Sunday, March 11, 2007

~*...bluebird skies, markham in da cspot and tubby dog...*~

normdate 11.3.7

its beginning to feel a lot like spring in this town, but i know it won't last long. on friday it was 16degrees! i got to wear shorts to work \m/^_^\m/

saturday was also ridiculously warm, so i decided to hit up canada olympic park and enjoy the blue skies and sunny weather. hooray riding in a hoodie!

one piece outfits rool!

yay spring!

with the sun shining brightly against the clear blue skies, it was a perfekt opportunity for me to snap some shots in the park. i decided to bring my canon powershot g3. its bigger and bulkier than my ghetto fab epson camera, but it sure does take better pikchaz...and with a perfektly built jump like this, i was guaranteed to snap some gnarly pix.

and snap gnarly shots i did...

actually, these shots are best enjoyed at full res, so make sure you click on the next few shots to see them full size. they are epic!

skiing might be for fags, but these guys are definitely tops.

everbody loves the sunshine!

lift off

snowboarding is not about lifestyle, its about is just an option.

i got to rip next year's forum travis kennedy and the forum platform bindings

really soft flex to this board makes it ideal for rippin' the park. it was a bit shorter than i'd like, and it was the first board that i've ever run out of board with on a pivot, landing me on my face a few times. the '08 forum platform bindings felt like the burton p1s (forum is owned by burton so they share tech). tonnes of gel in the heel strap made these bindings ridiculously comfy, balanced out by a little too much give in responsiveness. though soft and bouncy on my feet, i prefer a stiffer heel strap for more response. overall, a fun board for the o.g. who lives in the park.

what an awesome day at c.o.p. and my day was about to get even better. when i got home, my good friend graham had just arrived from edmonton with his roommate zack. we decided to take kuma for a walk at nosehill park and toss around a frisbee. graham is one of my favourite peeps to throw around a frisbee with.

my best friend mel, who also lived with graham in toronto, was visiting calgary for work. we were stoked to see her. she had no idea that graham was going to be with me. i love surprises.

mel was so stoked to see us, and we were excited to see her too.

when we asked mel if she had ever been to tubby dog, her response was of course "what's tubby dog?" it didn't take much to convince her that she needed to experience tubby dog while in calgary.

zack and grahm both ordered the ultimate gripper...yes, that is a fried egg on top.

mel ordered an a-bomb, complete with bacon and potato chips! bacon! that's a good jew...

i ordered the special of the week: the brutus ceasar. this dog is bacon wrapped, and like the grippers it is deep fried!

mel couldn't believe that a place like tuby dog existed. to commemorate her losing her tubby dog virginity, graham bought her an official tubby dog tee. lookin' good babe!

i miss my best friend. it was so fukkin rad to have here in calgary!

tubby dog kinda kicks the shit out of your body. digesting that much food takes a lot of energy. within minutes of arriving at mel's hotel room, i promptly passed out. it was relax time...

tired and exhausted from our tubby dog experience, we said our goodbyes to mel and headed back to my place for some video game aktion. i love you mel! it was so awesome to see you.

the rest of the night was spent drunk and playing star wars battlefront 2. man, i have missed nights of vids with graham.

we had brunch at lido sunday morning serenaded by beatz from the jukebox. nothin like eating bacon and eggs while listenin to the emotions, prince, and the jackson 5.

it is always awesome to see you graham. next time, we ride!

with our bellies full, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways...graham and zack on their way back to edmonton, and me on my way to enjoy another warm and sunny day at c.o.p.

looks like the sun even brings the cowboys out to the hill...


my coworker brett was announcing a competition.

another awesome opportunity to take some pix

rippin the rail

contemplating the super pipe

this pipe is 23ft high. even making a kickturn on this pipe is gnarly, yet alone catchin' air.

first place went to one of our source riders, jed anderson.

congratz jed!

the competitors

silver medal in the women's slopestyle was won by source rider breanna stangeland.

congratz to the competitors and the winners of the c.o.p. slopestlye comp.

what an awesome weekend! good friends, sunny skies, and tubby dog. fuck yeah!