Friday, June 01, 2007

~*...kale graduation...*~

randnorm mind grenade
"You cannot be friends with yourself." -

randnorm pikcha

uchronia (aka the waffle)
photo by nightsahde

randnorm video
serenading kale the evening before her graduation

normdate 1.6.7

kristin graduated from mount royal college with her bachelor's degree in accounting. today was her convocation ceremony.

i know, you're proably thinking to yourself how amazing and interesting convocation ceremonies are, especially when the person you came to see graduate received their diploma in the first 10 minutes. thank god i had my crackberry, and crackbook to keep me distracted ;) or maybe i should've followed grandma's example...

congratulations on your graduation, kale!

kale's japanese friend, hitoshi, was in town from vancouver for a few daze.

all rook same? ;)

no pencils no more more teacher's dirty looks!


Sunday, May 27, 2007

~*...cultimate and the lilac festival...*~

randnorm pikcha

randnorm mind grenade

“hippies, hippies... they want to save the world but all they do is smoke pot and play frisbee!” - eric cartman

randnorm video
women in art

normdate 27.5.7

another beautiful sunny day in the cspot, ideal weather for a game of ultimate. i hooked up with a krew of ultimate addiktz in riley park. they've been playin every sunday for the past 7 years. it had been two years since i played a full game of ultimate, and i was beyond excited to play.

it was so good to get back to running again, throwing a disc, and playing with a team....especially such a laid back team. they didn't keep score, they didn't even count stalls. they just wanted to play the game for the love of the game. no competition, no score, no fouls, just the joy of playing ultimate. it was amazing! i can get used to this.

ultimate goddesses

i just love the feeling after playing a game of ultimate. my body hurts, but so good, and my soul is refreshed and energized.

after the game, i decided to czech out the 18th annual calgary lilac festival in the mission district. a hundred thousand people swarm 4th street to celebrate the lilac, even though i never saw a single lilac.

vendors, food, music stages, performers, and thousands of people out enjoying the beautiful weather. it wasn't difficult to see why the lilac festival is calgary's best free festival.

slick ride

i made a new friend

the free hug campaign is viral

just in case you've been hiding under a rock...

ran into my friends keith, cass, stan, and jasmyn

and my friend paula at the ship and anchor

a beer on the ship and anchor patio sounded pretty good, so i decided to chill with paula for a pint or few.

it was good to have one on one time with paula.

i have no problems kissing a lesbian

not so bad of a sunday. ultimate. lilac festival. hanging out with paula. i'd say it was a good day.