Sunday, July 01, 2007

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"we are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be." - kurt vonnegut

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normdate 30.6.7

if there ever was a place to go in calgary where i was pretty much the only coloured dood in a throng of thousands, the home opener of the calgary stampeders football game would be a good choice. hey, i'm always up for new experiences.

kristin's father, rob, has season tickets and offered me the chance to experience a real calgary experience. yeehaw!

we arrived at mcmahon stadium just in time to catch the last bit of the tailgate party phenormenon. i was about to become a tailgater.

imagine the parking lot scene of a dead show, except full of rednecks instead of hippies, and you've got yourself a good ol stampeders tailgate party. thousands of people bbq'in, drinkin' beer, and having a stompin' good time, countin' down to the kick off! pulled pork sammiches and beer...mmmmm. there sure were a lot of cowboy hats....and a lot of red...necks ;)

i'm lovin' that the two sports teams in this town claim the color red! that makes jumpin on the sports bandwagon in this town really easy for me. add the fact that its canada day weekend, and you've got a whole lotta red.

the stamps were takin' on the hamilton ti-cats. cowtown vs. steel town. 403 vs. 905.

the energy of sports fans is alive and powerful, especially at the home opener. getting thousands of people together doing the same thing, like cheering for the home team, is awesome! i'm not a big sports fan, actually i could care less about football, but i'm a people addikt and there's nothing like screaming and doing the wave with tens of thousands of people.

it was interesting being in a stadium full of as many baseball hats as there were cowboy hats.

now i know calgary has been known to be a redneck cowboy town, but with a city growing as fast as this one, that is no longer true...except at a stampeders game. the only other coloured people i saw in the stadium were on the field playing football. living here in calgary, i've gotten used to being the only non-white in places i go, but being a visible minority around tens of thousands of screaming caucasian stamps fans was a new one for me. okay, i'm exggeratin' a bit, i saw another black guy in the bathroom and two sistas in line waiting for beer.

coloured people were even more of a minority than ti-cats fans!

even more fascinating was the ti-cats back up quarterback. his name was chang. that's right, chang...a chinese quarterback.

i'd tell you how exciting the game was, and how the stamps stomped the ti-cats, but i don't really know how i can make football sound exciting. so here are some pikchaz of the game.

in the third quarter, an unexpected player made a guest appearance on the field, temporarily stopping the game.

the bunnification of the universe is exploding everywhere! never underestimate the power of BUNNY! not knowing which direction to go, the bunny decided to run the length of the field. hearing the crowd cheer when the bunny reached the endzone was almost as loud and exciting as a stamps touchdown.


after game fireworks in celebration of the stamps home opener victory and canada day.

thanks for taking me to my first stamps game, rob. it was an experience i will never forget. go stamps go!

rob dropped me off at my friend sandi and chantal's home where their annual come as you aren't party was in full swing. a costume party where you were not allowed to dress as yourself. genius!

originally, i was going to paint my skin ghost white and be a visible majority, but kissing people with white makeup on is a little more of a challenge, so i scrapped that idea. hey, priorities *mwah*

instead, i dressed up in a shirt and tie (thanks rob), rocked an "i love jesus" pin, and wielded the sword of the lord aka the book of mormon.

i also gave out tracts that had buddy jesus on the front saying "have you heard the good news?" on the back it said "jesus is coming. look busy." i'm going to hell ;)

"have you heard the good news? heil jesus!"

it was so awesome to see friends dressed up as something that they are not. we even had a fashion show where we could all strut our stuff. awesome!

what an awesome idea for a party. thank you sandi and chant for opening up your home to all of us.