Tuesday, July 04, 2006

~*...canada day cherry biatch...*~

randnorm monday event in black rock city 2005 crawl of the dead: night of the living zombie bastards
when there's no room left in hell, the dead will walk the playa. rise ye dead bastards and join us for a bloody mary followed by bloody rampage. hosted by: quixote's cabaret club & bar in avalaon synapse station @ 7:30 and catharsis

photo by jon ross

randnorm mind grenade
senza la musica la vita sarrebbe uno sbaglio - frederik neitzche (translated in italian)

randnorm pikcha

goddesses allie and blythe

normdate 7.3.6

last night my friend greg and his partner demi were in town for a weekend of canada day celebrations. i dropped by their hotel room and began my day after canada celebrations in style.

the last time i saw greg and demi was in nelson. we shred the shit out of whitewater together. now it was time to celebrate in the big smoke together.

we headed over neil and devi's place for a rooftop party where i continued my evening of debauchery with copious amounts of alcohol. i didn't really pull out my camera in my drunken state, so no real pikchaz. but the party sure was fun! the best people on the best rooftop patio. thanks neil and devi.

i woke up today in devi's bed hung over. man, i don't even remember passing out. i do remember offering people booze that didn't belong to me. actually, that's how i offered it. "hey, do you want some booze that doesn't belong to me?" if you leave a bottle by the hors d'ourves its fair game ;)

i hooked up with john and sue and went down to cherry beach for the holiday canada day monday celebrations. i know i say cherry beach is the best party, but the canada day edition is the best of the best. there were over 350 people there dancing and celebrating together. there was a samba squad providing live percussion, and the best people to dance with. its a pleasant reminder how fukkin awesome this country is, and this city is. thank you dave and irving for organizing this weekly event.

happy birthday baby g!


fairy dust!

samba alegua


the evening ended off with the explosion of fireworks! i'm sure gonna miss cherry beach sundays.

happy canada day weekend.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

~*...happy birthday canada...*~

randnorm saturday event in black rock city 2005

iggs's maximum selecta

our post-burn best of the best uberparty: our top djs from igs and beyond return to wreck your minds and jack your bodies. look for the gigantic wall of leds visible almost anywhere on the inner playa. hosted by: igs village/balanced minds/kamp krotos @ esplanade and 9:30

normurai at igs village - pik taken by olivia

randnorm mind grenade
those who hear not the music think the dancers mad - unknown

randnorm pikcha

normdate 7.1.6

seems like british columbia is the place to be according to all of the ads in the subway stations

last night was graham's going away party at brennan and bev's place. graham is leaving for edmonton tomorrow to live and work. seems like the west is calling a lot of us.

so many markham peeps were there last night. i'm not sure what it is about our markham krew, but it seems like the friendships we began there continue into our adulthood, and its not just us. there is something about our markham connektion that lasts.

i trekked through dundas square on my way to the subway and stumbled across the chinese canadian celebrations. they sure do love canada. i sure love canada.

my canada day celebrations each year normally bring me to the tribe bbq on the toronto islands. free beats on the island with a community i've been interacting with online for over 7 years.

but not this year. this year i was going to spend time with friends i've loved for longer, friends that i hold close to my heart. my friend dan from high school (yes, another markham boy) had just bought a new home in bolton and more importantly had just received his canadian citizenship. yup, after 20years here, he finally decided to make it legal! so graham and i headed up to bolton to celebrate with dan and his family.

congratulations dan on the new home and the citizenship. now you can do more than just bitch about the gov't, you can vote!

it was also good to see dan's family. his daughter is 7, his son is almost 3, and seeing his mom and his sisters was awesome. even his grandmother was visiting from baltimore! i haven't seen them in forever. and yes, good looks run in the family.

i said my goodbyes to graham and headed back into the city.

graham, you are one of my closest friends. i'll miss you brother, and i can't wait to link up with you in alberta.

i hooked up with michelle and hippie graeme in toronto and we headed to 99 sudbury for a little house music provided by mischief and frankie. there weren't too many people there, but we had a good time none the less. yes propah house music!

yes hawt dreadlocks!

yes toronto!