Friday, November 18, 2005

~*...boyz and their toyz...*~

tonight was a quiet night in playin video games, but in high definition. my boy bobby got himself a pretty sexxxy dell widescreen 24" ultrasharp monitor *drool* so tonight we geeked it out and played vids on his new badass monitor. sooo sexxxy!

16:10 aspect ration with a hdtv res of 1080i. half life 2 never looked so good. it has two usb slots in the monitor, as well as four slots for various memory cards including flash ram. yah, i'm such a silly geek sometimes. playin hl2 deathmatch was beyond crisp and clean on that monitor. your player's hand is almost as big as your actual hand. add to that bobby's 5.1 system, and, you get the was a night for us to geek out with bobby's new toyz at his place.

bobby is countin down the daze 'till his xbox 360 arrives. playing it on his badass monitor will truly be the ultimate. czech out this pix of what the xbox 360 looks like on bobby's monitor. and this pik too. too wikkid! bill's dream of having xp in everyone's home is becoming a reality, and we aren't complainin!

my handle playin hl2 deathmatch tonight was 'that fukkin guy'. i like the name cause when i kill someone, or get killed, most fps games will post "<handle> killed that fukkin guy". i laugh. in tonight's battle, there was a guy named "the internet". i laughed my ass off when i saw his handle. killing him brought up on the screen "that fukkin guy killed the internet". ahahahaahaha ;)

i have never seen a cleaner picture, or a sexxier monitor in my life. hey, when you pay $1100 for a monitor it better be fucktastic! the apple widepanels are also sexxy, but bobby's has the cleanest pikcha i've ever seen.

after a 12 of ghetto fabulous lakeport honey lager and rootz that jah blesses us with, our evening of gamin had to come to an end. on the streetcar home, this dude sat beside me and struck up a conversation with me. his name was ira. when i asked him what his passion, he began singing the song ":raindrops keep fallin on my head". i joined him in song and harmonized what words of the tune i could remember.

you never know when someone might break out in song on the streetcar. i love this city.

ira had a button on his jacket that said "more fun less stuff". how appropriate for the journey i'm about to take...packin my life into a single suitcase and a snowboard bag to go snowboarding is a challenge that i'm up for, and excited about.

now, nelson or kelowna? i guess i'll leave that decision up to you.


Monday, November 14, 2005

~*...the epic battle of dundas square...*~

there are some seriously fun tingz to do in this city. i had one of the most fun sunday afternoons ever yesterday. it began with an urban pillow fight at dundas square.

inspired by the organized pillow fight outside st.paul's cathedral in london, england, the peeps at newmindspace organized a public pillow fight.

these are the same people who brought toronto capture the flag in kensington market, and manhunt in the financial distrikt. fun and playful ways for people to connekt in the city.

pix from the london pillow fight

my sister and i arrived at dundas square about 15 minutes before the pillow fight. there was also an anti-gun rally going on at dundas square. gun violence in toronto has reached an all time high this year. less gunz more pillows i say.

i had dressed up in a red silk kung fu outfit that pretty much look like silk pajamas. i also printed off signs that said "t.a.p. fighters - toronto association of pillow fighters" with number on them like we were in a marathon.

we take pillow fighting seriously in toronto...betta rekognize!

photos by the watcher

the epic battle of dundas square began at 2pm. man, i never thought swinging a pillow could take so much out of you. more feathers, less bullets!


photos by this dude

wielding two pillows brought forth many new and unstoppable pillow fighting techniques, including the spinning pillows of death and the double pillow no look confusion maker!


more pix from the pillow battle of dundas square here. my boy nick also has pix on his site.

by the end of the battle we were all exhausted. the only real casualties of the war were a few exploded pillows.

photo by the watcher

we ended up at the imperial pub for some after battle beers. man, the imperial pub has been home to some great memories for me: underage drinking in high school, santarchy, and now the epic pillow battle of dundas square. after a few pints at the imperial, nick and i went to iv lounge for some sunday evening lazydaze action held by our friends sage and jeremy. i really like iv lounge, a nice small venue on dundas with good food and god beatz.

i went home drunk and satisfied after an intense day on the battlefield. hooray for kewl things to do in the city.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

~*...random gifting happens everywhere...*~

what a great saturday night. i was cruising across queen street on my way to the apothecary for amy and patrick's going away party when i ran into a friend. yah, this kind of thing is not out of the ordinary for me on queen street. it is very difficult for me to cruise across queen and not run into someone i know, especially on a saturday night. hey, its my hood. anyways, my friend asked me if i was heading to funhaus to hear dharma lab and analog pussy perform. i told her i already had plans. just as we were about to part ways, she asked "hey norm, do you want a turtle?" and then handed me a small stuffed turtle.

i was blown away! kevin (dj red turtle) was my partner in crime on the playa at burning man, and one of my good friends. if you've been reading my blog then you already know this. the stuffed turtle that i was randomly gifted on queen street wasn't red though :( it was yellow, but as my friend naomi reminded me "you know a yellow turtle!" teehee. random gifting doesn't happen only on the playa, it happens everywhere, you just have to believe that it does.

i couldn't get over the high i was feeling after being gifted a yellow turtle. how awesome is that? i was hoping to run into kevin at the going away party, but he wasn't there. so instead, i gifted the turtle to one of amy's parents' friends. did that make sense? anyways, it was great to see such good people out, including amy's parents. it had been so long since i had seen them, years actually. its funny when you can sense things in other people, especially seeing as my outfits are normally very in your face and challenge people to think differently. amy is from a small town called nairn about an hour outside of london, ontario. by small town, i mean small town...400 people. there aren't many chinese jamaican dreadlocks there wearing bondage skirts, hoodies with spikes on them, and spiked dog collars. man, i wish i had a camera. that outfit looked hawt.

photo by mcbee

as i looked around the party, i was pleasantly reminded that as we all get older we filter out the shitty people in our lives. and when it came to their going away party, amy and patrick only invited the tip of the spear.

photo by mcbee

groovin to some propah house music with propah house headz at he apothecary was so much fun. "you don't even know me, you say that i'm not livin right. you don't understand me, so why do you judge my life?"

all the best in vancouver amy and pat. i will be seeing you real soon. we'll be shredding the coastal mountains together real soon.

after the apothecary, i headed over to funhaus for some psy trance. i'm not a huge fan of psy trance, or trance for that matter, but there's something about the community that comes out to these parties that keeps me coming back. its the fashion, the blacklights, and the accepting environment that this community creates. and the afterhours booze doesn't hurt either ;) its the age of the cyber punk. goth and raver have married, and their offspring are gravers. the spiked dog collarz of yesterdaze goths now glow in a blacklight.

the age of the cyberpunk has now spawned stores devoted to outfitting the goths of the future. czech out some of toronto's cyber punk designerz at futurstate and plastikwrap. dare we say cybergoth? whatever you want to call fashion, its good to know that a corset, fishnets, and come fuck me boots will never go out of style.