Friday, June 03, 2005

~*...getting on the ride...*~

this is the first post as my entry into the first official step in changing cyberspace. actually, i've already changed the world. my mom once said to me that i alone couldn't change the world. i refused to believe her, because if i've influenced at least one person to think differently, then i have changed the world. and if you're reading this right now, i've influenced you enough to bring you here. thanks for giving my personality shape.

so birthday month begins. its like i've been waiting in line for the past year and am now just getting on the ride. so many people are geminis. i like to call us fourth quarter babies, cause we were conceived during the beginning of the fourth quarter. i enjoy looking at astrological signs from the perspective of when life began, when someone was conceived, as well as when we first inhaled through our nose and mouth.

just got back from musa on the corner with omies. jackie brown was having her first weekly event there, so there were nuff peeps on that patio drinkin and listening to beatz. i'm listening to shawn escoffery's days like this. "i love days like. i love days like this, its here. here comes the sun." i love that song, so perfect, and that groovin bassline. if you're gonna download it, grab the spinna vocal mix.

i was at my boy klubmasta will's place earlier in the evening after meeting some peeps from the tribe krew at the new tortilla flats. come to think of it, i spent a good portion of my evening with netizens i know by their online nicks first before i knew their real names. but the rush i got from being at will's place will not be forgotten. we were planning our trip to burning man. i am going to the burning man festival. no wedding is going to stop me this year. i belong there. i can't believe i haven't gone yet. that's changing this year.

i finished the list for my birthday evite. man that took me a long time. i'm currently at 260 people on the list. i'm hoping a third of them show up to my party at fez batik. its going to be an epic launch of i sent off my bizcard designs today for my dredi knight cards. i decided to leave my cel phone off the card and only put the website and my email address, if i want you to have my cel number, i'll write it down. otherwise, come find me online. do images work here. photobucket is takin a while to load, and i'm not familiar with hello. i guess i've got a lot of playing around to do with with this app and my blog.

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dope. simple html. of course it is.

i might as well end off this first post with my thoughts on me. i'm often asked "who are you?" or "what are you?" to which i respond either i'm in love with myself or i'm a dredi knight. i seek balance by embracing both sides of the force. i'm the kewlest guy in the world because i'm a reflektion of what goes on around me, and i roll with the fukkin kewlest people.

may the force be with you.

- dredi knight \m/^_^\m/