street part of calgary. having access to all of the amenities of 17th ave, i knew i had to return to that hood and call it home.

their neighbours home is a piece of art. can you believe that their neighbours have never been to burning man?

i am unbelievably thankful for having taco and lara in my life. they are such a beautiful, caring, and loving couple. thank you guys for opening up your home to me, for providing me a place to stay. without you, my burn would not have been possible. i am forever grateful to you for the kindness you showed to me. thank you.

normdate 22.9.7

rob invited me to another calgary stampeders game. it also turned out that my friends jason and chrissy also had tickets to the game. it was about to turn into one of those saturday afternoons.

they say the largest city in saskatchewan is calgary, and its never more true than when the riders play the stamps. waiting for the train i was not swimming in a sea of red as per the norm when the stamps play, instead it was a sea of green.

saskatchewan fans have some peculiar traditions when the rough riders play, more specifically the use of watermelons as head ornaments.

its safe to sat that saskatchewan residents were the first to catch wind of the oil and gas boom in calgary...and chase it.

it felt like a christmas tree at mcmahon stadium.

tailgating can really kick the shit out of you. i'm still amazed that the law lets us drink beer openly in a parking lot. as long as your beer is in a cup, you're good. plus, they don't search you at the gate so you can bring in a couple traveller beers in your pocket and avoid the $5.50 concession beers.

red is best

before the game, we had polished off a two four of kokanee. we refueled with 30 more at halftime. let's just say that the second half of the game was kind of a blur.

by the time the game was over, the riders beat the stamps, and i was fukkin shmammered and couldn't give a shit who won. what a way to spend a saturday afternoon....par for the course at a stampeders game.

it was great gettin' hammered with you chrissy and jay

i stumbled back to dae's place after the game. skateboarding while drunk is sort of a challenge.

i immediately passed out at dae's place and woke up four hours later by a phone call. i had made plans with a beautiful goddess that evening. we met up, but unfortunately i was hung over and ill from an afternoon of drinking. let's just say that throwing up out the side of a car isn't really the best way to impress a girl. we haven't spoken since. oops.

normdate 23.9.7

a pair of sacred armbands designed by my friend scotty were supposed to make their way to me at the burn. scotty and i had designed them over a year ago. he spent the summer crafting them. i was hoping to wield their power at the burn. scotty sent them down to the burn with a friend of his. our paths never crossed. that was my only disappointment at burning man.

i had them ups'd to my office and was so unbelievably excited to wear them. they were made for me. they were made from curves from my body, from my scrapook. they were made with love. the attract energy. they were made with love, and are as unique as i am.

the black stone is obsidian.

blessings to you jedi master scotty hunter for creating such powerful and beautiful sacred garments for me. to contact scotty, please visit his tribe profile here

my friend jessie q was having an intentional gathering at her place in celebration of her newly completed healing space. jessie q is a powerful young jedi, skilled in the art of shiatsu. she surrounds herself with wise, activated, and beautiful souls. i am honoured to be one of them.

sharing the power of my sacred garments

the power of contact

two jedis

blissings to you jessie q. i wish you nothing but joy and success with your healing space.